Monday, August 20, 2018


I've been a major slacker in the Blog department.  My mom reminds me of this every Sunday when she checks my blog.  I'm going to try this week to update it by going through the summer.  It's been a very busy summer and even though the kids are all back in school or starting school, summer is still not over for me, especially since it is 108 here in Phoenix today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

3 Weeks of Phoenix

I returned to Phoenix on June 19, yes the day after my stint removal.  I was sore, so very sore.  I thought I'd bounce back quickly, actually I wasn't sore from the stint removal but from the nephrostomy tube placement.  I returned home so that I could work.  Ha, well that was what I'd hoped.  Thankfully I work with amazing people who help me and limit my patient load.  I had expected to work more, but that didn't happen.  On the 24th, I had come home from church and my bandage was leaking.  I had the tube over my shoulder waiting for my neighbor who is a hospice nurse to come help me change this.  Well, somehow someway the tube caught on the door handle and came completely out, therefore causing urine to dribble down my back.  UGH!  I called Dr. D asking if there was something I could do besides go to the ER.  I was out of luck, she sent me to the ED.  The Chandler ER is fantastic.  They got me in quickly and the Dr. and nurses were so kind.  Unfortunately, the interventional radiologist had just started on a case so I wasn't going to be able to get this fixed for a few hours. They had a very difficult time getting it in, because it had been several hours that it had been out.  The IR said he would try one more time, but that if it didn't work I'd have to come back the next day and they'd have to kind of start all over.  I said a very quick prayer and seconds later it was in!  The IR said that it was luck, I told him I said a prayer and that it was a blessing.  I thought I was sore before, I was really sore after all the poking and prodding. 

My good friends Blake and Nicole and baby Hadley have been staying at my house since the beginning of June.  Blake got into PA school in Miami and their lease was up the end of May and they weren't needing to be in Miami until mid August.  I was happy to have them stay in my home.  They thought I was a blessing to them, but I know that Heavenly Father knew that I was going to need them more than they needed me.  They have been such a huge blessing, taking me to the ER when the tube came out, Nicole has been my nurse at odd times when the dressing needed changed, we've cooked a few meals together.   They have literally been my angels.  The greatest part is that Blake has taken out the garbage's; one of the things I despise doing.  I have especially enjoyed having their 6 month old baby in my home.  I can't believe the beautiful spirit that is here with her being so fresh from Heaven. 

On June 23 I went with my friend Danelle and her family up to Prescott.  It was so much fun.  We went for a bluegrass festival that Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband were playing at.  It was so nice to be up there with a breeze and only in the 80's instead of 115.  We were only there for a few hours, but it was such a fun day. 

I've had a few bowel obstructions since I've been home.  They hurt so badly, but they eventually resolve after 24 hours.  I'm grateful that Blake has been here to give me blessings.  I've been puking lately when I hardly do any exertion.  It is so strange.  It has happened in parking lots and dressing rooms.  I do feel better after puking, which is a plus. 

4th of July weekend I went with Laura and Jesse and Gordan and Leslie up to the mountains of Heber, AZ.  It was so nice yet again to get away from the heat and to even have a few rain storms.  We went up on Thursday evening, that day I had another vomiting episode and then a headache that night.  I thought it was strange, since I don't typically get headaches.  I woke with the headache the next morning and then developed chills and a fever and body aches.  It was one of the worst fever and chills I've ever had.  Thankfully I had been given an antibiotic in the ER from the tube coming out, but hadn't taken it.  So I started taking it and by Saturday morning I was feeling a little better.  I don't know what it was, but it felt like I was septic.  Jennifer and her family came up for the day, so I ended up going home with them that night, expecting the same symptoms Saturday evening, but they didn't happen and all of a sudden I was better.  Gordan had given me a blessing and in it had told me that I wasn't finished with my journey on earth.  That was reassuring.  Saturday morning I was sitting on the porch, smelling bacon and breakfast as it was being made.  For a few minutes I felt Grandma and Grandpa Young with me.  They loved the mountains and breakfast. 
I leave tomorrow to go back to Nampa.  Its been a crazy few weeks.  Hoping I feel better and back to my normal, whatever normal is.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Last Monday I saw the urology oncologist who I fired.  He has horrible bedside manner and has never done an exam, although he has charged me as if he has.  Kaycee and my mom were with me at my appointment.  I told him that I wanted to have the stint removed and to have an nephrostomy tube.  He had the nerve to tell me that I have metastatic OVC and that I was eventually going to die.  I practically had to pick up Kaycee's jaw as it hit the floor when she heard that.  Really!  Nurse Pat informed us this week that she will be retiring in October.  This will be a very sad day.  She is sometimes challenged to get blood from my port, but always seems to get it working.
After that decision was made we enjoyed lunch on the patio.  I love this friend of mine.  It's always fun to catch up with her. 
I got my own wheelchair this week.  The pain in my lower back is so intense when I stand or walk.  I was hoping an injection would cure this, however I had it done last Friday and didn't feel any different.  I can't even go on a walk.  I'm in pain to stand to do my hair, put on my makeup and to brush my teeth.  I did have a massage through MSTI which did improve the symptoms for a few days but then the pain returned. 
Monday I got my new back jewelry.  I've named it Poppy the pee bag.  The stent broke when they tried to remove it so today a new urologist removed it.  He was so kind and saw me this morning and did the procedure this evening.  Thankfully I have no more discomfort from the stent!  In fact I feel fabulous Poppy and All! 

Because there is a large tumor surrounding the left kidney, they had to place the nephrostomy tube in the top of the kidney by going through the lower ribs.  This has caused some drainage from the chest cavity, which I've had to go back and forth to the hospital to get it stitched and taken care of.  We spent more time in and out of the hospital and Dr.s offices since I've been home.  Hoping for a break.  One day that I was getting things worked out, we ran into Dr. C.  I sure love her!  She was my surgeon when I was first diagnosed.
We've also spent the last few weekends watching Gavin play baseball.  He's getting pretty good at this sport.  It's been a little chilly and rainy here, not how I like starting my Summer. 
The kids came home this past weekend for Father's Day.  It's always fun to be home together.  Mom needed groceries for when the kids came home, so she put me in a cart at the super market, because I haven't been able to stand without pain.

Monday, June 4, 2018


I flew to Spokane on Wednesday to visit my sister Tristen and her family and to watch my beautiful nieces in their dance recital which was absolutely adorable.  It was a Mary Poppins theme and one of the best dance recitals I've ever seen.  We actually watched it twice, because one was in the first performance and one was in the second.  I had fun putting together this candy bouquet!
Tristen lives by a beautiful poppy field, so on the way to the airport and after our naps, we stopped for some pictures.