Monday, August 22, 2011

A Night Out With Nick

Saturday late afternoon I went over to Nicks He bought a new home and I was able to see it for the first time. I totally fell in love with it. It is so darling. I love the wood floors, the kitchen cabinets, and the rounded walls. He then took me to this darling and delicious restaurant tucked in a back street in downtown Salisbury. We went right at 5 when they opened and were the only one's there the entire time. It was so awesome. We then went to visit his grandmother. She is a sweet, southern woman. He took me to this awesome snow cone place. You all know me and my love for snow cones. He was giving me a bit of his and dropped it straight on my boob. it was totally funny. We watched a rather entertaining movie to wrap up our evening. It was a very good, no it was a great Saturday evening.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ladies Friday Night Out

Tonight after shopping for furniture and being up for 24 hours since I worked the night shift, I went out with my girlfriends. We met for dinner at Panera and then went to the movie "The Help." It was such an amazing movie. It was so fun to be with so many girlfriends. But I really loved being in a theater in the south with black people and white people who grew up in the time when "The Help" took place. It gave me so much more respect for the black people who suffered such cruel actions.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weekend of Chatting!

I love to chat with my friends. If there is one thing that I've learned living in the South is that it's okay to just sit and chat. That is how relationships are developed and strengthened. I also think the reason why I have every weekend off in August is because the good Lord knew that I needed the time to chat with all of my friends before leaving all of them 2 months from today. Yesterday morning I had brunch at this fabulous, quaint place in Huntersville called Cafe' 100 with my dear friends Rachel and Florian. It was delicious and something I have been looking for since I moved here. We sat out on the patio since it was only in the 80's and overcast. We had a lovely time. Rachel and I have been doing brunch for years. I will truly miss Saturday morning brunches.
Because I was in the area I had to stop by the Webbs. I haven't seen them in years. I know that is terrible. Brother Webb was the branch president in the singles ward when I first moved here. They were actually having a lake day with 3 families from their ward as they live on the lake. I guess I came at the right time. I was there literally for hours chatting, playing Farkle, eating, and just having a totally relaxing time. It was so good to see them. There are people who come into your life, who you know love you from the beginning. The Webbs are these kind of people. They have a screen in porch, which I love. We enjoyed a totally awesome down pour towards the end of the evening. My southern storms are limited and I'm so sad. I will miss them terribly.

On my way home I chatted with Nick, yes we still talk, always have; a lot more lately for sure.

Today I enjoyed chatting with my church friends at church. I love my ward. I am truly going to miss each one of them. There is a guy my age in my ward who has CP. I was humbled today as I watched him pass the sacrament. He doesn't have much use of his arms, but he passes the sacrament, with the little movement that he has with his hands. My faithful home teachers came today after church. I then made a delicious dinner and then took dessert over to the Mattingly's and chatted more. I love them and am going to miss chatting with Karen in person, we can still chat on the phone and I'll come back often.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Totally Awesome Saturday in Ashe County

Yesterday I had the day off. I wasn't going to waste it. I started of course at Talbots since I have to get my Talbots fix in before I move away from it. I was quite impressed with myself that I got a lot and for only $80. They had these cords on sale for $3.40, yes that's correct. I already have 3 pairs of them and love them so much that I bought 3 more for myself in different colors and some for my sister and cousin. You can never go wrong with cords especially in the winter months. Given the fact that I will soon see winter I will be ready for it's blast, well at least my wardrobe will be ready.
I then hit the road to Ashe County (about 2 hours from Charlotte) where I headed to a Fiddle and Bluegrass contest. Oh, the memories of competing in fiddle contests for most of my growing up years. On my way I took plenty of pictures of the beautiful country side.

Oh, how I am going to miss the greenery, trees bridging the roads, and never knowing what was going to be around the corner, usually just more trees. I stopped at a true cheese factory and the only one in North Carolina. I was so surprised to find real warm squeaky cheese. It tasted like the real thing too. It reminded me of when I was a kid and up through college when we would visit our home town Swiss Village Cheese factory in Nampa before they closed when I was in college. It was a very sad day.

I finally made it to my destination; cooler, lawn chair and book in hand. It was most relaxing and very entertaining. I was just sad that I didn't have anyone to chair my day with. The mountain air was refreshing from the humid heat of the valley. Why I've never done this before I'll never know. There are always fiddle contests and bluegrass festivals in NC. I had a fantastic day for sure.

The fit the bill don't they? Talk about country!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So much to do, So little time

As of today I have 72 days before I'm finished with my company. I can't wait for a new adventure. As I sit here in my cozy green chair in my reading nook that is my favorite part of my house, I am thinking of all of the little things that I need to do in the next 72 days or rather next 30 days. This getting a new job, especially in another state is not like most jobs. I first have to fill out 30 pages of stuff to apply for a MT license. And I have to repeat myself by filling out the same kind of thing for hospital privileges. I have to send information regarding everything I have ever done, hospitals I've had privileges at, etc. It's a lot of work and so time consuming. I also have to sign up and take two different 2 day courses. And then of course I need to find a company to move me and amongst all of these things, I have to work the same amount of crappy shifts. And of course don't forget the house thing both here and there. I'm only one person, maybe at some point a duplicate of me will appear. In the mean time, I continue to look forward to what I am sure will be a very fine adventure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Fun

When I go on vacation I always say I'm going to blog every day. Yea, didn't happen again. But here are some highlights from this vacation home.
*Read a book and part of 2 other ones.
*Swam with my cousins, nieces, nephews, sister's, and sister-in-laws twice. Oh what fun we had.
Do you think she likes the water? Yep, couldn't get her out of it.
*Picked cherries from my cousins tree instead of paying $6 a pound and they were so delicious.
*Rode the tandem bike twice with Alisha, totally loved it.
*Had a baby sprinkle for Tristen at the hometown pizza parlor, where we spent time with cousins.
*Went on a 10 mile bike ride with cousin Alisha. It was a lovely, cool, dry morning and so relaxing.
*Had frozen yogurt several times.
*Slept In.
*Got my toenails painted by my sister Tenielle
*Had 2 slumber parties with cousin Alisha; I can see us at 80 still doing so.
*Had Sunday dinner with the family on a blistering hot day.

*Enjoyed my parents Ward Conference, where Tenielle and I played a piano/fiddle solo.
*Spent an afternoon talking with my aunt who gave me my grandmother's temple clothing(She passed away when I was 18 months).
*Watched my nieces for an afternoon while the mom and the sister's went to Harry Potter.
*Went to Arctic Circle for dinner with Tristen, mom, and my nieces.
*Went to costco about 5 times.
*Spent time at my grandparents visiting with extended family I haven't seen in years.
*Enjoyed an evening with my dear friend Kaycee; oh how I love her. You know a good friend when you can pick up from where you left off 7 months before.
*Spent 1 day in SLC, did sealings at the SLC temple with mom and dad, went on a DI Blitz where I found 3 pair of shoes, bought of pair of snow boots at Nordstrom for my upcoming move, had me some cafe rio and orange leaf.
*Had snow cones and cotton candy at Tristen's 24th of July celebration; my favorite!
Aidree loved them too!
*Watched New in Town twice, gosh I love that show. I had to watch it so I could get a look at her winter gear.
*Let Troy practice his EMT skills on me. It's so fun to see Troy excited about something other than hunting and fishing.
*Had lunch with the kids at McDonalds.
*Had dad's waffles and delicious fruit cups for breakfast.
*Went on walks while enjoying the dry weather.
*Watched Tanner in his debut in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. So very entertaining.

*Enjoyed every moment with my family playing cards, snuggling babies, eating, and making memories.