Thursday, January 31, 2013

Relaxing In Seattle

I have needed this week for months.  Me time.  I know sounds selfish but it is actually in all reality there isn't anything selfish about it, it is for my emotional well being.  My last few days of my conference were actually tiring sitting on my behind.  I'm not use to sitting so much.  One of my favorite lectures was the very last one on weight loss.  The instructor said, "To loose weight one must decrease calories, to maintain weight on must exercise."  Interesting, but so true.  When I lived in NC I maintained my weight because I exercised and ate pretty much what I wanted, within reason of course.  Yesterday afternoon my very dear friend Aubrey picked me up.  It has been 4 years since I have seen her, but felt just like yesterday.  Oh, she is such a wonderful friend and I feel so happy when I am in her presence.  We came home and had lunch of a delicious salad and tamale from Trader Joe's. We of course have been chatting nonstop since I arrived.  It is much fun.  I played wee for the first time in my life with Aubrey's boys.  Last night we watched a darling valentines day movie.
This morning we walked the children to school.  She has 4 and they are rather close together.  We then enjoyed a walk down to the Safeway.  There was a slight trickle of rain, but a beautiful morning indeed.  This afternoon we did a little shopping where I bought a delicious apple.  Yep, WA is known for delicious apples.  I've tried to forget that I'm jobless and just enjoy this time, even though I have had several emails and phone calls for jobs.  I could get use to this relaxing lifestyle for sure!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thin Walls

I'm really about to lay my little head on my pillow to allow my sleepy eyes to rest.  However as I sit here, the man above me is tinkling.  Yes, the walls at my Hampton Inn are quite thin; so thin that it is true I hear the man upstairs tinkling and I have the last several nights.  So disgusting.  I never hear him wash his hands though, yucky.  I hear planes overhead as they take off or maybe they are getting ready to land, but I think they are taking off.  They sound as if they are going to crash right into my hotel room, because they are so close.  I hear the  the man next door open his door and it slams shut.  I hear cars zooming past on the busy road and hear they splash through the puddles on the street.  The night before I left I kept thinking to grab my ear plugs, but I forgot.  The first night I went to the hotel store to buy ear plugs, but chose against it, however all night I wished I had bought them, it was so bad I finally stuck my head phones in, hoping I didn't strangle myself with the cords if I did fall asleep.  I also asked to be moved to a different room because the heater was almost as loud as the planes.  The second night I did have ear plugs, in fact for $2.99 I got 3 pairs, but at the present I can only find 1 1/2, where they disappeared to I have no clue.  So tonight I will wear my last pair and hope to get some zzzz's.  I'm still a fan of the Hampton Inn, but this is just a little to close to the airport for my sleeping.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Seattle Sunday

This morning I walked my .8 miles (with my sneakers on this time) to my conference.  I listened to a lecture on Foot and Ankle injuries, which wasn't all too exciting.  Then I walked back up the hill, against the wind and a slight sprinkle to my hotel to change so I could go to Sacrament Meeting.  I found a church 2 miles away.  I witnessed the most precious thing during the sacrament hymn I watched the 3 priests break the bread.  Something I do every Sunday, however one of the boys had Down Syndrome.  My eye's watered as I witnessed the simple gesture of another priest help the Down Syndrome boy break the bread.  As each of the prayers were said, the DS boy held the prayer card.  The service that the boys gave was so humbling.  When the DS boy came down and sat by his mother they hugged.  I could see excitement and love in both of their eyes.  The 2 speakers spoke on service.  Definitely a lesson for me and reminder that I need to give more service.  One of the speakers told a story about his mother who had a horse ranch and loved her 60 horses; his father was a doctor.  One day while riding, she was thrown off a horse and broke her neck and back.  She had to let her help go because they couldn't afford them.  Her boys took over their jobs for 7 years until they sold the ranch.  He mentioned that their friends would often help do the chores with them and none of them ever murmured about doing their chores, because they knew they were serving their mother.
I went back to my conference this afternoon where I learned about women's health, ophthalmology, TIA's/Strokes and Adolescent Medicine.  This evening Grandma Betty's daughter, son and son-in-law took me to dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant.  We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Most Relaxing Seattle Spring-Like Day

