Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decsions

I had the last two days off, well they were off from work but I didn't sit down much. Monday morning on my way home from the gym I spoke with a recruiter regarding a job in Montana. It sounded like a pretty good deal. Well, not 10 minutes after I got off the phone with her the CEO/Hospital Administrator from Montana called me and spoke with me for a good bit. He told me that he had hundreds of applicants and that few had the experience that I had. He wanted to do a skype interview, however I had to let him down given the fact that I had just gotten home from the gym and was in my bathing suit getting ready to go hang out at momma Middlebrooks pool. So we scheduled one for yesterday. I sure do love hanging out at momma Middlebrooks, it is so relaxing over there. While there another recruiter called me for the same job and later that day another. Does that mean the job is meant for me?
Yesterday I spent my morning in a boring computer class that was suppose to go all day. Thankfully it only went half of the day. I came home after running errands in time to make coconut banana bread with lime drizzle. Oh, so yummy. I got the recipe from my friend Lauren's blog. I used my banana bread recipe and her idea to add coconut with a lime drizzle. Totally to die for. I thought I had timed it right to be done before my skype interview, but just as we were starting the buzzer went off and I had to interrupt them so my bread didn't burn. It was a very good interview and I thought those I talked with were very friendly. I totally dig skype. Don't know why my family hasn't gotten into it; think of all of the birthday parties I could have enjoyed with them all these years. So MT liked me so much that they want me to come out next week for another interview. One thing that was said that surprised me a bit was that apparently I was smiling the whole time. Funny that when I'm not talking about my current job I don't do that. It did occur to me that I don't smile as much as I use to. I think it is because of the stress of my job. I'm just tired of it and need change. It's funny though how since I have decided that change is needed how I'm so much happier and am more able to deal with things at work. I guess it just goes to show that change is good.
We had a totally awesome storm last night, which delayed my taking around banana bread, but I eventually got them delivered, which gave me time to chat with friends. One of those being my Bishop's wife. I figured since we were all there I could ask his advice. He gave me great advice without being in his scary office. I don't know what it is about Bishop's offices, but they have always been scary to me.
I did eventually chat with handsome MT man about the events of the last two days. I thought he would freak out, but he handled it better than I thought. We shall see. I will be going to MT on July 7 after my 13 of 16 shifts. Crazy how things happen...I feel like this has come so fast. I thought once I started applying it would take a while. Guess I thought wrong. Lots of decisions to make in the coming months for sure. Kind of scary, but exciting all at the same time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Words Of Wisdom

Friday my dear friend and mentor Jim who has been a PA since the year I was born emailed me some very good words of wisdom. He let me know that he has been worried about me for several weeks as he has seen that things have been rough for me at work. He told me he was worried that he hasn't been seeing the happy, positive Terah. I totally loved these words of wisdom, which is exactly what I needed, and thought I would share them with all of my 5 readers. Hope you enjoy them too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's That Time Folks...

This week started out ok. I worked 3 night shifts. Then had 24 hours off. In that 24 hours I checked something off on my summer bucket list. I attended a class at the gym that was half Pilate's and half yoga. Totally loved it. Too bad they only have it Tuesday evenings. I then worked 3 day shifts. Ugh. It really wasn't too bad of a week until Thursday. I don't know what the deal was but every single patient had at least 5 complaints and nothing was even wrong with them. To make a long story short my nurse actually told me to take some time to decompress. Seriously. So I did and then realized I had to go back to apologize to all of my nurses and my secretary for coming unglued. If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that I have no problem apologizing when I have done wrong. Especially at work. I hate the pins and needles feeling so if it is me, I try to make it not so uncomfortable, especially when I need their help. I can probably count on 1 hand when I've actually come unglued in the last 5 years, which is a good thing. That afternoon went just about as the morning did except coming unglued again and it was all I could do to get to my car with out bursting into tears like a girl. When I went to grab my keys from the Dr.s lounge, my keys were gone. I put them in the same spot every day. The funny thing is that morning I had put them in my bag and thought to myself, that isn't what I typically do, better do things the way I usually do, which I did. Well, I should have listened to that prompting. Thankfully my friend Carley had my spare. After 2 hours of sitting in the Dr's lounge waiting for Carley I finally was able to leave work, still not knowing where my keys were. Of course I got in my car, called mom and told her I was quitting. To top it off, when I got home I got a lovely letter from my HOA telling me I needed to appear in HOA court or pay a fee because my grass was too long. For crying out loud. Stupid people who need a life. Whatever. By the way at 1:15am I learned that another Dr. had accidentally taken my keys, he does have the same car. He felt really bad and drove back to the hospital from another hospital that very morning to bring me my unneeded keys at that time.

