Sunday, May 27, 2018

Shaved Ice Super Sunday

1.  If you have forgotten, let me remind you that I love shaved ice and the sun.  So when you put them together, it makes for the greatest day!  Twice this week I spent the afternoon in the Sondrups pool and after eating shaved ice.  Remember in the Fall when I won a $300 gift certificate from Amazon?  Well, I finally used it on this amazing shaved ice machine.  It's seriously the real deal!  If I'm not already the favorite aunt, I'll surely be when I bring it home next week!
2.  I had an MRI on Thursday and Dr. D called me a few hours later with the results.  We finally have an answer to the back pain, which actually was shown on the MRI last year, but it's worse this time around.  And it's totally non cancer related, well it sounds like it, but I'm sure the chemo and radiation have helped cause it.  I have a narrowing in the spine between L5-S1 which is making me crazy.  I seriously can't do anything without pain...that is until yesterday.  Since learning of this news I've been doing specific stretches daily; basically Dr. D said I needed to go to physical therapy, but I can do my own, plus I went to one in February.  Yesterday I went and had a massage at the massage school.  The guy was totally new, but did a fantastic job.  And for the first time in literally 6 months, I can lay on my back without pain.  I even tested it today again when I took my nap.  No pain with laying on my back, side or abdomen, well maybe just ever so slightly during my nap.  And I can even stand a little longer than the 2 minutes it takes to brush my teeth, even though I totally have to lean into the sink to take the pain away a little.  Spinal Stenosis is actually an old persons disease, but it makes since, since my body feels like I'm at least 80.  I considered not taking pain meds today and I've actually only taken 1, but I'm pretty sure the massage, prayer and the stretching have been my answer.  I'm probably going to get a steroid injection with the hopes that it takes all of the pain away.  If the pain continues, there is always the option of a little surgery, but hopefully that won't be needed.
3.  I actually called Dr. Dan's nurse earlier this week and told her I needed a prescription for a wheel chair.  I mean, I will be traveling a lot this summer and I certainly haven't been able to stand long, let alone walk.  But after a steroid injection, I just might be back to my normal...well that is if I didn't have this stent pain.
4.  Speaking of traveling; I've booked an Alaskan Cruise for mom, dad and I and also a trip to see the Boston Red Sox play on the East Coast and to visit Philadelphia, which I've never been to.  I'm leaving this week to go to Tristens in Spokane, then to Boise for the stent exchange, (this stent is going to be the death of me.  Although I did read this week that I they can do reconstruction on it, take out the tumor and the stricture and then I'd be good as new.  I just have to find someone who can do it.)  Then it's off to Marne's Beach house in Seattle and then back to Boise.  Oh, and lets not forget my return to visit Martha's Vineyard the end of August for a week of beach fun with my MVY friends!  So many places to see and only so many Summer Days!
5.  Have you read, 1000 White Women?  I'm reading it as the start to my Summer reading program and it's so good!  I have a stack of books to read this Summer and a few lists to read in my lifetime.  There are so many good books, that when I'm reading one that isn't so good, I've learned to stop reading it and not waste my time on a bad read. Oh, summer reading how I love thee!
6.  I had a lovely lunch date with my girlfriends this week!  Even though I still can't eat much, I still enjoy a lunch date.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Disneyland Yes, Again

Last week we went to Disneyland, Tony, Erin, Mom and I.  It was for only 3 days, but what a fun 3 days it was.  My friend and OVC buddy met us there.  We both needed wheelchairs.  I'm over the everyone is judging me phase.  It works, so that's what we have to do.  We so much enjoyed Pixar Fest!  The food, the rides, the shopping all add up for a wonderful time!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Words can hardly express the love I have for my mom on this Mother’s Day. 
She is extraordinary, beautiful and extremely talented. 
She has survived her parents divorce, her mother’s death in her early 20’s, raising 7 resilient children and for the past 5 years she has watched me, her oldest daughter fight a disease that she wishes she could take away every day. 
She has cried many tears with me, wiped my own tears and prayed desperately for a miracle. 
She has hardly missed a Drs appointment, chemo treatment and if I’m not with her she calls everyday to see how I’m doing. Even over the phone she can tell how I’m feeling. 
She just knows because she’s my mother. 
She has great faith in the Lord and trust in his plan. Her compassion runs deep and wide. 
She worries long into the night and early morning hours about each of her children’s well-being. 
She never forgets to tell her children and grandchildren she loves them and to wear their seatbelts. She is immaculate at ironing, can bake any delicious dessert from scratch and keeps a sparkling clean house. 
She taught me to always look my best and to freshen my lipstick often. 
She encourages me to follow my dreams even when in my eyes they seem impossible. 
She reminds me often that I can do very hard things, that we can’t go around the hard, but through it. She is the best travel partner and never says no to a new adventure. 
She is fierce and opinionated, tender and bold, loving and kind and everything I hope to be someday. Thank You doesn’t come even close to the gratitude I have for all that she has done for me over the past 41 years and even more over the past 5 years. 
I sure love you mom!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Womens Conference, SLC Friends

Tuesday morning before I headed to SLC, my friend and fellow OVC cancer fighting camp buddy came to town.  It was so fun to have her visit.  We had acai bowls on my patio and caught up before she took me to the airport. 
I am always so happy to visit SLC.  I loved living there when I was in grad school and during my undergrad.  I especially love visiting during the spring when the tulips are in bloom. 
I was picked up by Tony, who took me to his cute home and then we met Tenielle for dinner.

Wednesday I went to my PA school and visited with my one of my teachers I hadn't seen since I graduated almost 15 years ago.  It was so good to see her.  I also had lunch with a former classmate and teacher at my favorite Red Butte, where I always get their house pasta salad.  I then met up with Tanner to see his new rental house, which is interesting and small but great for the young married couple!  Tenielle also met us there.  I then picked mom up from Alisha since she had driven down with her and we all went to Tanners house to chat.   We then made our way with Kayla to my cousin Amy's where we stayed the next two days while we attended BYU Women's Conference. 
Women's Conference was outstanding as always.  It has been 6 years since I last attended.  I loved that Kayla was able to join us.  There were so many uplifting talks, which brought me a sense of comfort and peace.  It was fun to have my cousins, aunts and friends attend with us!
Friday night it took us forever to get back to SLC but we made it and met Tony, Erin and Tanner for dinner.  That night and the following night I stayed at Tenielles.  It was fun to catch up with her and have some one on one time together.  Saturday morning we all got together for pedicures; of course!
It was then off to lunch with m dear friends from PA school!  Oh, how I love and adore each of them.
From there I spent a few hours with my very dear friends Matt and Shelley!  They are such great friends and I have such special wonderful memories of when we lived in Charlotte and when I visited them in NYC.
That evening we had dinner and went to a play with our friend Tyler.
Sunday I spent the day with Tenielle and then we visited Tanner and Kayla in their new house before Tenielle took me to the airport.  So much fun in such a short time.