Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Donation To Locks Of Love

I've wanted to donate to locks of love for several months now and have thought about it and thought about it and looked at several different styles.  A few weeks ago I made an appointment with my beautician.  I finally got the courage to do to have over 10 inches cut.  My beautician Amanda did a great job.  I will admit however that it doesn't actually look like what I wanted.  It is much shorter and more of an A-Line, which I didn't really want.  The good thing is in a few weeks to months it will grow out and look the way I actually wanted it to look.  Amanda asked me if I wanted it textured and I didn't, because it was short enough, but really it does need some texturing and a little thinning so it doesn't look so much like a football helmet.  I really love not sitting back on my hair any more or having to move my hair after replacing my stethoscope.  It is so quick and easy to do, but I do admit I miss my long ponytail.  Short ponytails just don't do it for me, but at least I can still pull it back into one.
It is fitting that I decided to cut my hair the day after my family received word that my Grandpa Swensen was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, even though he doesn't need my hair....

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Different Fabulous Friday

I'm not one to talk about the evils of our world on my blog, especially for my Fabulous Friday post, given the purpose of it is to talk about positive things, however I'm going to diverge from the normal just a bit today.  The events of the past week have led me to focus on the positive that comes from tragedy.  In the past year our country has experienced shootings in movie theaters, elementary classrooms, book signings, malls, sports events such as this weeks Boston Marathon, stabbings at colleges, tornado's, hurricanes, snow storms and this weeks explosion in Texas.  All bring on such overwhelming grief and sadness for not only families and communities involved but for our entire country.  It is sadness and really unbelief knowing one might not come home at the end of the day because of someone's hurtful/bad/horrible (whatever word you want to use) choice of their free agency.  Why do bad things happen to good people, one will never know in this lifetime.  However such events bring out pure goodness and selflessness from the American people who give their time, shelter, money, food and prayers for people they will never likely know.  I don't know about you, but I know that I have felt the prayers of only a few at different times in my life.  I can't imagine the peace and comfort that must come from the prayers of thousands, if not millions on your and your families behalf.  I admit, I really haven't watched but a few hours of the events from this week.  I've mostly listened to the radio to and from work and read from a couple of news stations on the internet.  However, last night I was watching the news and hearing of people in Texas giving up their beds to those who have lost their homes and cooking meals in parking lots for those who needed a meal.  After such tragedy, people open their wallets graciously, when most of the time they will by pass the man or women on the street holding a sign asking for just a little help; I'm guilty of this at times.  I would venture to say this week there were nicer drivers on freeway's and highway's, who yes let me in during bumper to bumper traffic.  I was humbled to see people immediately run towards those injured during this weeks Boston Marathon Bombing, instead of one's instinct to run away from what might have been another bomb; one wouldn't know.  Many of those helping hold bleeding limbs and vessels with out gloves I'm sure weren't thinking of their health and blood borne diseases as I likely would have; or would I have just jumped in and not have thought about it?  I hope I wouldn't have been frightened with the what if's, while helping the helpless.  I'm grateful for EMS and Police professionals, who without thinking of themselves step up to the plate to risk their lives to help those in need and to protect us, the American People.  I commented at work today that such events would make one want to stay in their bubble, but then those who cause such grief would win.  So I will continue supporting large events, give more of myself and my cash to those in need and continue to pray for those many people dealing with life changing event's.  Gratefully evil yields hope, faith and goodness.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things I've Learned In Phoenix...So Far

