Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom and Dad Celebrate 35 Years Of Bliss

35 Years ago on a freezing cold ugly winter day my parents wed in the Manti Temple. When I was home last I was looking at some of their pictures from that day. Wow, how young they looked, but they still don't look their age. I think us kids keep them young looking. I must admit I come from very wonderful stock. They sure have been a wonderful example of what marriage should be like. I have never heard my dad yell at my mother. He still opens her car door and respects her in every way. I remember as a kid when they would have a disagreement, which wasn't often, my mother would latch their bedroom door and not open it. Dad would stand at the door knocking saying in a calm voice, "Linda open the door." Eventually she would. I'm laughing at this now. I'm sure at times he wanted to bust the door down, but he never showed it. When we were growing up and I am sure today soon before dad would get home from work mom would brush her hair and freshen up her make-up, so that dad would have something beautiful to look at when he came home. It is sad to me that women don't care what they look like sometimes. Mom has always taught me to look nice, because men don't like slop. My mom admitted the other day that you have to do things to spice up your marriage every once in a while. I was highly disappointed in the women in my ward on Friday when they weren't all to interested in the 14 days of valentines for their husbands. Some said they didn't want to spice up their marriages. No wonder there are so many marriages struggling these days. I've never been married, but from watching my parents, you can't just hope that the road to eternity will be blissful. You have to work towards it together; each giving 100%. Thanks mom and dad for being such great examples of what marriage should be. I believe their example of going to the temple on a very regular basis has added much to their marriage, always giving to each other in different ways has as well.
Here is to 35 more blissfully happy years. I love you.

Finally 66

Today was a glorious 66 degree's! However I still wore a turtle neck and was tempted to grab my coat. Being from the West and all, where you should always carry some kind of cover up, I think I always have to have something with me. You never know when you will be cold and I don't like to be cold. I love Sunday's, especially now that we have church at 9am. I even came home and took an hour nap, which I typically never do, but I was kind of tired. It was probably just the fact that I was finally relaxing. Can't remember the last time I did that. I did work on my lesson for next week a bit. Some lessons come together so much easier than others. This one isn't really that hard, just still needing some direction with it. I really enjoy listening to pandora on my ipad on Sunday's, well every day, but on Sunday's I put in mormon tab choir and it just plays nice selections from most, but not all lds composers. It is partly why I am so relaxed on Sundays. I had dinner with the Cobbs and the missionaries today. It was so fun. It is always nice to have Sunday dinner with a family in my ward. Doesn't seem so lonely on Sundays when you are sharing the day with others. Their kids are so dang funny and cute. They were all in their footy PJ's, with snot running down their little noses. Poor things. It's funny that that stuff doesn't bother me with my friends kids, but in the ER I'm not about to wipe one of those kids noses, but my friends kids I do it all the time. I will admit I did sanitize my iPad when I got home, because the boys were playing with it. I don't usually get sick from my patients, its my friends and family who give me their germs that I get sick from. In church today I had to move from where I was sitting in Sunday School, when it was time for RS, because everyone around me was coughing and sneezing. That is just so sick. Germs every where! Just joking, well not really. Thankfully I don't get sick too often. It has been an ugly flu season though. Glad I got my flu shot.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ahhhhhh, Saturday

I know you are all screaming at me to write, so you have something exciting to read; just kidding. I really wasn't taking a break, I just have been working too much this month. In fact I have decided after working the past 8 of 9 days with 2 night shifts in the middle that I can no longer work 15 or 16 shifts a month. Just can't do it. In November and December I worked 14 shifts, which were perfect. So from now on so that I don't yell at my nurses or get to a point that I really hate my job and the crazy people around here, I will only work 14 shifts a month. I know you are all thinking what a wimp. Sure, I am and I admit it. I can easily live on 14 shifts a month and I think I will be much more sane for doing so. In fact I just gave up a shift in March and am now down to 15. Maybe I will have to give one more up.

