Friday, December 12, 2014


1.  I had a great 72 hours in Charlotte.  It was very quick and full of fun.  I wish I would have had time to see all of my wonderful friends, but I just didn't have enough time.  Friday Nick picked me up from the airport and we went to my house.  It is empty of renters.  It looked just like it did when I left 3 years ago, but the feeling of "my home" is gone, which means I'm ready to sell it.  I met up with my friend and realtor Noelle while I was there.  Hopefully I can get it sold quickly.
2.  We had a few hours to spare before dinner so we spent it with my friend Katie and her darling kids.  I love that girl and miss her as my neighbor.  We then went uptown and met Lauren and Chris for dinner at this fantastic restaurant called Vapiano.  I highly recommend it.  It is Italian and isn't like any other I've been to.  They make your pasta and pizza in front of you and all of it is homemade and very fresh.  It was so delicious!  The atmosphere was pleasant and we had fun catching up.  I loved the quotes they had all over.  Instead of mints at the end, they give you gummy bears.  Kind of fun!
3.  Nick and I have a tradition of attending the Charlotte Symphony Christmas Concert.  Ok, well maybe this was only the second year that we attended, but this is a new tradition that I love.  The conductor is so entertaining and they do such an amazing job.  It always helps that we have great seats too!
4.  Saturday was a very busy day.  Nick made breakfast, which we had with his grandparents.  They are the sweetest people.  I sure love them! 
That afternoon I attended the Teal Diva's Ovarian Cancer Survivors' Luncheon. This is always such a fun time.   I love that I can spend time with women who have experienced the hardship of both going through the diagnosis and treatment of Ovarian Cancer, as well as what it's like to be a survivor and the feeling that go along with "what if it comes back."  I won a pair of teal ribbon earrings and we all came away with a teal painted horse shoe in the shape of a ribbon.  It is so cool.  It was so fun to see the girls that I met last year! One of my favorite parts of this lunch is the warm gingerbread cake with lemon sauce.  I'm bound and determined to find a recipe.
I then went to Talbots where I bought a cute skirt for Christmas.  The new Harrisburg ward had their Christmas Party which I went to with Lauren and Nick also came along.  It was fun to see my friends and to surprise people, given I had only told a few people that I was in town.  We then headed to the mall where we went to the Vera Bradley outlet!  I was in Heaven.  Of course I have so many purses and bags, so I only bought a few wallets to match a few purses that I already have that didn't have matching wallets. 
Before going home and because the power was out at their house, Lauren and I tried the new Soda Splash at Sonic.  It was yummy!  I highly recommend them.  We finished our evening watching BSU win another game!
5.  Sunday we went to church, watched Home Alone 2, met up with Noelle, had some delicious crock-pot minestrone soup (which I need the the recipe for Lauren) and then watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  It was a rather relaxing day and so fun to see my church friends.
6.  Monday Angela, Karen, Emma, Lauren and I went to Amelie's French Cafe for lunch.  I love this place, mostly the baked goods and the atmosphere!  It was then back to the airport and the warmth of Phoenix.  I was cold the entire time I was in CLT. 
Don't you love Laurens Craft Corner?  I love how organized and simple it is.  I'm surely going to copy this when I get my own place!
7.  The rest of this week was occupied by swimming, working and getting things ready for my credentialing.  By the way, I am not only working at the Urgent Care 9 days a month, I also am working for the company I interviewed with in SLC, but in Phoenix, which is Family Practice/Employee Health.  I'm excited for the opportunities before me and the people I have yet to meet.
8.  Today I spent my entire day apartment hunting in Ahwatukki which is right in the middle of the places I will work.  It is a darling community, close to the freeway, the airport and my favorite grocery store Sprouts.  I have even found a cute little library.  The hard decision is figuring out which place I want to live.  I'm pretty sure it will be the most expensive one, with more luxuries than I even imagined or need, but would be so fun.  We shall see.  I'm going back down there Monday to decide between the top 4.   I'm so excited to finally take my goods out of storage!
9.  We have had non-stop Christmas shows going around the clock here and Aunt Leslie has stacks of Christmas presents ready to go out the door this weekend for her drive to Utah.  We are totally in the Christmas Spirit and I'm loving that I can still walk outside in my bare feet and not be freezing.  This coming week I'll get myself ready for Christmas...meaning I'll make my one and only batch of Peanut Clusters to dispense to my friends, wrap a few presents and then pack a few things before going home in a week for 2 whole weeks!
10.  I had an enjoyable walk and visit last night with my friend Ofa.  I'm so grateful for her and her friendship.  She is beautiful, an amazing mother and a sweet, sincere friend. 
10.  Our tangelo's are ready, delicious, sweet and juicy!  And they look so beautiful on our lone tangelo tree.  Hooray for Citrus Season!

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  1. Terah, your blog is non stop fun to read!! My comment is to get that gingerbread and lemon sauce recipe!! Oh yea and make it for me!!! My other comment is get the expensive one!! Live it up!!