Today I was thinking of all the things I've learned in the nearly 4 weeks that I've been here in Phoenix. The first I learned today...
*Grapefruit doesn't belong in a spinach drink.
*Fresh squeezed grapefruit from the tree in the backyard with lots of ice cubes is most refreshing for dinner, after my jog or just for an afternoon treat.
*My aunt or cousin Amy make 4 loaves of whole wheat bread which lasts us for about 2 weeks.  They freeze it and it tastes just like it came from the oven, well close.  The secret?  2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Who would've thought?
*Indian rituals include carving two holes one on each side of the chest with a scalpel; crazy!
*I'm enjoying the wind chimes that give off sound almost constantly with the light wind that is often present.
*Smoked paprika makes everything taste better.
*I can go to bed early (like 9pm) and wake up early (6:15), well actually 5 when my bladder wakes me, and I actually can fall asleep and wake up early.  I've never been much of an early morning person.
*Having a patient scheduled at 7:20, which is before I have to be at work; 7:30, means I'm never tempted to push snooze more than once.  I'm not one to like to be behind at all on my schedule.
*If I leave at 7am I get to work a few minutes after 7:30.  If I leave at 6:55 I usually get to work at least 5 minutes early.  Amazing the difference of 5 minutes.
*It's hard to think of something for dinner more than a few times a week.  I now know what it must be like to be a mom and have to think of something every night for dinner.  Tonight's dinner:  pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad.
*I can't go with out candy.  I knew that, but I tried the first week I was here and did so well, until I went to Winco and their Easter candy was on sale.  Don't tell, but I have a small stash in my bedroom drawer.
*I miss seeing my family on a regular basis, especially the days when Tristen and the girls come over to do practically nothing, even though before we knew it, it was time for them to go.
*It can actually be cool in Phoenix, like only in the 70's in the afternoon, like today it was only 73 and morning low of 59.
*I don't like driving a station wagon or anything remotely that looks like a mom car.  The rental agency gave me a VW jetta wagon.  I feel like a mom driving it.  I do however like the new car smell.
*Sitting as much as I do kills my back.  Which means I definitely sit to much at work.
*This is the easiest job I have had in the past 9 years or maybe I was over worked for the past 9 years.  Either way, I am very much enjoying my job here.
*I'm missing the popcorn tree's that Spring brings in places where they actually have more than 1 season.
*It is much easier to be on a exercise routine, when it isn't cold outside and when you have a set time to do it every day; 6-7pm.
*I'm a fan of Downton Abbey, even though I started with the second season.  Can't get enough of that awesome show and their English accents.
*I'm having so much fun living with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.  Who knew they were so funny?  I sure didn't until now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's A 90 Degree FF

Yep it's 90 degree's and I'm sitting out in my bathing suit loving the sun and blogging.  Yea, my way to blog!  I think 90 degree's feels much warmer in Boise than in Phoenix; not sure why, but it doesn't seem that hot.
1.  Sunday we celebrated Aunt Leslies birthday again with her favorite foods; mashed potato's with gravy.  We had a delicious carrot cake made by Amy, and I don't even really like carrot cake, but it was delicious.  We had dinner at Deborahs.  She lives about 1 hour from her parents.  It was so nice that day and we spent a lot of the time out side.  We also enjoyed a wonderful day full of general conference talks.  Oh, how I love general conference.
Amy, Me, Deborah...This is for Alisha
The new Gilbert Temple in progress. So pretty!
2.  That awesome storm on Monday took out a few tree's on my jogging route.  It was so nice to jog in a sprinkle of rain and wind, because it was nice and cool; almost cold here on Monday and Tuesday.
3.  Tuesday Aunt Leslie and I went to RS where they had a munch and mingle and talked about favorite conference talks.  I was actually quite surprised at the good turnout.
4.  I've had roasted sweet potato's twice this week.  I'm a sweet potato fan!
5.  Wednesday I went to the temple.  Then met Deborah, Amy, and Aunt Leslie at Deb's kids Jr. High where we watched her son play his first volleyball game.  It was pretty entertaining even though they didn't win.  We then had dinner at the Gecko Grill where I had one of the best fish/salmon tacos ever.
Mesa Temple
Cactus garden at the Mesa Temple
6.  I went to Costco on my way home from work today.  My neighborhood Coscto has about the best samples ever.  I actually got full on all of them!  It was very tempting to not buy the candy covered specialty apples.  I only bought banana's, mango's and pork tenderloin for future bbq pork sandwiches. I know not too exciting, but at least I didn't spend all of my first paycheck.  Yes, today I got my first paycheck in several weeks.  Who doesn't love a paycheck!  They are talking about fair food on the news as I type.  Can't believe their county fair is in April.
7.  The second Wednesday of the month there is a Indian Market at work.  It is rather large and over priced, but maybe they just jacked up the price because I was wearing a white jacket.  I didn't purchase anything this month, but maybe next month.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Look

