Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I'm so lucky to have two men in my life who I absolutely adore...My dad and Mr. J.

I've been blessed with an incredible dad whom I love so much.  This time last year when I was so sick, my dad said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to take me then if that was going to happen so that I didn't have to go through everything that I did to not make it.  My dad says that he got a reassurance that I'd be just fine and told me throughout my illness that I was going to be fine, even though at times I wanted to give up.  I'm so grateful for him, his example of living the gospel, of hard work, faith, service and concern for others.
I've been blessed the past 4 months to have Mr. J in my life.  I love this man!  He is such a great dad to his little A's.  They are so lucky to have them as their dad.  He is fun, handsome, funny, affectionate, a hard worker, a great primary teacher, concerned for others and so loving to both his children and me.  I can say now that I'm grateful and happy that Heavenly Father made me wait so long for such a great guy to come along, because he is quite the catch!
To the both of you I say:  Happy Father's Day!  I love you!


  1. They are two amazing men and wonderful fathers!! Love the picture of you and Tonia Marie!! All the pictures are so good!! Beautiful people!!

  2. Love that photo of your parents!