Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weekend of Chatting!

I love to chat with my friends. If there is one thing that I've learned living in the South is that it's okay to just sit and chat. That is how relationships are developed and strengthened. I also think the reason why I have every weekend off in August is because the good Lord knew that I needed the time to chat with all of my friends before leaving all of them 2 months from today. Yesterday morning I had brunch at this fabulous, quaint place in Huntersville called Cafe' 100 with my dear friends Rachel and Florian. It was delicious and something I have been looking for since I moved here. We sat out on the patio since it was only in the 80's and overcast. We had a lovely time. Rachel and I have been doing brunch for years. I will truly miss Saturday morning brunches.
Because I was in the area I had to stop by the Webbs. I haven't seen them in years. I know that is terrible. Brother Webb was the branch president in the singles ward when I first moved here. They were actually having a lake day with 3 families from their ward as they live on the lake. I guess I came at the right time. I was there literally for hours chatting, playing Farkle, eating, and just having a totally relaxing time. It was so good to see them. There are people who come into your life, who you know love you from the beginning. The Webbs are these kind of people. They have a screen in porch, which I love. We enjoyed a totally awesome down pour towards the end of the evening. My southern storms are limited and I'm so sad. I will miss them terribly.

On my way home I chatted with Nick, yes we still talk, always have; a lot more lately for sure.

Today I enjoyed chatting with my church friends at church. I love my ward. I am truly going to miss each one of them. There is a guy my age in my ward who has CP. I was humbled today as I watched him pass the sacrament. He doesn't have much use of his arms, but he passes the sacrament, with the little movement that he has with his hands. My faithful home teachers came today after church. I then made a delicious dinner and then took dessert over to the Mattingly's and chatted more. I love them and am going to miss chatting with Karen in person, we can still chat on the phone and I'll come back often.

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  1. Sniff! I am going to miss chatting with you, too!! =(