I bet you get just as tired looking at my boring blog as I do, so you get a new look and so do I.  I will be going home in 2 weeks and I hope to get some cute pictures of my nieces and nephews, because we all know they are so cute to look at.  The new picture was taken Christmas Eve with the precious gifts given to us all by our Aunt Marian of our great-great grandmothers hankies.
Speaking of a new look...I'm so tempted to cut my hair.  I feel like my hair gets to a point where it is just too long and I think I'm at the too long mark.  I think half the problem is when I had my hair cut in January I told my stylist not to cut layers so that I could grow it out for locks of love.  Well, I've learned since then that locks of love will take layers, the longest layer just has to be 10 inches.  My mom keeps telling me to just cut it. But then again I think she likes me with short hair, because all growing up she kept my hair cut short.  It was cute when I was 8 and it was in a mushroom, but I'm a 30 something career girl who only does her hair on Sundays, because my career means hair in a pony tail or up with 2 clips on the top of my head, now that is career style. There are so many different cuts that it is hard to choose from.  11 years ago I had a cut that was by far my least favorite short cut.  It was then that I said I wasn't going to cut my hair short until I got married.  Ha, that hasn't happened, and I'm not waiting around for that now either.  So now to decide...do I get a new look before I go to Martha's Vineyard for the Summer; a cute Summer cute OR do I wait and do a long bob/Fall look.  If I leave it long I'm at least going to have her put layers back in.  It just looks better with my thick hair.  But then again if I cut it too short, I'll have to do it every day, instead of my 2 minute up do...Decisions, Decisions

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mexican Haystacks With Homemade Taco Seasoning

Last night's dinner was delicious.  I loved it!  Mexican Haystacks with the added touch of homemade taco seasoning, which of course I got from pinterest and added my 2 cents.  I'm pretty sure I'll never by another taco mix again.  My favorite part was added touch of champagne mango's.  I'm not one for cilantro, however the cilantro lime rice was rather delicious.  The combination of all the ingredients where just delicious.  I kind of liked that the recipe didn't call for lettuce, something different using the rice as the bottom of the dish.  We also used brown rice, which I love.
Cilantro/lime rice...put lime juice in with your water, then cut up cilantro and mix it in when it is cooked.  (like my instructions).
When turkey burger is cooked, add homemade taco seasoning (I would have also put some onions in it, but my aunt doesn't do onions).
Mix all ingredients together in bowel before adding them to the turkey burger...
1 T Chili Powder
1/4 t garlic powder
1/4 t onion powder
1/4 t crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 t dried oregano
1/2 t paprika
1 1/2 t ground cumin
1/2-1 t sea salt
1 t black pepper.
Start with rice, meat, then layer with avocado, black beans, tomato's, olives, pepper jack cheese, plain Greek yogurt, salsa, chips, and the best part mango's!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My First Phoenix Wind and Rain Storm

This morning on my work email I found it strange that I was getting an email about a wind warning today.  I actually glanced at the title and then deleted it.  Around 1230 I heard people talking about how windy it was outside.  When I left work at 1:30 I actually thought I was going to be blown away.  When I finally got in my car I had to wipe the dust from my eyes and pick out debris from my hair, literally.  The sky was dark and the dust made it hard to see.  I've stayed inside all afternoon enjoying the sound of the wind chimes out on the back porch.  I love the relaxing sound those wind chimes bring me, given it is always just a little on the windy side here.  A bit ago Amy and I heard something rather loud...rain, something they don't get here in the desert very often.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but it smelled oh so good when I poked my head out the door.  There are several grapefruit on the ground, which means once the storm has passed, we better gather them up so they don't get spoiled.  Yep, just another day here in Phoenix.  Hopefully the storm will pass by 6 so that I can go on my nightly jog.  Tonights dinner:  Mexican haystacks with mango and lime/cilantro rice.  Hope it's yummy!

