Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally 66

Today was a glorious 66 degree's! However I still wore a turtle neck and was tempted to grab my coat. Being from the West and all, where you should always carry some kind of cover up, I think I always have to have something with me. You never know when you will be cold and I don't like to be cold. I love Sunday's, especially now that we have church at 9am. I even came home and took an hour nap, which I typically never do, but I was kind of tired. It was probably just the fact that I was finally relaxing. Can't remember the last time I did that. I did work on my lesson for next week a bit. Some lessons come together so much easier than others. This one isn't really that hard, just still needing some direction with it. I really enjoy listening to pandora on my ipad on Sunday's, well every day, but on Sunday's I put in mormon tab choir and it just plays nice selections from most, but not all lds composers. It is partly why I am so relaxed on Sundays. I had dinner with the Cobbs and the missionaries today. It was so fun. It is always nice to have Sunday dinner with a family in my ward. Doesn't seem so lonely on Sundays when you are sharing the day with others. Their kids are so dang funny and cute. They were all in their footy PJ's, with snot running down their little noses. Poor things. It's funny that that stuff doesn't bother me with my friends kids, but in the ER I'm not about to wipe one of those kids noses, but my friends kids I do it all the time. I will admit I did sanitize my iPad when I got home, because the boys were playing with it. I don't usually get sick from my patients, its my friends and family who give me their germs that I get sick from. In church today I had to move from where I was sitting in Sunday School, when it was time for RS, because everyone around me was coughing and sneezing. That is just so sick. Germs every where! Just joking, well not really. Thankfully I don't get sick too often. It has been an ugly flu season though. Glad I got my flu shot.

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