Thursday, December 16, 2010


My mom still has the stockings we have had since I was a kid. Everyone has one that matches except Tanner, well he has one, it just doesn't look like all of the others. Christmas morning we always went to our stockings first. They were always plum full of things that we NEEDED. Socks, razors, makeup, hair stuff and of course they always had an orange in the bottom. Don't know where that tradition came from, but we always got them, no fail. However, the past few years my mother has been a little slack on our stockings. In fact, there have been a few years lately that she hasn't even gotten them out. She just lays what would have gone in the stockings on the table. The past few years that I haven't been home for Christmas I must admit, I do miss the stocking tradition. Mom never hung them up through December, they only came out Christmas Eve. I on the other hand put them out every year. There isn't anything in them, but they are out. How pathetic huh?

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