Friday, August 31, 2012

It's August 31 2012 Which Means Tomorrow is September 1

I really can't believe it is the last day of our Summer Months.  It has been a wonderful, relaxing summer.  Fall seems to be trying its hardest to push forward, but I think Summer is trying to hang around a little while longer.  It has been a full week indeed, which means that next week will be full of work given that I will have been off 5 days in a row!
1.  The luau was a success and very enjoyable for all.  Hawaii in 13 days!
2.  Sunday we had dinner at Tristen and Mitchs, in which we brought a delicious fruit salad with home grown peaches.
3.  The annual fresh peach pie was made and devoured this week!
4.  On my drive home from work on Tuesday I watched the sun go down.  It really is pretty spectacular to watch the huge sun go from large to a slither and then disappear for the evening.
5.  I had a nice chat with my friend Steve this week; so glad we are friends.
6.  I'm a huge fan of drive inns and dives because they have the best soft serve ice cream, including the Snow Bunny in Hailey, Idaho.
7.  I got a rock chip in my windshield that spread all the way across within an hour yesterday on our drive home from Sun Valley.  Gratefully my cousin/insurance agent talked me into getting glass coverage and they replaced my windshield, vacuumed my car, and washed my windows today.
8.  We enjoyed the first half of the BSU football game at our local Pizza Parlor, however our "new team" needs some help...we can't win them all, but it would be nice to be entertained a little.
9.  All will be home this weekend for Stella's Blessing, the first blessing I've been to for a niece.
10.  The Republican National Convention was held this week.  It was the first time I actually watched it.   I was quite impressed with all who spoke and sure hope the rest of the country was too.
11.  I am a weather station junky when it comes to bad weather, especially in the south.  Call me weird, but I think it is entertaining.  This really isn't fabulous, but there was a huge hurricane this week that hit NOLA 7 years to the day of Katrina.  It hit particularly hard in Slidell where 9 years ago this weekend I spent one of the best weekends of my life with the handsome, hot, hunky-dory, hilarious, heart-throb Kirt T.  I've thought about him a lot this week and hope he is safe and well.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sun Valley/Ketchum

It's the end of the summer and I finally am on vacation, a staycation close to home.  So yesterday Tristen, the girls, Mom, Becky, the kids and I drove in 2 separate cars to Sun Valley/Ketchum.  Everyone has always said that it was such a long drive but we made it in less than 3 hours.  It wasn't a bad drive at all.  On our way into town, we saw Trucker Troy driving in his big truck; he is working up there this week.  We then checked into our hotels and met for dinner at the lovely Perry's restaurant where we sat out on the patio.  The salmon was delicious.  The owner told us that it had just been flown in 4 hours before we got there.  It was so fresh and yummy!  Of course after dinner we had to get us a sweet treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; a piece of chocolate covered cheesecake which we shared.  Talk about absolutely divine!  We had a nice hotel which made us feel like we were in the woods. I think we slept rather well given that there were 5 of us in a room.  Bridget did wake up a  few times and of course they didn't let us sleep past 7. 
This morning we had a very pleasant breakfast recommended by Grandma Betty.  The Kneadery made us feel like we were in the woods with all of the animals.  The food was again amazing and filled us up for the day.  We met Becky and the boys and walked around town taking pictures and enjoying the sights and sounds of Sun Valley.

We could see the ski lift waiting for snow.
The outside of Starbucks
A bench made from ski's.
Stella enjoying the sun.
We found an awesome park that the kids enjoyed!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hawaiian Luau

We had our ward adult Hawaiian Luau on Friday night.  It was a blast.  The food was delicious, the decorations made us feel like we were truly in Hawaii, and the company was very enjoyable.  We had nearly 60 people at our house and all had a fabulous evening.  I convinced dad to buy a fountain for the pool, it was quite the highlight.  Funny story, I bought 20 fish and they gave me 22 for decorations.  At least 5 died before I got them in their separate jars and several died when they got put in their boiled water that had been sitting out all day.  Hello, what were we thinking?  At least 5 survived for dads pond. 
One of the only things I had kept out of the storage unit were 8 of Sister Siggs Jars.  They came in handy for decorations and everyone kept asking about them.  Grateful I have a part of Sister Sigg in Idaho!
We had a tiki hut and tiki torches!
Hawaiian Haystacks are always a hit!