For a few months I've been planning on attending a CME in Seattle.  I've been to this one 2 or 3 times and love it.  It is chalk full of great information.  Thankfully my work is still paying for my CME.
I flew here yesterday morning and will be here for 8 days.  A much needed break indeed!  This afternoon I enjoyed 2 hours in 58 degree's and beautiful sunshine.  It felt like a Spring day; haven't felt this warm since early December.  I walked all over Pike's Market and down the streets of Seattle taking it all in.  I so much enjoyed the vibrant colors of tulips (my favorite flower), fresh fish, fruit and vegetable stands.  Until yesterday, I've never seen purple or yellow carrots.  There were wonderful smelling bakeries, however instead of a pastry, which I know my mother would have bought, I bought 3 champaign mangos which are my favorite and some fresh blueberries.  Actually I take that back I did buy a Nanaimo Bar, a Canadian delicacy.  I've only had a few bites, but it was delicious.  I've actually never seen them for sale, but a lady I worked with in the lab at Mercy made them often, which is where I learned about them.  I bought a very pretty pearl ring which was handmade from sterling silver, with a fresh water pearl.  I also splurged on some amazing blackberry balsamic vinegar.  I'm a huge fan of balsamic vinegar, however the blackberry made this even more appetizing.  I especially enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the water and over the mountains.  It isn't every day one watches the sunset, unless you are driving from Boise to Nampa around 5pm and then it is usually just blinding to the eyes.  The shadows from the sun made for some beautiful pictures.  An amazing, very relaxing day indeed!

This morning I walked the .8 mile to my conference; slightly cool and a bit windy, but no rain and very enjoyable.  We had lectures on lymphadenopathy, pediatrics, dermatology and neurology.  The thing I love about this conference is they feed you lunch.  Today's lunch was super healthy; orzo, salmon, salad and vegetables.  The dessert was a berry treat.  All were delicious, especially the salmon.  It was beautifully presented.  The people I was sitting with all agreed it would be nice to have someone cook us a lunch like that every day.  I missed the last lecture of the day on ENT, because my friends the Jones' picked me up.  I love them.  They looked great with their missionary badges on.  We had ourselves a wonderful visit and dinner at my favorite PANERA BREAD where I had my favorite fugi chicken salad and vegetable pesto soup!  It was so good to see them.  Definitely a hard mission for Sister Jones because she is in the office all day working on the computer and she say's she isn't computer savvy, but give it 9 1/2 more months and I bet she will be.  Elder Jones is in charge of all the housing and is out of the office most of the day.  I wish I would have snapped a picture with them, but I didn't.  It was so good to see them!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Last January 2013 FF

1.  We celebrated dads 60th birthday for about 3 days.  Originally we had planned on renting cabins at the ski resort, but with temperatures in single digits we decided to wait on that.  Instead we all went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for lunch on Saturday.  Of course it was yummy, especially the grilled pineapple.  Sunday each of us girls made a cake and dad made ice cream.  We celebrated with his siblings at Grandpa Youngs.  Even his brother who lives 2 hours away came for the occasion.
2.  I have been disappointed with the dishonesty of my company from the very beginning and expressed this to my boss this week.  For that I lost my job.  Not disappointing in the least bit.  I was counting down the days until my contract was over.  Now I just get to enjoy the worst month of the year for sickness; I've always wanted to have February off!  This time I will take my time in finding the right job.
3.  Tenielle and I spent nearly 2 hours at Grandma Betty's on Sunday.  It was like old times when we were in high school.  She always had a treat for us and some special drink.  We chatted about our future plans and the things going on in our lives.
4.  It was so cold outside this week that our ice cream and ice stayed frozen outside on the porch.  I have never seen -2 on my cars temperature gauge. Betty isn't so sure about this cold.  She has a hard time starting when its so cold and if I don't give her a few minutes before I take off, she chugs along.