Friday, April 5, 2013

It's A Hot Fabulous Friday

1.  I love that it is Summer every day in Phoenix.  This morning I had said to my nurse that I wanted to go shopping at Last Chance (Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Last Chance get it?).  On my way out the door she asked if I was going to Last Chance and I told her it was too hot to shop and I needed to get some sun on my skin.  Her reply, "It's always too hot in Phoenix and you can get sun any day."  She is so right.  I really was going to go, but missed the exit so maybe next week.  Instead I came home today to the sun, but was only out there for 40 minutes.  It's more fun to spend time in the sun with my Summer Sisters, instead of by myself and it was too hot.
2.  Easter Sunday was lovely at aunt Leslie's. She even got me an Easter Basket!  Of course my mom always makes the best Easter dinner.  It was so fun to skype my family during their easter egg hunt, which of course didn't last long.  Beckett was so cute, he kept saying, "Auntie Terah where are you."  He just couldn't figure out why I wasn't there in person, but on the computer.
3.  I'm still so in love with my spinach shakes I have them at least 3 times a week.  Today I used a home grown orange from my nurses tree.
4.  I learned today that Paradise Bakery is owned by Panera and you all know my love for Panera.  There is a Paradise Bakery on every corner around here.  Guess what's for dinner?
5.  I know you and Grandma Betty are all expecting a post on some Phoenix adventure, but I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of afraid to venture out in the Phoenix heat.  I mean what if I get stuck somewhere and die of heat exhaustion.  Well actually I have compiled some places to go and see in the coming weeks.  I promise, I'll find something exciting to blog about next week, besides the fact that I really love  seeing citrus tree's all over the place.  In fact on my evening jog I saw an orange tree last night and I always jog by the coolest lemon tree.  I always want to pick one, but I'm too short and it is on the other side of a fence, plus would it be stealing if they don't look like they use the lemons, given there are plenty of old ones on the ground?
6.  Aunt Leslie made the most delicious, healthy whole wheat banana pecan pancakes with fresh organic strawberries for dinner this week.  Oh, heaven in my mouth!  Nick always promised Jack Johnson banana pancakes, but never came through on that promise.  I'll get the recipe sometime and blog all about it.  I think I'm going to have to have these at least once a week, if we can keep bananas around.  I've never seen 4 people go through so many banana's so fast.
7.  I really am loving my job here.  I love that I only see 14-15 patients a day, don't feel rushed and I get to use more family practice skills than I thought I'd use in Express Care; definitely not urgent care.  Kind of like urgent care merges with family practice.  I've never seen so many people with uncontrolled diabetes and asthma as I have in the past 2 weeks.  These people are all so nice and so patient.  They wait to be seen, they wait for x-rays, they wait for prescriptions and I'm not talking an hour or so, I'm talking hours and they never complain, but are always so grateful and kind.  I think CLT ER patients could learn a thing or two from my Indian patients for sure.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Arizona Day

I've only been in Phoenix for 11 days and I am totally loving my time here.  I kind of feel like I'm on vacation even though I'm working.  I love working 6 hours 5 days a week and the Saturday 10 hour shift isn't bad, except this week was super slow as in I only saw 7 patients, but it was a holiday weekend and most people go back to the reservation for the holidays; so they say.
My  typical day goes something like this:
Roll out of bed at 6:15; I usually awake sometime around 5, ugh.
Make myself presentable in 20 minutes; I promise it can be done and is every morning.
Pick a grapefruit from one of the tree's in the backyard; I like the fruit from the big tree.
Enjoy a piece of homemade wheat toast and my grapefruit or maybe some steel cut oats in place of toast.
7:00 I'm on the road, always in bumper to bumper traffic for at least 6 of my 20 miles.
From 7:40-1:30 I see 14-15 patients.  They are all so kind and make me love being here, doing what I was sent here to do!
1:30 I have a much more enjoyable, quicker commute home; talking on the phone to mom, Tenielle, or Alisha.
2:15 I make my spinach shake!
2:30-3:30 or 4 I read, check email, facebook, etc on my lawn chair with my feet propped up on a crate in the back yard with the sun blazing down on me and a lovely slight breeze.  Actually some of this afternoon consisted of Amy and me driving out to where she hikes so we could look to see if the bum who stole her purse out of her car yesterday may have discarded it somewhere in the bushes.  No such luck.
4:00-5:00 Cook Dinner.  Tonight we had one of my favorites Chicken Taquitos
5:00-6:00 Eat Dinner and tonight we sadly watched BYU lose in the final four
6:00-7:00 Evening jog listening to mixes from Rock My Run!  Tonight there was such a nice breeze which made my jog even more enjoyable.
7:00-7:15 Ab workout with Tori.
7:15-9:00 Read scriptures, get ready for bed,  and chat with Aunt Leslie about our day, since she now gets home around 7:30 from work...today she informed me that her MRI results showed she has to have arthroscopy on her knee in the next few weeks, which will be good because I will be able to assist her through her recovery.
9:00 Lights out and white noise maker on (thanks to uncle Gordon...they all have them) and then its up every few hours or so; annoying that I have a pea sized bladder and I can't sleep straight through the night.
Pretty exciting days huh?  Not really, but there is a great sense of enjoyment and relaxation!