Friday, June 20, 2014

First MVY FF

1.  Saturday I got my first haircut since getting my head shaved last July.  Really my cousin Callie just cleaned up the mullet that was starting to grow.  She also showed me how to style my hair differently than the all curls look.  I had fun chatting with her!  Before and after...5 or so months of grow-out!
2.  Father's Day was a great day.  It started out with skyping Mr. J and his little A's.  We made him a Super Hero Kit, the kids colored him a card that said, "You are a Tie-riffic Father" and we got him a sweet tie!
The kids came over after church and we had my favorite pulled pork.  After dinner we all went to Grandpa Young's and had fun visiting with family.  I must say I have the cutest nieces and nephews!  Stella now says "Cheese."
3.  Monday morning I flew to Providence, RI, rented a cute brand new Chevy Cruz with only 4 miles on it and drove 1 1/2 hours to Cape Cod.  There I got on a ferry that took me to MVY.  Driving onto Cape Cod made me think of Grandpa Swensen.  Grandma Jeanne is from Boston and 2 of her siblings use to live on Cape Cod.  In 2001 Tenielle and I flew out to Cape Cod and met them for a week.  We had a lot of fun and made great memories.  It was then that I fell in love with lobster rolls!
4.  I had orientation until 2 on Tuesday and only a few hours on Wednesday.  Tuesday I drove 20 minutes to have a delicious Lobster Roll and then I drove a few more miles to enjoy it on some rocks looking out to the ocean.  
5.  Wednesday and today I spent some time at the beach!  They have benches that over look the beach and ocean which I'm enjoying, because I don't have to go down to the beach and get sand all over me.  I caught this view as I was about to drive over the bridge today.  It's so gorgeous here with all of the boats in the harbor and out in the ocean!
 And this is one of the many lighthouses on the island...
6.  Happy 30th Birthday to my sister Tristen!  I love you girl. 30's will likely be even better than your 20's!  Thanks for being such a great mom to 2 of the cutest little girls ever!


  1. Your hair looks so cute!!! Lobster roll, oh YUM!!! I've never had one but it sounds and looks delightful!! Darling pictures of everyone!!

  2. Love the hair, Terah! I need to get my mullet cleaned up too, and hopefully some styling tips. My hair seems to be just getting bigger, not longer. My first chemo anniversary was yesterday, so I'm reminding myself to be thankful for my big hair. :)