5.  My friend had a tumor removed from his kidney last week.  He found out today that it was benign.  I'm so happy for him.  
6.  Wednesday, Tristen, the girls, mom and I went on a spur of the moment to Olive Garden to celebrate having February off!  I haven't been there in ages.  There is something about that pasta e fagoli soup that I love!
7.  I saw Dr. Kaylor this week for my thyroid check up.  He is the best doctor;  I need to be more like him.  My levels are fantastic.  I didn't want to look at the scales because one always thinks they have gained weight.  Nope, the same as always.  I think I'm going to try to lose the 10 pounds that I've wanted to lose for about the past 2 years.  I have time now to go to the gym 2 hours a day, for now anyways!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Very Cold Fabulous Friday

1.  I can't begin to tell you how miserably cold it has been here this week or rather the past month.  I am ever so grateful for my dad who keeps our wood fire stoked keeping me nice and warm.  I often enjoy sitting by the fire as I relax in the evenings after work.
2.  Monday night I had some amazing homemade pie made from Tristens co-workers husband who brought it for a dinner that we had in Tristens rather small kitchen.  It was an enjoyable dinner where I met new people.
3.  I got a new coat, well actually mom got it for me with my Talbots credit card.  It is black and white and I love it.  It isn't nearly as warm as my not so fancy every day coat that I found in the closet and which mom almost sent to the DI, but it is a lovely coat.  It has been a few years since I got a new coat and I figured it would get used here.
4.  I am into the mustard yellow with royal blue/purple these days!
5.  I bought my first piece of the Willow Tree nativity set; the wise men.  I got them 50% off.  I figure I'll buy a little at a time and in a few years I'll have the entire nativity.  It doesn't seem that expensive when you buy them little by little.
6.  Yesterday Troy called and thought Beckett had broken his arm so he brought him over to me.  Gratefully within minutes of them being here I had reduced his nursemaids elbow.  So grateful it was such a simple thing.  It was so cute because he totally realized that I helped him and made him feel better and hugged on me for at least 20 minutes after and told me Thank You.  It was so cute.
7.  Tenielle and Tanner just walked in the door for the weekend, so I better wrap things up for this FF!  Now for a weekend of fun and laughter to celebrate dad's big 60!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Birthday Morning Celebration Of Ice Crystals

I've been waiting for this morning for weeks; a morning that I have off and the ice crystals are out.  This morning was the morning.  I think they came out to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday!  When I woke up and looked out the window the stress of the past week calmed me giving me much enthusiasm.  In fact I was so excited I grabbed my camera, my coat, slipped on my shoes without socks and went out in my PJ's in 4 degree temperature.  I got some awesome pictures and enjoyed much beauty; rather briefly given that it was freezing cold.  However an hour later after I'd gotten myself ready for the day the view was even more spectacular.  The sun was out, the sky was blue, which made the ice crystals produce an absolutely beautiful view; making the cold temperatures almost worth it at least for a few hours.  Rick our weatherman who has been our weatherman since I can remember taught us about the ice crystals on his newscast this evening.  He said that the cold temperatures at night and the lovely inversion that we have been having have come together to create ice crystals.  It isn't snow, ice or frost, they really are ice crystals.  I would have loved to have had time to explore my surroundings and take more pictures, but I had plans for the day and didn't get around to it.  Maybe we will have them again tomorrow and I can explore a little more.  For now just enjoy.  PS.  I've only been blogging now for over 5 years, yet I just now figured out how to enlarge my pictures with a click of a button.
 The difference of 1 hour
PSS. Did you know that if I could choose another career it would be a weather woman.  For reals.  I think our family is addicted to the weather.  We got that way from my dad always watching it, to know if it was going to rain or not and to see if it was going to get in the way of his work.  Of course mom always had to wake him when the weather came on and still does since he typically falls asleep before the news comes on.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ZERO Degree's

Tonight on my way home my car thermometer went from 9 to a big fat 0 as in ZERO!  I'm not joking.  It's been between 5-19 over the past week, but 0 really?  I've decided there isn't much difference between 5 and 20.  It's all just freaking cold and so dry.  So dry in fact that I hardly have any frost on the widows because the dew point is like 10.  No wonder I can lather my hands with gold bond super lotion a million times a day and they still hurt and feel like sand paper.  I even stole my nurses little heater to heat me in my office this weekend.  Enough of the cold January, I'm ready for Spring.  On days like these, especially when I see it is 70 in CLT I wonder, was I really thinking when I decided to come back to the cold.  Apparently not!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowy FF

