Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites

2014 really was a good year for me, especially after 2013.  Yes there were some disappointments, but overall it was better than 2013 for sure!  I always find favorite things every year and have favorite moments, so I present to you my favorite's of 2014.

1.  Going back to work after being off for 8 months was fabulous.  I do love my profession and was so happy to be the provider again instead of the patient.
2.  Mr. J and his little A's were definitely a highlight of my year, even though things didn't end on a high note.  I had such fun with them, laughed a lot and learned to open my heart and love.  I know that someday I will love again and it will be so good.  I really loved getting into hiking with Mr. J.
3.  Europe:  Need I say more?  My first trip to Europe with the people I went with couldn't have been better.  I loved being in different countries and seeing other gorgeous parts of this world.
4.  Martha's Vineyard was the most relaxing, healing, amazing experience.  The people, the beach, the sunsets, my co-workers, the food all were spectacular, especially the lobster rolls!  And of course Fenway Park and Boston was out of this world incredible.

5.  Living with my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Gordon has been healing, fun and so good for me.
6.  Ushering at the Phoenix Temple open house was such an incredible experience that I will always treasure.

7.  Spending holidays with my family meant so much more to me this year and has been so fun!
8.  Favorite Products:
*Creamy Petroleum Jelly lotion from the dollar store helps keep my hands from drying out and hurting due to washing them a million times a day.
*For my feet O'keefe's Healthy Feet lotion, my feet are now never old lady looking or dry; just like I had a pedicure daily.
*Jose Can You Sea spice mix from MVY super delicious on any meat or dish. 
9.  My hair, oh how I missed it.  Amazing the difference of 1 year!
10. Meeting my family in SLC, going to Lagoon and seeing Mary Poppins at the Hale Theater this Summer was so enjoyable.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Fabulous Friday...Lots of Pictures!

1.  I flew into Boise last Saturday morning.  Dad picked me up and we went to see Grandpa who is recovering from being sick in a rehab center.  Dad and I ran some errands before returning home.  It is always so fun to be home for the holidays.  Becky and Troy came with the kids for a visit and then Tenielle surprised us, as she wasn't going to come until Sunday.
2.  Sunday mom and dad spoke in church and the choir sang several songs.  It was a beautiful Christmas service.
3.  Monday I got a very minimal trim to the back of my hair, chatted with Callie while she did moms hair, went to the dentist and spent some time with Alisha.
4.  Wednesday Tenielle and I went to see Dr. Dan.  My CA 125 was 7.  It is always good to see him, especially when he has good news.  I can now push my visits from every 2 months to every 3!
5.  It snowed Christmas Eve which was perfect for a White Christmas.  Our family dinner and Christmas Program that I put together went well.  The best part was Grandpa feeling well enough to sing us several songs.  We then went home where dad read the Christmas Story from the bible and we opened our Christmas PJ's.  Tristen, Mitch and the girls came Christmas Eve!
6.  Christmas morning was so much fun with the girls.  My favorite gifts were jewelry, a new camera, raspberry lime balsamic vinaigrette and play tickets.  The kids all came over for breakfast at noon and then we had Christmas all over again.  I love our tradition of giving our favorite thing from the year to each other!
Can you tell the difference between the old camera and the new one? So much clearer pictures.
 Aidree likes to pull funny faces, along with the rest of my family.
We are a card playing family!
7.  Today we stayed home cooking, watching football bowl games, dancing in the kitchen and playing cards because it is just too cold to go outside.  It's been rather relaxing to say the least.  I like days like this!
I love this sweatshirt that I got in Alabama years ago. It is so comfy.
Tenielle makes the very best baklava ever!