Today was a fabulous day. Of course it was fabulous because I didn't work a night shift last night and I had the entire day off. I opened the blinds to blue sky and sunshine. In fact when I walked down stairs this morning the sun was trying as hard as it could to blast through my closed blinds. I sure enjoy the blinds open and sun spraying in. I met my friend Emily this morning and drove to the temple. What a better thing to do on a beautiful day than to serve someone else. It was a beautiful day indeed. Finally 60 degrees. It won't last long though. My friend Emily and I have wonderful talks. I can tell her anything and she doesn't judge. Instead this morning she was laughing and so was I at something that I wasn't laughing about earlier this week. The issue we were discussing wasn't a laughing matter, when it initially was brought to my attention, but better to laugh than to cry. After the temple we enjoyed a lovely lunch at O'Charlies. I absolutely love their California Chicken Salad. Yummers! And now my Saturday is over and I must go to bed so that I can get up for early church tomorrow. Lets look on the bright is suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow, it is my parents 35th wedding anniversary, and I'll be out by noon, that is unless I decide to go to choir practice. I had to leave early last week because I was stinking tired and lets just face it; they sounded horrible. I sure hope no one there is reading this blog, but I know Karen will. Maybe they would sound better if you joined them!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

6th Anniversary

I still can't believe it. I've been here in Charlotte, clear across the country from my family for 6 years. Never dreamed I would last here this long. And I still can't figure out what keeps me here. Maybe it is the thought of moving. I really hate to move. My parents have lived in the same house for 34 years probably because they don't like moving either. I promise, I will not be in this house for 34 years. I remember the day I moved here it was 73. Today it is frigid and I wish it was 73. I really am getting very tired of this cold. It has been the coldest winter on record here or at least in many years. In fact this week we have had snow and ice. Seriously enough winter already. Can I please have 100 degrees and 100% humidity so that my hands aren't cracking, my nose isn't bleeding, and my lips are soft enough to kiss. Well the last doesn't matter since I'm not kissing anyone at this point. Would be nice though. Maybe next year I will have a reason to move. Or maybe someone will give me a reason to move...One never knows.
PS. I believe I failed to mention that in December after working on refinancing my house since June, seriously it took that long and not because of me, that I did it. I puked at the bank while getting my cashiers check, not because I was nervous about signing for only 15 years, but because I hadn't puked in over 5 years and I had to sign that day. I didn't even have to pay closing costs, because the bank took forever. I lumped it all into one loan (will never do an 80/20 again) and now I will own this house in 15 years. Sure hope I'm not here that long either. And my interest rate is only 4%, much better than 6.25% and 8.5%!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan 1

At the start of each year I am always curious what will happen in the coming year. It is amazing how much one can cram into a year. However, I must admit that I am ready for a relaxing year. 2010 definitely threw me a number of curve balls that I wasn't expecting. I'm sure this year won't be any different. I am not one to make goals per se. I don't write them down and look at them each week or month to see what I have accomplished. I do however think about what I want to accomplish or change at the beginning of each year. I think of the beginning of a year as renewal.
I do have one goal this year and that is to organize my garage. I don't for see this being accomplished until my dad comes to put some shelves up. It's really kind of hard to do mans work by myself, not that I can't do it, it is just easier having someones assistance. To tell you the truth, I would like to organize a few other places in my house, but that will come. Maybe this will be the year of Organization! I love looking at books and magazines on how to organize.
I've decided this is the year that I will finally get a passport. In fact I plan to do this in the next few months. I finally got my birth certificate from my mother and have looked up the closest post office that I can go to to start my adventures. I'm going to Europe this year. Yep, I've decided instead of saving my entire tax return that I am going to put it to good use, which means I need to get my taxes done before July, so that I can go to Europe in September.
I also want to work on my geneology a little more this year. I do really enjoy family history. It is so time consuming and once I get started it is hard to stop. I know there are people waiting for me to get working on this so that their work can be done
As a single person I of course always wonder as I am sure you do to about old single sister young will this be the year that I finally settle down. Who knows. I have decided to stop worrying about it, since everyone else is doing it for me. Even my grandpa told me he prays that I will find Mr. Right. Now that was pretty humbling to know that my 85 year old grandpa prays for me out of all 50 grandkids he prays specifically for me. I'll let you know if there are any save the dates in the near future. As of right now you don't have to make any save the dates to your calendars.
I do know that there will be another grandbaby this summer. Yes, there always has to be an announcement at Christmas that someone is expecting and this year was no different. Of course we celebrated Christmas today and found this out today. Tristen tried to hide it from us, but you could totally tell she was expecting, even though she lied to us all when we approached the subject.
So here is to 2011. May you bring excitement, surprises, accomplishments, new experiences, growth, and an organized garage. And hopefully some landscape to my ugly, very bare back yard!