Handsome man called to see how the rest of my day had gone, since he knew about my coming unglued. It was all I could do not to burst into tears the second I said hello, however it didn't take but a few minutes until I did. Totally saw a different, very compassionate side of him. I liked it. But felt like a fool that I couldn't control my girly emotions. Oh, well. That night in my scripture study I got the answers that I needed, answers that I have been looking for over the past several months. And when I was at work yesterday I felt sure of those answers. I even voiced those feelings to my girlfriend Cassie after work. It wasn't until today that those feelings and answers were confirmed. So it is with confidence that things will change in the coming months. I know that it will be a sad change, but one that I have been leading up to for some time. Time will tell what those changes will be, but I know with full faith and confidence that it will be a very wonderful change one that I look forward to and one that will give me new experiences where I will continue to meet wonderful people who will effect my life for good.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer's Here

Summer has been here for at least a month weather-wise, however the neighborhood kids just got out of school this week, which to me means that it is officially summer. Since I have just had nearly 2 weeks off and I don't get vacation pay (because I guess they think we don't need it), the next several weeks or actually until I take my next vacation the end of July I will be working 4-5 days a week. I don't really like working 4 days a week and I despise working 5. So by the time I have worked my 14 shifts in June (I've already worked 2) and my 14 shifts in July, Summer will be almost over. However I will still make a bucket list for summer, even though I know it is going to fly by faster than fire flies, as you never know when I will be able to squeeze some fire fly watching in.
  • Eat lots of sugar free popsicles from Aldi
  • Organize something; maybe the pantry
  • Try new summer recipe's
  • Take a spur of the moment weekend trip somewhere fun and new
  • Keep falling for Handsome Man
  • Learn a new song on the piano
  • Read President Monson's Biography (Got it for Christmas and have only read a bit.)
  • Get someone to power-wash at least the moldy side of my can't all be fun
  • Find something new in the workout department. Sometimes you need to mix things up.
  • Relax at least once a week at the Middlebrooks pool.
  • Learn how to make a quilt or at least get started on cutting the squares
  • Keep those toenails painted
  • Take some of my favorite kids in my ward to a matinee
  • Go with my girlfriends to The Help in August*Can't wait for this one!
  • Get started on the annual Christmas book for mom and dad
  • Blow bubbles with my nieces and nephews
  • Make some major, life changing decisions...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garage Make-Over

Mom and Dad are staying a bit longer than the others so of course they weren't getting away without helping me organize my garage. Remember back to my New Years Goals? I have now accomplished 1. I have worked the last 2 nights and came home to sleep for an hour before handsome man called. Oh, how lovely that was, even if I sounded like I was still sleeping, which I was. I couldn't go back to sleep and I knew mom and dad were getting started on the project so I got up to help, considering of course that it was my garage.
See the school supplies that I bought to donate for the start of last years school year?
Yes, I have my year or at least 6 months of toilet paper. You never want to run out of the good stuff.

Dad had already taken some of the junk out of the garage before I got I made him stop so I could take a picture of the before and after!
We worked a few hours, threw lots away, and with 6 hands doing the work it got done rather quickly. And the finished results...A new paint job would make it look better.
Don't you just love every thing hanging? I sure do!
That's my pot that still needs flowers in it. It'll happen eventually.
I think I could now park 2 cars in here. Maybe it's time to buy a new one.
I love baskets that organize my "things." And yes, that is the globe that my sister sent to me when I moved to CLT that I bought at a yard sale in Utah. Didn't ask for it, but she wanted to get it out of her house. I'm sure the movers charged me at least $50 to move it. I can't seem to toss it though. Mom put it in the basket. Not quite sure why.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Middlebrooks pool relaxing, book in hand, strawberry daiquiries, and lots of chatter. I think my parents actually quite enjoyed the way us southerners relax. Tonight mom made me a meat loaf. I have been requesting this for at least a year and I finally got it. It was so yummy. I have left overs and will use it this weekend when I get to work nights.

