Sunday, March 31, 2013


Friday afternoon shortly after I blogged as I was sitting out reading my book I had this impression to check my email even though I had just done so.  I had an email from American Express fraud protection saying that they suspected fraudulent use and asked me to call them.  I of course called them right away and yes someone in CA was using my card, but my card was in my possession.  Apparently they get the number and then make a card.  Thank goodness AE denied the charges given that I had just used my card an hour earlier in Phoenix at Costco.  As I was speaking to the very nice lady they tried to use it again and an hour later when she called me back they had tried again.  People are so dishonest.  I am ever grateful to American Express and their fraud protection. They canceled my card and I will receive a new one shortly.  And yes, I'll continue to use my AE to accrue my sky miles.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Ice Cream Man

When I was a kid the jingle of the Ice Cream Mans truck during the Summer months was a joyous sound to my siblings and me.  We would hurriedly scrounge around for 50-75 cents so we could buy a big stick or a red, white and blue Popsicle.  Yes, those were such happy days and every day this week around 3:30 or 4 I hear that familiar jingle here in Phoenix and every day I'm reminded of those blazing hot Summer days as a kid when we would run out to meet the Ice Cream Man; sun burned in our bathing suits and bare feet so that we could get an expensive Popsicle, because it came from a traveling freezer truck.  I guess in Phoenix the Ice Cream Man is a year round job; lucky man!  Who knows maybe sometime in the next several weeks I'll be hot enough to desire one of his expensive frozen treats and run after him in my bare feet burning on the pavement as I wait my turn in line.  Oh, probably not, but it's a fun thought anyway!

It's a Phoenix First Fabulous Friday

Oh, yes it's my first Fabulous Friday coming from the lovely city of Phoenix!
1.  First off, we celebrated mom's birthday on Saturday by having homemade waffles and bringing out the coconut cake; thank you to Sam's Club.  If you've never had it, drop by Sam's tonight and get you one.  Of course not as delicious as homemade, but close.
2.  I flew to Phoenix on Saturday afternoon.  After taking forever to get a car; a family style Jetta, I headed first to Costco to find me some nugo bars; no such luck.  Then to my aunt and uncles, where 2 of their grandkids were also there.  We had us some yummy pizza for dinner and I of course had to have my very first grapefruit.  Oh, I love me some grapefruit!
3.  Sunday my cousin Deb and her family came for dinner.  Amy made a most delicious cheesecake.
4.  Monday morning was my first day at the Indian Health Clinic.  I think I really am going to love it here.  The people are so humble, non-materialistic and kind.  My supervisor George is so patient and nice.  After 5 days, I think I finally have the computer system figured out.  It is as old as DOS, actually it probably is DOS, but it works.  I've never had to read hard copy x-rays until this week; stone age for sure.  I always thought the government was up to date, I thought wrong.  I love my schedule 7:30-1:30 M-F and 1130-1000 Saturdays.  I love having every afternoon off to sit out in the sun and get some color.
5.  I'm enjoying my nightly jogs from 6-7.  It's too hot during the day and I have to be in by the time it gets dark around 7.
6. I finally finished the book I've been reading for the past 2 months; Illuminations of the Heart.  I highly recommend it.
7.  I've been to Costo 3 times this week and Winco twice.  I love having them so close, but it could be dangerous to my wallet.  I have been wanting some red shorts and lucky me I found some at Costco!
8.  The AZ sun and weather are so nice, but I must admit it's not as beautiful as the south or the northwest.  You have to take the great weather for the brown and cactuses I guess.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I've Arrived

Yes, I've arrived in Phoenix!  I am so much enjoying the time I'm spending with my aunt, uncle and cousins.  I'm loving the grapefruit that I can pick off the tree's in the back yard.  I love the heat of the afternoon and the slightly cool mornings.  I love that Costco and Winco are only 1 1/2 miles from the house.  I think the people I work with are just fabulous.   The facility I am working in is like its own little town, which is kind of fun.  I love that right now I can smell 4 loaves of homemade bread baking in the oven and made by my cousin Amy who can really bake, as in she really did attend culinary school.  I love the sweet smell of citrus coming from the back yard.  Smells just like the citrus smell on the California Adventure-Soaring California ride at Disneyland!  I think I could get use to working 7:30-1:30!  I like waking up early and having my afternoons off to make dinner.  Coming up on tonight's menu:  Brown Rice and Quinoa Fiesta Bowl.  Hope it's delicious!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy Fabulous Friday

