Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

In 2010 I learned that New Year's Eve snowstorms & the candy bar game was a great way to ring in the new year, celebrating Christmas on New Years helps extend the excitement of the holiday, that Boise State can win TWO Fiesta Bowls in a row, that life is better with walls down and hearts softened, that if one prays to over look another's weaknesses that it can happen which allows unconditional love to grow, that celebrating Valentines day in a snowstorm, a delicate piece of jewelry and a concert by the 5 browns is absolutely romantic, that Vegas isn't all that bad and the hotels are amazing, that the top of a handmaid quilt sewn by hand by my 3-great grandmother and finished by a talented seamstress will bring happy tears to my mothers eyes and the biggest surprise she has had in a while, that our first family Easter Egg hunt with grandbabies is almost more fun for the adults than the children, how a spring morning in the Sacred Grove can give you a tiny glimpse into that spring morning in 1820 when Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ appeared to a 14 year old boy to usher in the restoration of the gospel, that front row seats and a meet and greet with the handsome, talented, very kind Canadian Tenors is something my mother will talk about the rest of her life, that speaking on mothers day to a bunch of mothers without being a mother can give me strength and courage, that hearts can be broken, that sometimes we need a summer to ourselves to ponder, study, and grow, that twins bring so much excitement and entertainment to our growing family, that a 3.9 pound little boy can remind us that miracles still exist, that bandaging the blistered feet of those who walked the trek can give you an idea of the love the Savior felt as he washed the feet of his disciples and a deeper sense of gratitude to the early saints who gave everything including their lives for the gospel, that cabin fun can be dangerous, that Boise State can win big to teams like VT on Labor Day, that Disneyland is best experienced in September when lines are short and the weather is perfect even as an adult, that I still love when mom and dad visit in the fall, that canning apple sauce and spaghetti sauce can give me a sense of accomplishment, that hearts can be mended, that there is a lot to be seen in Dallas and I need to return often, that when computers get viruses one can become very frustrated, that MAC's are better than PC's, how dangerous Thanksgiving blizzards are, but worth the 10 hour trip home to spend 23 hours with family, that hearts slow down, health declines and loved ones struggle, that the same prayers repeated for 5 years are answered with time, that hope and faith can bring peace and joy in knowing that Heavenly Father is still all knowing and all loving in giving gentle guidance along this path which ultimately leads back to him, why being together is priceless because the things that count most in life are the things that can't be counted!

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