Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom and Dad Celebrate 35 Years Of Bliss

35 Years ago on a freezing cold ugly winter day my parents wed in the Manti Temple. When I was home last I was looking at some of their pictures from that day. Wow, how young they looked, but they still don't look their age. I think us kids keep them young looking. I must admit I come from very wonderful stock. They sure have been a wonderful example of what marriage should be like. I have never heard my dad yell at my mother. He still opens her car door and respects her in every way. I remember as a kid when they would have a disagreement, which wasn't often, my mother would latch their bedroom door and not open it. Dad would stand at the door knocking saying in a calm voice, "Linda open the door." Eventually she would. I'm laughing at this now. I'm sure at times he wanted to bust the door down, but he never showed it. When we were growing up and I am sure today soon before dad would get home from work mom would brush her hair and freshen up her make-up, so that dad would have something beautiful to look at when he came home. It is sad to me that women don't care what they look like sometimes. Mom has always taught me to look nice, because men don't like slop. My mom admitted the other day that you have to do things to spice up your marriage every once in a while. I was highly disappointed in the women in my ward on Friday when they weren't all to interested in the 14 days of valentines for their husbands. Some said they didn't want to spice up their marriages. No wonder there are so many marriages struggling these days. I've never been married, but from watching my parents, you can't just hope that the road to eternity will be blissful. You have to work towards it together; each giving 100%. Thanks mom and dad for being such great examples of what marriage should be. I believe their example of going to the temple on a very regular basis has added much to their marriage, always giving to each other in different ways has as well.
Here is to 35 more blissfully happy years. I love you.

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