This week has been such a busy week...this is why:
1.  Saturday the Tenielle, Tristen, mom and I went with Grandma Betty and our friends Nancy and Paula to Cafe de Coco for brunch to celebrate moms birthday which is tomorrow.  We had a lovely time chatting and catching up.
2.  Aunt Leslie came for a visit so after brunch we went over to Grandpa's.  It is always fun when Aunt Leslie comes to town.  That night we met with most of dad's siblings for dinner, even though we weren't really hungry.
3.  Sunday was Alisha's big day, well really it was Calvins, because it was his blessing day!  After going to hear mom sing in church, I spent the rest of the day with Alisha and her family.  Calvin had a beautiful blessing.  Since it was St. Patricks day, Alisha had a lunch that included things that went along with the day; rainbow fruit, Ruebin sandwiches and mint brownies.  Sunday evening we all went to Grandpa's and visited.  It was just like old times as a kid when we all use to gather at the grandparents every Sunday evening.

Such a cute family!

4.  Tuesday Tristen, sister-in-laws, mom, Alisha and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Robins nest.  That night we went to Pack Meeting it was rather entertaining!
They love dip!

5.  Wednesday bright and early we drove to SLC.  That evening we went with friends to a play, which was just ok.
6.  Thursday I met with people from my new job.  They all were so incredibly nice, easy going and organized.  I am so happy to have a new adventure!  That evening we met Karen and Bob for dinner at none other than Cafe' Rio!  After dinner we visited Great Aunt June.  Such a sweet lady indeed.
7.  It snowed every day we were in SLC.  Not my favorite, but the snow covered mountains were so beautiful along with the entire SL valley.

8.  This morning I spent the entire morning at the Family History Library where I was able to fix some errors and ready 18 names for the temple.  It brings me such joy to help those on the other side.  There is such an amazing spirit there.  Mom, dad and I went to lunch at Red Butte for my favorite pasta salad, because the boys will never go there when we are all together; they think it is chick food.  I love it though.  Mom, Tenielle and I had relaxing pedicures.  We met the boys for dinner at Zuppa's and then went to the most entertaining performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Hale Theater.  It was just as good as Broadway or better!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Snow

Every Spring when I come to SLC it snows.  I'm not kidding.  Yesterday was the first day of Spring and Old Man Winter wanted us to remember it may be Spring on the calendar, but he isn't finished with Winter.  This morning we woke to snow here in SLC.  I wasn't surprised in the least bit.  Just glad I came prepared with my winter gear.  Today I will meet with members from my new company, given SLC is the headquarters.  I know kind of weird that I have a job with them but have never met them.  I guess my resume tells them all they need to know before they hire me.  It will be nice to meet those that I've worked with over the past few months and put a voice with a face.  I got credentialed yesterday in Phoenix and my car and flight reservations came this morning.  So excited for a new adventure.  But first I'm going to enjoy the next few days here in SLC with the single kids and mom and dad!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Is Coming