1.  This week has been a very snowy week.  I think it has snowed every day except for Wednesday.  Monday the roads on my way home were very snow covered and slippery, but I safely made my 10 minute trek across town from the clinic to Tristens, where I slept on my lovely leather couch.  The roads were much better Tuesday evening, but yesterday morning they actually canceled school because of the snow and slick roads.  It is a rare occurrence to have school canceled in these parts.  The snow is rather beautiful, but the wind that has come with it is most annoying which makes it even more freezing that it already is.  In Idaho they don't put salt down on the roads to prevent slide offs, just sand, which makes for a horrible mess when the snow melts and really doesn't do the job.  Yes I'm diving while taking this pictures.  See the snow on my car?
2.  Wednesday I was in Vera Bradley Heaven!  There is a store that is liquidating, because they have to move locations.  Vera Bradley never goes on sale unless the print or purse is retired.  Well, because they are liquidating mom and I were able to get purses, accessories and bags for 50-60% off.  I have wanted an Elouise purse for quite a while and I got one!  I love it.  I also found a wallet to match the purse that I got for Christmas.  Vera Bradley is a Southern thing.  People here in the West always ask me what brand my purse is and when I tell them they look at me like who the heck is Vera Bradley
3.  My cousin Alisha had her baby on Sunday; Calvin Scott.  He is so cute.  I met him for the first time on Wednesday, so did Aidree.  She loves babies.  (I can't seem to get this to not be the caption, so ignore the box around it.)
4.  We are loving our new Vitamix and all of the fun concoctions that we are coming up with.  Yesterday I blended nearly an entire Costco bag of spinach and froze them in ice cube trays.  One can't possibly eat a bag of spinach before it goes bad.  So we blend it up and put a few cubes in each time we want a spinach or healthy fruit smoothy.  
5.  Mom and I watched Pride and Prejudice half one night and half the other.  It has been years since I've watched it.  I think I love it even more each time I watch it.  I hope one day I can say the words that Jane says, "Yes, a thousand times Yes!"
6.  I had my hair cut yesterday.  It has been 9 months since I visited my lovely hair dresser.  It is so relaxing for me to have my hair done.  I think I want to eventually donate to locks of love, so I didn't cute much off.
7.  Wednesday I spent 4 hours chatting and planning our year of RS activities; I couldn't believe that we spent 4 hours doing so.  I actually had to do a double take when I got in my car and saw the time.  I'm so excited for our upcoming activities.  They are going to be such fun.  I even have the first poster done and ready to start advertising our first activity for the year Care of Being Cruise.  
8.  I finished reading Richard Paul Evans new book Winters Dream on Sunday.  I loved it. 
9.  I am now registered, with plane tickets and hotel reservations for my CME to Seattle the end of the month.  I'm so excited for a vacation of sorts, which I really need, even though it isn't to any where warm.  I have been to this conference twice before and really enjoyed it.  I am excited to see Elder and Sister Jones given they are serving a mission there and my dear friend Aubrey, whom I'll spend a few days with at the end of the conference.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Poor Me

