Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan 1

At the start of each year I am always curious what will happen in the coming year. It is amazing how much one can cram into a year. However, I must admit that I am ready for a relaxing year. 2010 definitely threw me a number of curve balls that I wasn't expecting. I'm sure this year won't be any different. I am not one to make goals per se. I don't write them down and look at them each week or month to see what I have accomplished. I do however think about what I want to accomplish or change at the beginning of each year. I think of the beginning of a year as renewal.
I do have one goal this year and that is to organize my garage. I don't for see this being accomplished until my dad comes to put some shelves up. It's really kind of hard to do mans work by myself, not that I can't do it, it is just easier having someones assistance. To tell you the truth, I would like to organize a few other places in my house, but that will come. Maybe this will be the year of Organization! I love looking at books and magazines on how to organize.
I've decided this is the year that I will finally get a passport. In fact I plan to do this in the next few months. I finally got my birth certificate from my mother and have looked up the closest post office that I can go to to start my adventures. I'm going to Europe this year. Yep, I've decided instead of saving my entire tax return that I am going to put it to good use, which means I need to get my taxes done before July, so that I can go to Europe in September.
I also want to work on my geneology a little more this year. I do really enjoy family history. It is so time consuming and once I get started it is hard to stop. I know there are people waiting for me to get working on this so that their work can be done
As a single person I of course always wonder as I am sure you do to about old single sister young will this be the year that I finally settle down. Who knows. I have decided to stop worrying about it, since everyone else is doing it for me. Even my grandpa told me he prays that I will find Mr. Right. Now that was pretty humbling to know that my 85 year old grandpa prays for me out of all 50 grandkids he prays specifically for me. I'll let you know if there are any save the dates in the near future. As of right now you don't have to make any save the dates to your calendars.
I do know that there will be another grandbaby this summer. Yes, there always has to be an announcement at Christmas that someone is expecting and this year was no different. Of course we celebrated Christmas today and found this out today. Tristen tried to hide it from us, but you could totally tell she was expecting, even though she lied to us all when we approached the subject.
So here is to 2011. May you bring excitement, surprises, accomplishments, new experiences, growth, and an organized garage. And hopefully some landscape to my ugly, very bare back yard!

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