I'm pretty sure Spring is on its merry way here in Idaho.  Do you know how I know?  Well we have these lovely little birds that I don't think I actually remember them making such a fuss until last year.  Doves they call them.  They coo like a rooster bright and early even before the sun is up.  I have heard them the last 2 mornings.  They wake me at the wee morning hours and are awfully annoying, because then I can't go back to sleep.  They do it even more so during the Summer.  I also know Spring is on its way because I saw farmers on tractors in fields yesterday plowing getting ready for planting.  I also see green peaking amongst the dead winter branches as I drive my Betty around town.  Betty, what a great car she is.  Her tune up was only $105 which included back breaks.  I love me a Toyota, probably will never by another brand again, unless maybe a Honda, because that is what Tenielle is partial too.  I just watched the morning news.  Boston has had 56 inches of snow this year and are expecting a foot today.  Oh, how depressing.  However I remember the year before grad school on April 15 a Sunday we woke to several inches of snow in SLC.  I remember I slid out of my driveway and got stuck on my way to church and then I drove to Cedar City the next day for work and was in an terrible snow storm.  It's suppose to be a beautiful 55 today before a lovely Spring storm rolls in and drops the temps to 39 this weekend in SLC and Boise. Yuck.
I must make myself productive today, get myself ready as in do something with my hair, that I am about ready to donate to locks of love.  I'm seriously getting so tired of it being long.  There are so many cute short hair styles out there and with 6 months of Summer a week away, I think it might be getting chopped soon, especially because I'll be living with my cousin in Phoenix who is a hair stylist.  I must put my clothes that are stacked in piles(short pile, skirt pile, cardigan pile, etc) in a suitcase.  Yes I met my goal in just under an hour last night of getting everything ready to go into my suitcase.  Summer clothes take up so much less space in a suitcase than Winter.  It almost makes me think I need to pack more to make sure I get my 50 pound limit.  In 2 1/2 hours I will be meeting my sister, nieces, sister-in-laws and Alisha for a lovely lunch at The Robins Nest for a Strawberry salad.  So, I must make myself productive for a few hours on this lovely Spring morning!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Last time I was packing for Summer weather I was packing to go to Hawaii in September.  This time I'm packing for Phoenix for 10 weeks and it still feels like Winter.  The hard part is I haven't been wearing these clothes for 6 months.  Mom keeps telling me to pack light.  Yea right, I always try to do that and then I get the HEAVY tag on my luggage and pray it isn't over 50 pounds.  I've got the one suitcase with my scrubs in it, that was easy, it's everything else that I need to pack.  This morning I packed up Winter clothes and took them to the storage unit and brought back the summer bins.  Now the clothes are strewn across the basement and I'm sitting here looking at them thinking I should just try them on and see what goes, even though I already know what goes; I wore them all last Summer and the Summer before that.  This girl has way too many clothes, but until I have a closet to put them ALL in, I can't seem to get rid of any.  I feel like I dress as if I'm on vacation with a limited amount of clothes even though it's been a year and a half and I really have plenty of clothes in stock.  So yes, it has been a waisted day of looking at pintrest searches of Summer Clothes, dumb I know.  It's after 7 and I feel like I have been packing all day, even though I really haven't.  GOAL:  Get this suitcase packed by 9 so I have tomorrow to enjoy one last day at home and not feel rushed to get it done the night before I leave and then forget something so important that I really CAN live without for 10 weeks.

I Got It

I got a call from Dr. Z this afternoon.  I got the Martha's Vineyard ED job for the Summer!  I'm so excited.  What a fun Summer it will be.  So much to look forward to and such great people to work with.  I had gone to pick up my car from Kuna after having a tune up and was driving by the cows and fields that I blogged about last Summer thinking of what a great Summer it was and then Dr. Z called as I was just thinking that and how great this Summer on MVY would be.  So excited.  Hoping my first 10 week assignment as a locums at the Indian Health UC in Phoenix which starts next Monday will be fun and exciting too.

Friday, March 15, 2013


This week is another travelogue; a Martha's Vineyard Travelogue!
1.  Monday mom and I went to TJ Maxx and I bought some summer clothes including a pair of Lucky jean capris.  I'm a fan of Lucky Jeans, even if they cost a bit more than I really like to spend on jeans.
2.  Tuesday morning bright and early like 5:30am I boarded a plane to Martha's Vineyard.  Lucky me I was able to have a row to myself the entire way to Boston, which gave me the opportunity to lay across them and sleep, which I really needed since I typically don't wake up at 3:30am.  The airport in Boston is huge and I had to walk forever, which was totally fine to get to another terminal where I had to stand in a very long, slow line to go through security again.  In that terminal however was a delightful sight to my eyes and my hungry tummy; Potbelly Subs!  I thought they only had those in Chicago and the Midwest.  Oh, how delicious my sandwich was, even though Potbelly Subs is more fun to share when my sisters and mom are around.
3.  I boarded the smallest plane of my life to and from Boston/MVY; like a 10 seater which included the pilot and co-pilot.  On the way back there was me, 2 other people and the pilot.  It was awesome.  The view from the air was beautiful, only on the way back, because on the way there it was bumpy, windy and cloudy.  I heard the security people at MVY say they were maybe going to have 20 passengers that day.  Talk about a tiny airport and so quiet.
4.  When I got to MVY the car reservation guy knew me, because apparently I was the only one renting a car that day; a lovely SUV which was a gas hog, but nice nonetheless.  I met with Dr. Z who gave me the keys to my gigantic house; 5 bedrooms!  It was such a vintage home, which I quite enjoyed.  3 stories was a bit much for me though.  That evening I had a delicious cup of clam chowder from Martha's Chowder house.  It only cost $8!
On the runway at Boston Airport
5.  Wednesday morning I enjoyed the morning relaxing before meeting with Dr. Z and a few more MD's at the ED.  They were totally awesome.  They all were so nice, casual and down to earth.  I chatted with them for a few hours.  I spent the late afternoon/evening driving around the entire island.  I had an amazingly delicious lobster roll for dinner!  I watched the sunset from Gay Head.  It was mighty windy and cool, but beautiful.  I stopped by the church; which was in a strip mall where I met a few ladies from the ward and some other ladies who weren't members, there for a family history meeting.  They were all so nice.  I have never seen such a small church or one that wasn't in a church building.  They said during the year there are typically 19 members on Sundays, but during the Summer they usually have 65.  That night I enjoyed a concert on PBS by the Canadian Tenors.  Gosh I love those guys!

