Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabulous Rainy Friday

1.  Spring is finally in full swing here in Idaho; we have green fields, a few popcorn trees and lots of rain!  It's suppose to be 70 tomorrow, but then back to 50 on Sunday.  Yep, definitely Idaho spring weather.
2.  It was approved this week that PA's will now have to retake boards every 10 years instead of every 6.  That gives me 4 more years to worry if I will pass or not.  I am super happy about this.  I have horrible test anxiety.
3.  I bought two new dresses for spring!  I love dresses, especially if it means I can wear them without the dreaded pantyhose.
4.  I finally took my first cycle class here.  I don't know why it has taken me so long to do it; I think it is fear of a different bike and a new teacher.  I mean it did take me 6 years to take my first one ever, six months isn't so bad right?  Of course, my hind end is still quite tender, but oh the adrenaline that I enjoyed from it was amazing.
5.  I am really loving my job.  I love that I don't feel completely emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day, even though I am working 12's instead of 10's.  I love that I don't do pelvics all day long.  In the ED I did more in one day than I have in 3 months.  
6.  I worked 5 days this week, including tomorrow.  On my only day off mom and I picked up chips, queso, and chicken tortilla soup from our favorite Cafe' Rio and took it over to Tristens for an afternoon snack.  I love that we can do that without any planning.  
7.  Tonight on my way home from work I stopped by Troy and Becky's.  Their little house hold of boys is quite loud, but they are all so dang cute!
8.  10 days until I go to CLT.  I can hardly wait!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Friday Welcomes Spring

I think this is so cute of my niece and nephews holding hands.  I love how Aidree is leaning into Gavin.
It's fabulous friday but sorry to say it doesn't feel fabulous.  You see it's a wee bit cloudy out, but at least it isn't winter.  Spring is officially on the calendar.  I was hoping for sunshine today, but will wait a few more days for sunshine and the predicted 70 for Sunday.
1.  The Canadian Tenors were beyond fabulous on Saturday night.  They performed in a new building that opened last week.  It was a beautiful performance and a beautiful building.  I liked it because the building was rather small, which made it have more of a comfy feel to it.  Of course the old high school auditorium in Franklin, PA where we first saw them perform will never be beat.  We were sad they didn't have a meet and great like they did in PA.

2.  It's official, my home clinic will be the very busy Overland clinic.  I'm excited to have something stable in my life.
3.  Grandma Betty and I had a 2 hour chat last night after my lovely PIYO class.  She said it perfectly about me not feeling like anything is stable in my life, "Nothing is your own right now."  Oh, yes she is right on the money.  I'm ready to find my own again, I miss it terribly.
4.  Yesterday was a perfect day to celebrate spring, because the first day of spring here brought winter with snow, wind and cold.  But yesterday we enjoyed a french bakery for lunch (not as great as Amelies), Camel's Back Park with the nieces and nephews and then an ice cream at the famous Fanci Freeze.
5.  Today is my mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday to her.  So grateful for everything she always does for me and that she loves me no matter what.
6.  I finished "The Lucky One" this past weekend and started the "Wedding Letters."  I always love a good read.
7.  Another niece or nephew is being prepared to come to our growing family as Tyler and Danielle announced today they are expecting the beginning of November.
8.  My aunt Thalia and uncle Robert celebrated moms birthday with us.  My aunt Thalia is my hero.  She can do anything and everything and has a lot on her plate, but is always positive, happy and willing to share her many talents.  I'm blessed to have her as my aunt.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missing Group Power

