Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Makeove...Thanks to the Parents

It has been several weeks and I am sure all of my bloggers are having withdrawls from Terah's thoughts. It has been a good two weeks. Mom and dad came two weeks ago. Dad stayed a week and mom is still here. We have accomplished a lot of things around the house. Some of those things include:
1. A storage rack in the garage.
2. Shelves in the under stairs storage (my food storage)
3. Curtains from IKEA hung in my room. They still need hemmed up, but we will get that done soon.
4. My favorite towel racks from IKEA on both sides of my island. Also towel racks in the bathrooms, mom thought I needed some. I usually just hang the one towel I use over the shower door.
5. Shelves in my craft room.
6. Major re-organization of my craft room, which still needs some work.
7. The "Kids Room" is darling. The bedding and curtains donated from Sister Rupp a year ago. Although we just put the curtains up last week. It is amazing how curtains make the room. We also organized books in baskets that match the room. So cute.
8. And the best...dad put bead-board in the reading room and we painted it. It looks so cute.
And best of all, mom has kept the house way to hot and done more laundry than I have done in months. I am afraid to get my gas bill next month. Last month's bill was $144 and that was keeping the thermastat at 65. She thinks the house has to be at 72. The problem is that when it is 72 downstairs, it is 82 upstairs. And the water bill. I usually pay $18 a month, I am afraid to see what it will be next month. She has emptied the garbages every day. I don't know where she is finding all this garbage.
We have gone to lunch several times with the church ladies. I swear, they always find a reason to go to lunch. Now I know what my mom did when I was in school all those years. She went to lunch and she still does on a regular basis.