Delicious lobster roll, not so delicious garlic chips
My cottage for a few nights.
 6.  Thursday morning I did a little shopping in the darling stores on MVY while snowflakes drifted from the sky.  I bought some white peach balsamic vinegar and some cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar, so delicious.  I then met with Dr. Z and another MD at a cute diner where everyone knew everyone.  It was so awesome!  I think I would love living there for the Summer.  They were interviewing 2 others, however Dr. Z highly encouraged me to get my MA license soon and said he would let me know in 2 weeks.  So for now we wait.  I flew back Thursday night and got in close to midnight.  Very long, but very enjoyable 3 days for sure.
Flying into the airport in Boston from MVY
7.  Thursday night Tristen and the girls spent the night, which was fun to wake up to this morning.  Tenielle drove in this afternoon and Tony flew in this evening.  Tanner had driven in Wednesday.  We all had fun this evening when everyone was home by making 5 different spinach shakes.  We used an entire box of spinach.  
8.  Mom was on the news tonight, because the kids wanted to walk to the school.  Well, when we got there the news man was there because they are trying to shut down our Sunny Ridge Elementary, because of a 4.5 million dollar mistake.  I don't know about you, but if I had an extra 4.5 million in my checking account I'd see it.  Anyway, we thought mom was a star on the news tonight!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sisters of RS

On Thursday we had our Relief Society Birthday Dinner to celebrate 171 years of Relief Society.  It was such a wonderful evening.  I actually delegated more than I normally do and tried to simplify, which made for a much more enjoyable evening.  Our theme was by President Spencer W. Kimball, "Women who have a deep appreciation of the past will be more concerned with shaping a righteous future."  
Each thing we ate was in honor of different women.  I have come to realize that our callings and what we do in them is so much more for our benefit, as I learned so much about each of these sisters from the past.  I talked a little about the history of the RS at the beginning, all of which I took from the book Daughters Of My Kingdom, which I highly recommend.
Whole Wheat Rolls in honor of Emmeline B. Wells, but really the wheat story.  I have a live talk by Sister Dew that I've listened to over and over again, that my RS president in CLT let me borrow just before I moved.  I love it.  In the talk she talks about the women of the RS, led by Emmeline B. Wells who were asked to store wheat for many years.  Emmeline B. Wells at the age of 82 entered into what she considered the most important work of her long public career, the general presidency of the Relief Society.  She was the last Relief Society president whose Latter-day Saint experience included Nauvoo and a personal acquaintance with the Prophet Jospeh Smith.  But her service to the Relief Society had begun earlier in 1876 when Brigham Young gave her a charge of a grain-saving program for the Church, a daunting task which she performed through Relief Society channels.  The capstone to the program came during WW1, when the Relief Society, under Emmeline’s presidency, sold more than 200,000 bushels of wheat to the United States government.  After the war, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and his wife personally visited Emmeline to express appreciation for turning over the stored grain to the nation during its hour of need.
Russian Soup Borscht:  Which was in honor of a sister in our ward who joined the church in Russia and talked about her experience in RS.  
Emily's Blackberry Chicken Salad in honor of Emily Woodmansee.  I had asked a sister to talk about her and I loved how she personalized it.  I know she is busy and hesitated to ask her, but she said it was exactly what she needed during the busy week she was having when she realized all that Emily had done and experienced in her busy life.  
Emily Woodmansee was a woman of faith, since a young age when she first heard the gospel.  She pushed a handcart as a pioneer with the Willie Handcart Company.  Emily had a blessing before leaving England to join the saints in America, which promised that her writing would comfort thousands of hearts.  And so it has as her poetry of “As sisters in Zion” was put to music in the 1980’s and placed in our current day hymnal. There is a book that was recently written about her which I bought and really enjoyed
Berry pies honor Rebecca Bean who made the BEST berry pies (according to James E Talmage)!  Rebecca and her husband Willard were called to serve a mission in Palmyra, New York in the early 1900’s.  They lived in the Smith family home for over 20 years and helped to ease the tension and bad feelings towards the Mormons.  Rebecca was always willing to offer a meal and a bed to the missionaries and served faithfully throughout her life.  She was the first Relief Society President in Palmyra, which comprised a total of 5 sisters in the beginning years.
At the end 6 sisters sang a beautiful version of As Sisters in Zion.  We had 50 women in attendance that night and so many let me know how much they enjoyed the evening.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabulous Friday Is Back