Monday, June 6, 2011


This morning before Tenielle and Tanner left we went south to Brattonsville, which is one of my favorite things to do close by. It is a southern homestead where they use to have slave quarters and such. Much of the Patriot was filmed here.

This time was very warm and so we didn't stay hours like we had previous, but still had a good time. I love the magnolia trees. They smell magnificent and are so beautiful. You never see such in the west.

Of course they couldn't leave without having some BBQ so I took them to Billy Bob's, which is to die for. They all loved it of course because they have the sweet BBQ sauce and not just the vinegar based BBQ sauce. We sure had a great time. I'm glad that mom and dad get to stay a few more days.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hilton Head Beach Trip 2011

Silly people, can you tell which foot is mine? It's the one needing a pedicure.
Last Friday mom, dad, Tony, Tanner, and Tenielle flew to Charlotte. That evening we had us a lovely southern storm. Friends of ours met us at my house and then we had dinner at this great diner in town. After dinner we went back to my house where we played cards and chatted. The next morning we headed to Hilton Head where I had a medical conference. I figure everyone else brings their families, why not me. My cousins who live in Alabama had planned on going to the beach that weekend in Alabama, but decided to meet us in Hilton Head instead; the more the merrier indeed.
Carson testing the waves.
There is something relaxing about walking on the beach, wind in your hair and waves crashing against the sand.
This was an awesome jelly fish,dead but still awesome.
We had a blast doing whatever we wanted, like lots of swimming, eating, basking in the sun, eating, reading, eating, walks on the beach, eating, lots of sitting around, eating, laughing, eating, being crafty, eating, relaxing, and eating some more. Emily is a great southern cook and we had our share of butter; because southern cooks use a lot of it. Of course I attended my classes for the first 5 days we were there, but they were only in the mornings, which gave me plenty of time to bask in the sun. We stayed only steps away from the beach which was fabulous. I will say it was quite hot and very humid most of the time, but that's to be expected and gave us the excuse to put our hair up.
Macie Clair having fun in the pool!
Wednesday Tony flew back to reality and so some of us drove to Charleston for the day. We really didn't have time to be tourists, but we did make the time to go to a lovely southern restaurant for lunch called Fleets Landing (I discovered this when I took my cousin Deborah to Charleston in the spring), where we enjoyed Crab Cake Sandwiches and Shrimp and Grits. They of course loved it; who doesn't love southern food?
Do you ever buy a shirt and wish you hadn't? Don't think I'll wear this one again. I look like a pink, fat flamingo.
Dad got the shrimp and grits which was to die for.
On our way back we stopped at a cute little place and got us some yummy southern boiled peanuts and cherry jam.
One day some of us also went to Savannah where we took a tour of the town, ate at another very southern place called the Pirates House, and about died from the heat and humidity.
Dad really got into the pirate theme!
Don't get me wrong I do love the south, but there are a few places where it is just too hot, Savannah and Charleston being two of them. We did have a lovely time touring Savannah. I love the sights and history there. We found us an awesome candy store, but just enjoyed the A/C and a few samples without buying anything, I know surprising given my sweet tooth.
I don't know what this fetish I have with doors, lamp posts, and windows lately is, but I found there were many different styles, colors and great photo ops in Savannah.
I love porches in the south. No wonder people rock at all hours of the day, even with the heat and humidity there is relaxation in rocking.
The last morning we had breakfast at my favorite diner in Hilton Head. They have the best cheesecake ever, so of course I had to get it to go. I could have just had it for breakfast, but brought a little piece of Hilton Head with me to Charlotte for later.We sure had a great time. Can't wait for our next beach vacation, when I don't know but I know there will be one again in the future.