Thursday, December 2, 2010

Soup and Serving Sisters

I love holiday traditions, but I also love making new traditions. Last year as a new RS presidency, we decided that we would make our RS Activity for the month of December focused around service. So we started a new tradition. Today was our second annual Soup and Serving Sisters RS Activity. We started off the evening trying several different soups and homemade breads. There were so many to choose from and all were delicious. We then had a thought on service before making our way into the gym for our service project. All year long we have been collecting items for hygiene kits. Last year we put together around 60 kits. This year we put together over 100! It is amazing that we can put together that many kits in less than 20 minutes. When women get together to serve, it doesn't take long to accomplish things. We also tied 2 baby quilts in less than 30 minutes. Next week they will all be delivered to the humanitarian center in Salt Lake. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we will have helped someone in need. It was a pretty great evening had by all. Dessert was made by yours truly. It is also the second year tradition of homemade brownies with peppermint candy sprinkles. They are such a hit. I only make them once a year too. This year however, I put a bit too much baking soda (even though I put what the recipe called for) and when I opened the oven smoke came pouring out and brownie batter was dripping from the pan. So for the first time in over 3 years my oven is currently on clean mode and my house has that not so lovely sent of burnt oven food. Yep, 3 years without cleaning the oven. I either need to use my oven more or clean it more often, probably the first...

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  1. I was sad to miss this activity! And your brownies! =)