Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Okay, so I kind of feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, maybe that is why I still have my Christmas decorations up, which my mother insisted I have down before she arrives, as she will not be helping me take them down as she did last year at this time. Anyway, I feel like a kid because my mom and dad are coming on Tuesday. This may sound funny, but I have been waiting for a year for them to come again to help me with my honey-do list; meaning, I have a lot of things that I can't wait to get accomplished. You see, there are just some things that I can't do by my self. For instance, a few months ago I bought the light bulbs for the fan/light in my bedroom. I haven't put them in as I am unable to reach that far, even standing on the bed. Therefore, the light bulbs have been on the floor in the bedroom since I bought them. I know, pathetic. I also want to put shelves up in my garage and my under stairs storage space. I need to decorate my upstairs reading nook and my bedroom. I would like my dad to build me a box garden, since the soil here really stinks at growing anything, except weeks. I want to do some yard work...I don't know what but something so that I don't get another nasty letter from the HOA telling me that my lawn needs some work. My dad always tells me that I need to find him some tools, well, the neighbor across the street just offered tonight to let me borrow anything I need and he has every thing. I am sure dad never imagined I would get all the supplies lined up, but now I have!

No really, it will be nice to have my parents here. It seems like forever since they last visited. Really it has been. They last came in May with the rest of the family, but we had no time to do any thing around the house that time. And they came for four days last February, but that didn't give us much time. So my mom will be here for 17 days and my dad for 7, although I have suggested that he extend his trip a few more days, so we can accomplish much. It is always fun to have guests. I guess that means I need to take down the Christmas decorations and spiffy up the house, so mom doesn't see the clutter or else she will clean it up and I won't be able to find things when she leaves.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Saturday Off

I haven't had a Saturday off in a while that I wasn't working or traveling. It was a rather nice day, but it went by so quickly, probably because I woke up @ 10:30, because I couldn't sleep last night. So at 2:00am I finally got up and cleaned my house a bit. Today I went to my friend Patricia's ring ceramony. It is always fun seeing friends from the singles ward and catching up. Afterwards, I spent the evening with my friends Rachel and Florian Hepp. The ring ceramony was just a few houses down from their house, so I surprised them. We ended up going to dinner and visiting most of the evening. It is always fun to visit with them. Mostly Rachel and I just talk about medicine. It is fun to talk medicine at dinner without people getting grossed out. Florian loves it. So I just put a load of laundry in and have done a little facebooking and internet surfing and now it is time for me to go to bed. Amazing how the day goes by so quickly. I must admit, I am a scaredy cat. Someone rang my doorbell at 9:45pm. I was too scared to answer the door. I wonder who it was. There wasn't a car. Probably a neighbor. Hopefully they didn't need an egg. I don't have a peep hole though. Who puts in a door without a peep hole? My builder.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Visit To Alabama

I'm sorry to those of you who have been following my blog. I have been busy with work and needing to blog, but just haven't had much time the past week or so. So here is an update on my last mini-vacation.
The first weekend in February I flew to Alabama on a Saturday morning to see my cousin Emilie and her family. I lived with them when I was in grad school in Kentucky and it is because of them that I live on the east coast. I am sure my family doesn't thank them, but I do, because I have had so many amazing experiences since I have been here and have made some wonderful friendships. I would say Emilie is just as close as a sister. We have this amazing relationship that we just pick up from where we left off. We have never had an argument and she just always laughs when I tell her that my children will always be reverant in church, will never have sticky hands, or run around outside barefoot.
So it was a great surprise when I got off the plane in this itty, bitty airport to see Emilie, Macie, Ella, and Carson coming through the doors of the airport. You know, people in my family don't greet you in the airport these days, they pick you up after you have gotten your bags at the curb, with the police man staring at you for stopping. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Montgomery. The air was warm, the sky was blue and there was a slight breeze. When we got home, we sat outside in our lawn chairs and chatted, while Jeff made a box garden for Emilie's future veggies. I was amazed at how easy it was for him and he had it done in no time. The highlight of our day was watching Carson about kill himself on the four-wheeler as he ran into the fence. It was actually pretty funny, but scary for him. My children will always wear helmets when riding such adventureous vehicles.
We then went to dinner at this lovely Mexican restaurant where first thing, someone knocked over a large glass of coke. Children, we sure do love them! We went to this hometown tool store I guess you can call it, I bought this great sweat shirt that says,"Wanted, John Deere." We thought it was pretty funny.
Sunday was Ella Grace's big day. She was baptized. I gave the baptism talk and of course she wasn't paying any attention to me. I thought back on the day that I was baptized that I probably wasn't paying much attention either. In fact, I can't even remember who spoke. The thing I do remember was that the water was freezing cold.
Monday we went to their little downtown. I love little, old fashion towns. They are always so much more exciting and relaxing than the big city. We also had lunch at this fantastic Tai restaurant. That night we made Valentine cookies for FHE. I tried not to think what might have been in the cookies as the children enjoyed touching the cookie dough a little too much. They were delicious none the less.
The highlight of my visits with the Parrotts is when the girls play with my hair. I love it and so do they. It is so relaxing and they all are great stylists.