If there is one daily routine that I miss the most about CLT it would be my group power and spinning class at the gym.  They don't have a class similar to group power at my gym here in Idaho and even though I have been to a trainer, I don't feel I have come even close to getting the same work out that I did from group power.  Therefore I'm a bit on the flabby side, from all that muscle that I accumulated over the past 7 years, which has gone to you know what.  So last night I went to the gym after working my 12 hour shift with full intentions of doing a cardio workout.  I scratched that idea and headed to the empty group fitness room and did my own version of group power.  I have been doing this class for nearly 7 years since moving to CLT, so I pretty much know the routine.  Over the years I have added my favorite tunes to my workout favorites from this class, so I turned them on and did the same routine as if I'd been in the class with my favorite instructor Angie.  It worked too.  My hamstrings are on fire this morning.  But it feels oh so good!  As for the cycle class, I had full intentions of trying it out this morning, but didn't make it.  Maybe I will try for the 5pm class. But they call it cycle here and they did spinning in CLT.  They did have a cycle class in CLT, but I didn't love it as much as I did the spinning class.  I have enjoyed my workouts here because sometimes instead of going to the gym, where I sweat more, I go on a run with my cousin Alisha or my sister Tristen at night after the kids are down.  They are always more enjoyable than being on the treadmill or eliptical alone and after working 12 hours I always need some fresh air.  Since doing my spinning class and group power, I kind of gave up regular running, some impart to my left bum knee, that probably has a tear somewhere.  But I'm trying to get back into the running mode more.  Of course I can't run the entire time probably due to my old 35 year old lungs, but I'm working up to it.  Funny thing is spinning is more of a cardio work out for me far more than running, and my lungs do just fine then.  Give me a few more years or months and I'll be able to run farther than I can now.  I'm hoping to get a 10k in, in the next few months.  If I have May 19 off, which I probably won't have off, I am going to do the Great Potato 10K.  My goal for the next 3 weeks until I go to CLT is to do some kind of work out every day.  I usually work out 3-4 times a week, but I need to add 3 more workouts.  I need to get these calves in shape to show them off in my shorts and capri's, because goodness they are already wearing swimsuits out there.  I wonder if the Middlebrook pool is opened already since it is already 80 degree's there.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fabulous Friday SLC Addition

Fabulous Friday is coming to you from SLC.  It has been a much better week this week than last.  Many fabulous things...
1.  The sun has been shining and the weather has been nice enough to jog outside without even having to wear a jacket.  This morning on my jog I saw full bloomed daffodils. 
2.  I got a pedicure yesterday.  I love pedicures, leg massages, hot wax, and pink toe nails.
3.  I have spent the last 2 nights with friends whom I don't see very often.
4.  Wednesday evening I enjoyed my drive through SLC, which reminded me of my time that I lived here.  I enjoyed many great memories.  I loved living in SLC.  I loved living in CLT.  I can't say that I love living in Boise yet, but hopefully someday I will.
5.  We are leaving in just a few minutes to go to Las Vegas to see the Canadian Tenors.  We saw them a few years ago in the little town of Franklin, PA, where we had front row tickets in a high school gymnasium.  Can't wait to see them in the big city of Las Vegas tomorrow night!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I hate to admit I had to really think hard to come up with fabulous things about this week.  It was a very busy week, mostly with work.  I got called in yesterday which didn't make me happy, that was twice in a row;  but after I got going it wasn't a bad day at all.  But I do know there has to be at least 5 fabulous things.  Lets start with the most recent...
1.  Friday night dates!  I have always been a fan of Friday night dates, because my parents always went on them.  I cherish Friday nights that I have off, because I worked so many of them when I worked in the ED.
2.  The thermometer on my car today read 72, 70 and 68 depending on where I was.  That is a fabulous thing for sure!  I've got to find that flip flop box soon.
3.  Wednesday was Women Of Destiny; a musical production put on for our Stake RS activity.  I started writing the script for it clear back in August.  It was a fabulous thing to see it all come together.  It was a wonderful evening for sure.
4.  This afternoon I layed on the hammock with my nieces.  Oh the pleasures sunshine brings.
5.  I had a great PiYo class Tuesday night.
6.  I went on a little shopping spree today.  Sometimes a girl really needs some shopping therapy.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Fab Friday Again!

Fabulous Friday this week starts with the biggest news of the week...
1.  My brother Troy and his wife Becky are expecting their first baby girl in August.  After 3 boys we are all happy they will have a little girl, not that we don't absolutely adore their boy's, but a little girl will be nice too!
2.  Sundays stroll through rocks and water to see a waterfall.
3.  I got a call Monday from a patient who called to thank me for saving his life.  I sent him to the ER Saturday evening to rule out was gang green; if we hadn't have caught it, it would have ruptured within 24 hours.  It always feels good when someone thanks you.
4. 2 mornings of fluffy snow falling from the sky.
5.  Lots of awesome finds at the DI today; love a good find!
6.  Lunch with Alisha at the Robins Nest today.  Oh, how I love their strawberry salad!
7.  Phone calls and cards from CLT people I love and miss.