Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Reading

Several years ago I started collecting children's christmas books. Tenielle had actually started it by buying a new book each December to read on Christmas Eve. I like to read one book each day of the month of December. I especially love the artwork that accompanies each book. I set aside all other reading for the month of December and only read things associated with Christmas. It helps me turn my focus to the importance of this month. I read of a great tradition that one family has, that I will hopefully start one day. They wrap the books in wrapping paper and unwrap one book each night and then read it. What a great idea. This year I have really enjoyed reading a book that mom gave each of us at Thanksgiving. It is called A Christ-Centered Christmas I have only read a little at a time, because it is a short book and I have wanted to read a little from it each night. It has helped me change my focus to the true meaning of Christmas.

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