Tuesday Emilie and I went on this great jog. She say's she is afraid to go around her neighborhood because of dogs. We went across the street to a nursing home that had a great walking path and no cars. I miss our nightly walks in Kentucky. They were always a great way to end the day and gave us time to chat.
It is always sad for me to leave the Parrotts, but I am a working girl and so I said farewell. Hopefully they will come visit me in a few weeks!
PS. Thanks to teenager or almost Hannah for giving up her very comfortable bed. She is such a good sport.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

National Weatherman's Day

I am just listening to our lovely weather man, who just informed his viewer that Charlotte hasn't had this cold and this long of a winter since 1996. That means we here in the south are just not use to this cold weather. I know, everyone tells me that I should be use to it since I grew up in Idaho, but as my dear friend Sylvia said, "my blood now runs warm." The last three mornings have been in the teens. That is just too cold. My feet are freezing as we speak. I have a jacket on, the thermastat should probably be turned up to more than 66, but I have the space heater on in the middle of the kitchen, and if I turned the thermastat up any more, I would roast up stairs, because heat rises, it is 74 degrees up stairs. I have been wearing a jacket underneath my white jacket at work this week. I look pretty silly, but it only stays on a few hours until I get warmed up. Although today one side of my rooms were roasting and the other side were freezing. My nurse who came on at 3pm finally fixed them, although by then I was warmed up and told her to turn the rooms down more. We are expecting a warm up here this weekend 60 degree's, which the weather man thinks it will be the end of our cold streak and winter. Although the first winter I was here, we had a huge snow storm the middle of February. I believe it was a record of 12 inches and the whole city shut down for three days. I sure hope the the ground hog is right, when he saw his shadow this week, meaning spring is right around the corner.
I am leaving town Saturday to enjoy 70 in Montgomery, AL and I am really looking forward to not being so cold.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Of Seattle

I had such a great time in Seattle. So I must finish giving a synopsis of my time there. Friday Tenielle and I woke up with cold symptoms. Not good or enjoyable, but we made the best of it. Friday we drove about 2 hours to the German town Leavenworth. When I was in the fourth grade, my parents took us there as a side trip after our family reunion. The drive was beautiful. There was so much snow and the waterfalls were ice. The town was rather barren and it was very, very cold, but we had a great time. We even had a little German lunch, probably not anyone's favorite, but it was the experience that was worth it.

My conferance started Saturday morning. I went to the first class and decided that I would have to skip the rest of the day, so that I could take advantage of the time I had with my family. So we went to Pike's Market. It is a fun and exciting place with lots of fresh flowers, fish, fruit, vegie's, and baked goods. The sun was nice a bright, but it was still cool. I bought two pounds of delicious cherry's for $5. I thought it to be quite a deal as I had seen them for $9 a pound in NC the week before.

My dad loves aquariums, so we couldn't go to Seattle without going to the aquarium. It was pretty fun to see all of the kids with their parents. I think that dad had just as much fun as the kids. This aquaium didn't beat the one at Myrtle Beach, but was worth the trip. We strolled down the waterfront shops for a bit, but it didn't last long as the wind was a bit stinging to the nose.

For lunch we went to Duke's Chowder House. I had heard great raves about it from the lady I sat by on the plane and Marlene. It was pretty good, but way over priced. $6.99 for a small cup of clam chowder! It was then time to take mom and dad to the airport, as dad had to get back for his Sunday meetings. Tenille and I then met my dear friends Jack and Aubrey Richins at this amazing Tai restuarant. It was delisious. It is always so fun to see these friends of mine. Aubrey and I met at BYU the one and only summer semester that I attened. It was meant to be as we have developed a lasting friendship. We then went to a surprise party of their friends and had banana splits with lots of fresh fruit. I must admit, banana splits are one of my most favorite treats of all time. I don't know what it is about them, but they are yummy.

So when we left, we came out to snow. Huge flakes, it didn't last long though. We took the rental car back to the airport and then caught the shuttle back to the hotel. About 30 minutes after arriving back to the hotel, I noticed I didn't have my phone. To make a long story short, I believe that when cleaning out the car, I threw my phone in the garbage. It has been a real pain in the side as I have no phone numbers. It isn't like anyone memorizes phone numbers these days. We are so lazy.

Sunday morning I attend a test taking class. It was really enjoyable and I actually scored quite well on the practice test. I realized through this conferance, that I know a lot more that I think I know and don't feel as anxious to take my recert boards. Teneille left Sunday morning. It was fun to spend the short time that I did with family. I spent three and a half days learning and refreshing medical material. It was almost too much, but well worth the trip. I spent most of the time as I sat and listened, crocheting socks and blankets. There are so many people having babies. In fact Tristen informed us on Saturday that she is expecting her first. According to the Chinese Calender, she will be having a boy. We shall see if it is correct.

Wednesday afternoon Aubry picked me up. We went to TJ Max and then home to wait for the kiddies. She has four darling kids. It is always fun to be in a home with kids running around. Aubrey is such a wonderful mother. She is very patient and relaxed. I hope that I am like that when I have kids. That night we watched a cute hallmark show.

Thursday we went to the 10am session at the temple. It was such a treat to be able to go to the temple with my dear friend. The Seattle temple is beautiful. I was amazed at how many people were in our session on a Thursday morning. Afterwards we went to lunch and then to Marshalls. Then to pick up the kids from her friends. We stayed at chatted a bit with her friends. I left that evening on the red eye. I had a great seat, right behind first class. There was a lot of leg room. I am going to have to remember to get that seat from now on. I sat by some very funny men who had been in Seattle on business. So there you have it. Another trip for the record books. Next week my travels will take me to Alabama. Stay tuned for my Alabama adventures.