Sunday, June 1, 2014

Europe Day 4 Prague to Nuremburg

Our breakfast was delicious again this morning...of course we don't eat like this on a daily basis, but will be back to our peanut butter toast or spinach shakes before long so we are going to enjoy all of this amazing food on our vacation.  It's even better because we don't have to cook it or clean it up either.
This morning we all scrunched into a taxi who we paid 250 crowns to where he took us 2.4 miles to church.  The church doesn't look like the typical church building in the states, but was nice.  Sacrament meeting was fast and testimony meeting which was neat to hear testimonies in Czech.  We had headsets and a translator which worked for the most part.  We met the mission president who was my age...crazy.  He had served a mission there as a young man.  His last name is McConkie and is a second cousin to my friends Shelley and Matt.  It was fun to talk to him.  He told us of a place to try in Regensburg where he always thinks Orson Hyde may have eaten on his mission there in the 1880's.  After church our same taxi driver picked us up and took us back to the hotel.  We gave him a BOM in
Czech.  We hope he reads it.

We had an hour or so before leaving the hotel.  I pretty much blogged and looked on the internet and relaxed.  On our journey to Germany we stopped at the coolest about gourmet.  We bought a chocolate cake and a strawberry cake and split each cake into 6 pieces and a cheeseburger into 4...less calories!
The scenery along the way of our four hour bus ride was just gorgeous and very enjoyable.  Lucky me had a short nap, read the sunday school lesson and listened to my Ipod.

We got to Nuremburg around 5 where we boarded our boat with 130 others.  I love how small the crowds are.  The boat is nice and so are the crew members.  Our room is right in front of the stairs, but with the white noise machine on Jennys iPhone we should be able to sleep just fine.
When we got on our boat we had instructions, drinks and then dinner at 7:00 PM.  I'm not a late dinner kind of girl and with a 5 course meal I really need to be careful.  Trying to just eat a bite or two of everything.  The food presentations are beautiful.

After dinner we went on a nice walk, which I totally needed.  I really don't want my clothes to be too tight in a week.  We still can't believe that we are here in our second country in 4 days!

Fun Facts:
*Gas is $8 a gallon in Czech
*I went into almost every garnet store in Prague.  I wanted to get the best ones for the best price.
*The LDS church building in Prague was a brothel (prostitute house) and a jail prior to it becoming a church building.
*The above is not mashed potato's but creamed parsnip which was yummy.

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  1. The food is so beautiful!! I want a McDonalds like that one!!! WOW that church has quite the history!!