I think it has at least been 4 weeks since a normal Fabulous Friday.
1.  My 2 weeks in NC was wonderful.  I have such amazing friends there who I know will be life-long friends.  I'm a lucky girl to have each one of them in my life.
2.  I had a phone interview with Martha's Vineyard ED on Wednesday.  Today I got my itinerary to fly there this coming Tuesday and back on Thursday.  Should be fun!  It would be my second assignment in the locums position if they pick me.  I think it would be one of the greatest Summers ever.  We will see!
3.  We had a great turn out at our RS Birthday party last night, which will likely be my last RS activity that I will plan for a while.  I have enjoyed this calling and I know my ward sisters have loved the activities I've planned, however I've been in RS for many years and really need a change.
4.  Nick and I went to Amelies one last time before I flew out on Monday.  I had a mushroom and onion soup and a ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette they were both delicious.  I think Nick especially loved the chocolate dessert he got.  I on the the other hand loved my eclair.
5.  Tristen and her kids have been over 3 times this week, because her husband has been out of town.  Those girls are so stinking cute.  We watched them today because their normal sitter is out of town.
6.  Tonight was the perfect Friday night or at least what I remember we did when we were growing up; pizza, root beer and a movie; Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2!
7.  The tulip leaves are up and it's windy, which can only mean one thing; March's in like a lion, out like a lamb is here.  Come on Spring, because we all know it has been quite the long Winter!  Mom and I agreed today that it really was a quick Winter, now that we are looking back on it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I got in late last night, slept in my own bed, used my electric toothbrush which I don't travel with and slept in my old ratty warm pajamas.  Oh, the joys of being home!  Today I had a most delicious spinach shake made from my wonderful vitamix that makes the ice as soft as snow, disputed a bill, sent several pieces of information to my new job for credentialing, spoke with the credentialing guru, spoke with my recruiter about working in Martha's Vineyard for the Summer, got finger printed at the police department where they were very friendly, filled out more forms, faxed forms, went to the hospital to get medical records for my hep b titer which they will have to send out for, called around the valley to try to find a place to have a TB and varicella titer done, visited old friends in the lab where I give all my credit to that job as to where I am today in my professional career, dropped off fingerprints at fed ex, sent several emails, read several emails, talked to Alisha who is finally home after 8 days in the hospital with her sick baby who is finally on the mend, kissed and cuddled my nieces and nephews, worked on RS details for our RS activity on Thursday, enjoyed Aidree's expressions as I showed her pictures from Disney World and visited with my siblings.  However I feel like I got nothing accomplished today, yet the list above actually proves me wrong.  My bags are still packed and I have no intentions of unpacking anything unnecessary until at least Friday when my RS activity on Thursday is over.  One of these days coming up I'm going to do nothing but sit and read my 400 page book that I'm only 100 pages into.  I may have been off for the last few weeks, but those weeks have been busy.  I need a vacation from my vacation!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

