Friday, June 27, 2014

MVY Week 2 FF

1.  Saturday at noon I boarded the ferry with another PA to Cape Cod.  She needed to leave her car on the mainland and so I joined her.  I was ecstatic when I saw a TJ Maxx.  My friend dropped me off there while she had her hair cut.  I was thrilled and more so when I came upon my new favorite bra and bought 2 more (I had just been telling my sisters about them that very morning).  I got a bunch of odds and ends including a towel, given the towels here are hospital towels, supper small and thin.  We had dinner at a nice restaurant, did some shopping at Wal-Mart (not a super) and then boarded the ferry to return.  All in all it was a nice day!  The view from the ferry was gorgeous!
2.  Sunday I went to my new ward, actually it is a branch.  There were about 30 people there, 3 of which were visitors and 2 missionaries.  Pretty small, but the people were nice and excited to have a new person for a few month's.  The branch president I'm sure is younger than me and is ready to get my records so that he can give me a calling.
3.  I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and have had the past 3 days off.  It has been so long since I've had 3 days to myself, where I don't have anyone to do things with.  It has been nice, but a little quiet.  I really miss Mr. J and his little A's.  Wednesday I did some reading at the beach, went to the gym and of course every day I skype Mr. J for a few hours.  Gosh I love skype and Mr. J!
4.  Yesterday I spent most of the day inside because it looked like rain the entire day.  Finally after skyping Mr. J I headed out for a jog.  I made it a few miles, running along the beach and watching the largest waves I've seen since being here, before it started to rain.  It was okay at first, but then it started to pour just as I was getting back into town.  I stopped off at Linda Jeans for a fish sandwich at the bar, where I met some nice locals.  I was sure it would stop raining by the time I was finished, but nope.  So I sucked it up and ran probably faster than I ever have, of course dodging puddles along my way.  Finally when I was a bit from home I decided to just enjoy the rain and so I walked the last few blocks home.  I was soaked to the bone by the time I got home, stripped my clothes off and took a long warm shower.  For some reason I was super tired last night, so I went to bed at 930.
5.  Today at gym class this lady that I've become friends with brought me a towel.  I guess I told her about my shopping for 1 towel and she felt sorry for me.  It was so nice of her.  There are so many nice people here; MVY gets a bad rap for it being about the snooty rich and famous.  All I've come in contact with are nice drivers who let you in and people who smile and say hi on the streets.
6.  Today I spent the afternoon in Edgartown exploring a farmers market where I bought 2 lettuce plants and a basil plant, some sweet potato's, a head of butter lettuce and a gingersnap.  I'm going to try to grow the 3 plants in a pot on my porch, of course if they do grow I'll have to change pots soon.  I'm so excited to grow basil.  I love the smell and taste of it in my cooking.  I wandered downtown where I bought a cool bracelet and an Ice Cream cone, went into a cute book store and then ate pasta salad at this cute restaurant Among The Flowers.  I did some grocery shopping, where I ran into one of my nurses and was talked into buying a fresh lobster by some ladies who were also at the fish counter.  Lobster's were only six dollars a pound, which apparently is a steel.  For dinner I boiled up the lobster, but have decided it is much better to just buy it at the church on Friday's than make the mess in my kitchen.
7.  I've decided I'm only going to buy food that is on sale here.  Last week it was English Muffins 3 packs for 4.29; I bought 9 packs.  Also grapes were 1.29 a pound.  This week cherry's are 2.49 a pound.  I also am into sweet potato's, carrots, goat cheese still, crystal light lemonade (slushy like) and beets.  I of course am still drinking my spinach shakes for lunch when I work, which mostly contain blueberries, banana's and spinach.  However I did have a few strawberries and mango, but they are now not on sale so I'll have to stick with what is.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In The Middle Of The Road

A few days back I was coming from the Library.  Unfamiliar to wear I was I missed my turn.  In the middle of the street I came upon an older man who had wrecked his bike.  He was holding his chest and shoulder which made me think he was having a heart attack.  I stopped my vehicle in the middle of the road, got out of my car and went to this man.  Just as I was getting to him, another man came from his house and from somewhere out of no where another women came to the aid of this man.  The three of us helped the man to the side of the road where we convinced him that he needed to go to the ER.  Just as I was going to say I'd take him, the women offered to take him.

A few hours later I went to the ER to get some pinto beans (yes I'm totally into pinto beans these days) from another co-worker.  I asked him how the day was going and he started to tell me about a man who had had a bike accident that he was flying out to Mass General.  I put two and two together and realized this was my middle of the road guy.  This poor man suffered a scapula fracture, several fractured ribs,  a bruised lung and skinned up knees and hands.  I was able to visit with this man and his wife for a bit before life flight arrived.  They were so grateful for angles that stopped and helped him.  I am glad I was able to be an angel for someone that day.

Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm officially loving my Summer job at the MVY ED.  I've only worked 3 shifts, but they have been rather enjoyable.  Apparently it is going to be getting rather busy in the coming weeks, but for now I'm enjoying only seeing 10 or so patients a day.  I'm pretty much treating lots of injuries, tick bites, broken bones, sun burns, fish hooks/foreign bodies and lacerations.  I'm all about procedures!

After my shift tomorrow and 3rd shift in a row I'm going to spend the next 3 days exploring the island, grocery shopping and doing laundry.

The sunset is gorgeous every night here.  I've enjoyed it the last 2 nights from outside our ED window. I don't think I could ever get sick of it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

First MVY FF

1.  Saturday I got my first haircut since getting my head shaved last July.  Really my cousin Callie just cleaned up the mullet that was starting to grow.  She also showed me how to style my hair differently than the all curls look.  I had fun chatting with her!  Before and after...5 or so months of grow-out!
2.  Father's Day was a great day.  It started out with skyping Mr. J and his little A's.  We made him a Super Hero Kit, the kids colored him a card that said, "You are a Tie-riffic Father" and we got him a sweet tie!
The kids came over after church and we had my favorite pulled pork.  After dinner we all went to Grandpa Young's and had fun visiting with family.  I must say I have the cutest nieces and nephews!  Stella now says "Cheese."
3.  Monday morning I flew to Providence, RI, rented a cute brand new Chevy Cruz with only 4 miles on it and drove 1 1/2 hours to Cape Cod.  There I got on a ferry that took me to MVY.  Driving onto Cape Cod made me think of Grandpa Swensen.  Grandma Jeanne is from Boston and 2 of her siblings use to live on Cape Cod.  In 2001 Tenielle and I flew out to Cape Cod and met them for a week.  We had a lot of fun and made great memories.  It was then that I fell in love with lobster rolls!
4.  I had orientation until 2 on Tuesday and only a few hours on Wednesday.  Tuesday I drove 20 minutes to have a delicious Lobster Roll and then I drove a few more miles to enjoy it on some rocks looking out to the ocean.  
5.  Wednesday and today I spent some time at the beach!  They have benches that over look the beach and ocean which I'm enjoying, because I don't have to go down to the beach and get sand all over me.  I caught this view as I was about to drive over the bridge today.  It's so gorgeous here with all of the boats in the harbor and out in the ocean!
 And this is one of the many lighthouses on the island...
6.  Happy 30th Birthday to my sister Tristen!  I love you girl. 30's will likely be even better than your 20's!  Thanks for being such a great mom to 2 of the cutest little girls ever!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've Arrived to MVY

I've arrived to MVY.  I'm already loving it!  Here are some pictures from my boat ride from Cape Cod to MVY and of my cute little apartment.  The house below is across from the apartment which is above the garage.  There are 15 stairs  up to my place which will be good for my calves.