Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls Trip: Day's 5-6 Holland

Yes, I am back to continue with my travels to the midwest, eventually I will finish, hopefully before my next travels begin. I know I need to finish this, but there is so little extra time in my life. So Tuesday May 5, we left Chicago and headed to Holland, Michigan. This is what I had looked forward to for sometime. I love tulips. There is just something about them that screams spring and the end of cold weather. I can't show enough pictures to even begin to express the beauty of what we saw. We first drove into the little town of Holland, where we stopped off at some large gym like place which had some booths, lunch, and information. We then headed to Windmill, Island.

It was pretty impressive with it's make up of a dutch village and the only true windmill from Holland.

Of course being Cinco De Mayo, we had to have Mexican food for dinner and so we did, along with our virgin pina coladas. The people at the hotel we stayed in were so nice and we loved the hotel. The breakfast was pretty great, considering that we didn't even get a free one at the Marriott in Chicago.

Wednesday May 6, was my favorite day of all. We started the morning by going to a tulip farm.

Can I just say, after these pictures, I think that I should just become a photographer. No more needs to be said in writing, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

We then went into town to secure our spot for the annual parade. Let me tell you, I have never been to a parade like this in the middle of the day where I saw so many people and so many bands. PS. I will add pictures from this amazing parade later, since it is way past my bed time. It was a very long, but very enjoyable parade. The town was darling.
We then had dinner under a tent, put on my the local lions club. Very delicious. As we got to our hotel the rain began pouring and poured all night, which allowed for some great shots Thursday morning. So stay tuned.