Sunday, August 7, 2011

Totally Awesome Saturday in Ashe County

Yesterday I had the day off. I wasn't going to waste it. I started of course at Talbots since I have to get my Talbots fix in before I move away from it. I was quite impressed with myself that I got a lot and for only $80. They had these cords on sale for $3.40, yes that's correct. I already have 3 pairs of them and love them so much that I bought 3 more for myself in different colors and some for my sister and cousin. You can never go wrong with cords especially in the winter months. Given the fact that I will soon see winter I will be ready for it's blast, well at least my wardrobe will be ready.
I then hit the road to Ashe County (about 2 hours from Charlotte) where I headed to a Fiddle and Bluegrass contest. Oh, the memories of competing in fiddle contests for most of my growing up years. On my way I took plenty of pictures of the beautiful country side.

Oh, how I am going to miss the greenery, trees bridging the roads, and never knowing what was going to be around the corner, usually just more trees. I stopped at a true cheese factory and the only one in North Carolina. I was so surprised to find real warm squeaky cheese. It tasted like the real thing too. It reminded me of when I was a kid and up through college when we would visit our home town Swiss Village Cheese factory in Nampa before they closed when I was in college. It was a very sad day.

I finally made it to my destination; cooler, lawn chair and book in hand. It was most relaxing and very entertaining. I was just sad that I didn't have anyone to chair my day with. The mountain air was refreshing from the humid heat of the valley. Why I've never done this before I'll never know. There are always fiddle contests and bluegrass festivals in NC. I had a fantastic day for sure.

The fit the bill don't they? Talk about country!

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  1. Wish I could have been there to share this day with you. I would have been the perfect other chair as this is right up my alley of a perfect day.