Hawaiian Style Banana Splits!
Cousin Alisha and Grandma Betty joined us too!
Grandma Betty found someone her size.
My Summer Swimming Sisters-2.
Aidree and Bridget joined us at the very end. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Summer, Please Stay A Little Longer

1.  Summer is trying to leave.  I can feel it in the air in the mornings and on my evening jogs as it is a little cool, like in the 60's.  I don't think it will be long before I need a jacket in the mornings.  I have mixed emotions about this.  It has been a fabulous Summer, but I do love jeans, changing colors of leaves, and anything pumpkin!
2.  I booked a flight to Hawaii September 13-21 with my brother Tony, who broke things off a few weeks ago.  This is a very good thing.  So I guess to celebrate, him and I are heading to Hawaii.  He has a friend who is going to BYU-Hawaii and this is his last semester so we will be staying with him and his wife.  Should be a very fun time and a way to stretch out my Summer.  I will only be home a week and then onto my fall foilage vacation to the northeast with my friend Jenny.  I need some vacation time for real, since it has been 3 whole months since my last vacation.  I do have 5 days off in a row next week for a mini vacation to the cabin, we were going to go to Sun Valley and Red Fish Lake but the smoke from the fires is going to prevent us from doing so.
3.  I've been counting down for 2 months now, but in 1 week BSU will kick off to Michigan State.  You can feel the intensity of the season building up around here.  I think we are all on edge to see how our team does with a new quarterback, lets hope he is half as good as Kellen Moore.
4.  I've been preparing for our Adult Luau tonight; once a year our ward has a RS activity that involves all adults.  I like that idea.  Hopefully things will come together.  I always feel a little nervous that there won't be enough food, but you know there is always way too much food at all Mormon functions.  Of course this Luau is really a nice preview and getting me excited for my Hawaii trip!
5.  My niece Bridget is finally walking everywhere.  That little booger is just growing up too fast.  It is amazing to me as an aunt how quickly they grow in 1 year.
6.  Gavin and Kadyn started kindergarten this week.  Talk about growing up. Has it really been 5 years that I've been an aunt?
7.  I love Pinterest!  We have been rather slow at work this week, so guess what I've been doing?  Yep, Pinning all those things I wish I was baking or making, instead of working.
8.  Remember the flip flop that I lost at the beach in Nicks car?  He found it!  Woohoo!  See why it is important to keep the mate, just in case it shows up later under the drivers seat; I knew it was still in there!
9.  I haven't been to Talbots, my favorite store since I was in Charlotte the beginning of May.  Well, I gave into my desire and went on Monday with mom.  I spent less than $100 thanks to my $25 gift certificate for spending more than I should there.  I now have some really cute end of season clothes that I can use for another month.  But I also bought a darling fall like skirt and 2 sweaters from TJ Maxx too, I admit I'm getting just a little excited for jeans, changing leaves and everything pumpkin...but not winter, no, no I HATE winter and its freezing cold temperatures that make me have to wear a coat.
10.  A single guy at the  bank flirted with me this week.  Ha, I still have it.  Funny thing is he said that he was really good friends with my brother...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 87 Birthday Grandpa Young

Today we celebrated a great mans birth, my Grandpa Young turned 87.  He is such a fantastic man.  Things I love about Grandpa Young:
~He always has a new joke!
~He has the biggest smile ever.
~When you say good bye his reply is always, "Love ya, Love ya."
~He sings silly songs about drunk monkeys, sneezing elephants, acorns, and skunks.
~He is so tender and his eyes will always water when he talks about Grandma.
~He always offers ice cream and candy.
~He often informs me that he is always praying for me, my single sister and cousins that we will find husbands.
~It doesn't take much to entertain him.  All he wants is a good meal and he's good to go.
~I thank him for my dark curls.
~He has started coming to our ward because his ward starts too early.  It's been kind of fun to see him there.
~He raised 10 kids who are all strong in the gospel.
Tonight to celebrate we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Half Way Through August Already

1.  It is hard to believe that we are over half way through the hottest month of the year, however I think July was the hottest this year.  We are still hanging on to summer by swimming when we can.
2.  We had a Sunday spaghetti feed with my homemade sauce.  It was such fun, especially when the homemade chocolate coconut and cookie dough ice cream made their appearance.
3.  I finished the third and final book of These Is My Words series.  I will miss Sarah Agnes Prine Elliot, but sure enjoyed reading about her over the past month.
4.  It is finally TOMATO season here in Idaho.  I had my first tomato sandwich courtesy of Tristens garden and made my first batch of salsa from dads garden yesterday!  I don't think I could ever get tired of garden grown tomato's.
5.  Mom, Dad and I enjoyed another Saturday evening dinner at our hometown Yoli's where they serve delicious fish tacos.
6.  I have 2 new scarves tan and aqua from NYC that I can't wait to wear!
7.  I finally got Idaho car insurance, only took me 9 months and it a whole lot cheaper than NC insurance.
8.  Thinking about going to Orlando in September, we shall see.
9.  Aidree had on the cutest gray and pink outfit on yesterday, thanks to my second hand shopping.  And of course she is even cuter holding cousin Stella.