NC Week 2

I've been on vacation the last 4 or 5 weeks.  I admit I'm just about ready to sleep in my own bed, get ready in my own bathroom and stop living out of a suitcase.  I needed this vacation and these past several weeks to spend time with the wonderful friends that I have made along the years.  Monday Nick and I went to Charleston.  Half way down there it started to rain and it poured until noon the next day.  When we got to Charleston we had lunch/dinner at Low Country Bistro where we had my least favorite jambalaya ever.  We walked through the market, which was rather boring given there were many merchants out on this chilly, rainy afternoon.  We went to our lovely Hampton Inn and checked into our suite, where we listened to the rain and had a Bachelor Marathon.  I had missed 3 previous episodes and we of course had to watch the current one.  What else are you going to do on a rainy evening in a hotel room that watch 6 hours of the Bachelor.  We did take a break by going to our neighborhood Costco for a chocolate/almond covered ice cream bar.
Tuesday morning I spent the morning on the phone finalizing my next job or rather picking my assignment.  I'm excited about my new job as a locums.  I'll be going to Phoenix, working in an urgent care in mid March until May 31.  I'm excited for something new and some place warm!  That afternoon it finally stopped raining we did some touring of Charleston and window shopping.
We of course had to have lunch at my favorite restaurant in Charleston, Fleets Landing where I splurged on my calories by having shrimp and grits, but I only ate half...I walked some of those calories off by then going to the outlets where I bought a few shirts at Talbots and 2 of my favorite spring/summer cardigans at Gap.  After shopping we went back to uptown Charleston where we had dessert for dinner.  How many times do we say we are going to have dessert for a meal and never do?  Well, we did just that!  We had parked by a bakery earlier in the day and of course had to go back to taste their lemon cheesecake.  It was amazingly delicious! Anything lemon is delicious to my taste buds!
Wednesday we went to the beach and walked on the pier.  It was a bit chilly and windy, but not bad.  It actually was rather pretty on the pier.  To end our Charleston excursion we went uptown, walked around and took pictures before heading back to Charlotte.
We stopped at Panera were I had a bowl of my favorite vegetable pesto soup.  We visited with Cassie and Mike and then met Carly at Wasabi Cafe for the best sushi ever; the tiger roll and pimp daddy roll!
Thursday I met my sister friends at the church for lunch bunch.  They sure know how to do lunch bunch out here; like a 2 hour lunch bunch!  I then went to the ER and visited with some of my most favorite nurses; gosh I miss them.  I was however reassured by the rack of charts waiting to be seen that my time in that ER is done.  The rest of the afternoon and evening I spent with Karen.  She made her famous chicken pesto sandwiches for dinner and we chatted for hours.  It was so fun to catch up.  Friday morning Jennifer and Cassie came over and we all car pooled down to what I've been waiting for all week; AMELIES, where we met Lauren and her mother-in-law.  There is no way for me to even begin to describe the joy that Amelies brings me, the Paris-like atmosphere, the french pastries, the turkey bacon sandwich on a baguette, tomato crab bisque and the sense of relaxation and friendships that exist between the people who frequent this place of enjoyment!
Karen and I with our chocolate desserts.
Cassie, Karen, Jennifer, Me and baby Senna
Friday afternoon and late into the evening I visited with my friend Katie.  I think she is just fabulous, she moved into my neighborhood the summer before I moved, but we became such great friends in such a short time.  I could chat with her for hours.  In the evening Cassie, Mike, her kids and Nick came over to Katies to have dinner and play games.  Such fun.   I stayed at Karens again and had a lovely visit with her before bed.
Sure love these kids!
Yesterday Katie, Cassie, Lauren and I headed to south Charlotte for a Tri-Stake womens conference.  Oh, yea and it was snowing like mad on our way down there.  Crazy, it's suppose to be Spring people. It was so fun to so many sisters that I have know from different aspects of my life in Charlotte.

Lois, Me, Lauren, Katie
Nick made dinner and we had a Cookout shake and a movie to end the evening.  There is something about a Cookout shake that my taste buds love!
Today we went to the Reedy Creek ward again.  Oh, how I love the people in that ward.  I feel so much at home in that ward.  It has been a fun 2 weeks, but I'm just about ready for my normal exercise routine and spinach shakes on a daily basis and of course to see my darling nieces and nephews!