I'm having a Poor Me day.  I don't know why.  I have no reason really.  I actually had a slow day of seeing patient for me; only 34.  Maybe it is because I have had more time at work to think about Poor Me and the fact that the clock was ticking so slow, given there is a second provider to help since we have been incredibly busy the last month.  I'm not one to write about Poor Me on my blog, because I'm suppose to always be positive and happy.  I think the Poor Me syndrome is coming from this horrible feeling of not being settled, but truly feeling that things are going to change drastically in the next year.  What the drastic events will be, I'd really like to know NOW (and they better be good, really good), because it is making me a bit anxious and impatient.  I admit some of this is coming from the fact that I was so use to switching shifts rather easily at work in CLT, bunching several shifts together and then being able to take a trip, even if it was only for 4 days.  That just doesn't happen here and it is making me crazy insane, like I might pop a gasket sooner rather than later.  NO ONE will ever switch with me because they don't like to work at my clinic and they will flat out tell me that, which makes me sad for them because it is a great clinic with helpful, wonderful staff; just busy.  The way they do vacations and days off here is so lame it makes me crazy that they aren't even open to how it could be much better like the way we did it in CLT.  And lastly there is no way to bunch shifts, because we don't have PRN's and only 2 PT people.  It is so lame, lame I tell you.  Did I mention I hate working every other Sunday?  It has been nice to have 7 Sundays off in a row (lucky me, thanks to someone who wanted more hours) but I'm back to it this Sunday.  If I make it 358 more days to finish out my contract it will be a miracle in and of itself.  I want to go to Europe so bad this year, but because of the way they do the nutty vacations, it doesn't allow me to have much time off to do so.  I told mom today maybe one day I just won't go to work; so not like me.  I mean what will they do fire me or take my birthday away?  Let's hope the next 2 days off bring me a new attitude before my 3 days weekend...I mean really it is okay to not be happy and positive all the time.  Don't worry, I'll be back for Fabulous Friday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

First Fabulous Friday of 2013

Oh we have had a fabulous Friday indeed.  Can't believe we've packed so much into 1 week.
1.  Saturday I was on call and thankfully didn't get called in.  The unmarried kids and mom and day went to the Discovery Center to see Bodies Revealed.  It was pretty neat.  Later we met all the other kids at Wahooz where we the little kids wore themselves out in the kiddie playground.  Aidree and I spent our card on the candy machine.  Afterwards we went to DQ.  It was a crazy bunch, but fun altogether.  It snowed that day too!
2.  Sunday we finally had our Christmas with the entire family.  It was a lovely day.  Tyler and Danielle blessed their baby in the morning.  Then they all came for breakfast.  Some took naps and then Christmas presents.  Cousin Emily and her kids also came over in the evening for a visit.
I love my 3 nieces, so sweet and beautiful.
Kaeson's Blessing day.  What a cute boy he is.
Sweet Stella is just a doll!
I love this picture of Bridget in deep thought.
3.  New Years Eve we played the Candy Bar Game, always a hit with the children.
Not happy he couldn't choose another candy bar, funny to us, sad to him.

4.  New Years Day everyone left.  Mom, dad and I couldn't handle the quite long, so we went to Cracker Barrel where I was hoping to have some greens but they were out.  Yummy dinner still.  We went to Emily's where we enjoyed a lovely conversation.
5.  I only worked 2 days this week.  It was wonderful.  I could get use to that!
6.  Today I went to lunch with sisters from our ward, visited my friends dad in the hospital and watched Tristens girls.
7.  Thursday mom and I went in half for a vitamixx blender.  We even ground our own wheat in it and made homemade bread.  Yummers!  I have missed my spinach shakes.  Glad I can have them back!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Degree's

Do you know what 10 degree's feels like?  Unfortunately I sure do.  I felt it tonight when I got in my car after my 12 hour shift.  You know that brain freeze that gives you a headache when you eat something cold?  I felt that tonight as I was getting in my car; 10 degree's literally gives you a brain freeze!  I warned my nurses that they might come out and find me frozen in place, but they didn't.  I do think Betty isn't loving this cold weather.  She misses warm NC, as do I.  She takes a bit to get going when it is so cold out.  I love that my dad starts my car in the morning, so I can get in it when it is toasty warm.  It's been so cold here that all the snow we have had over the last week is still frozen to the ground.  Typically it snows here and melts the same afternoon.  On my way home tonight I told Tristen it is just too cold to be jogging and she agreed.  I sure hope it warms up soon, because I've been missing our jogs the last few weeks.
My new favorite thing is sitting by the wood fire that dad keeps a blaring; he hates hearing the heater come on, I think because he hears dollar signs.  I even heard him quietly come down this morning at 5am to put more wood on the fire.  I admit, sometimes it's a little too warm down here, but I'll take it any day over being cold.  There is something about a wood fire that makes you feel right at home, especially when it is only 10 degree's!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things I Learned In 2012

After re-reading my last post from 2011 and reading how I thought it was a difficult year and thinking back on 2012, I think I've had 2 tough years in a row.  Tough in different aspects.  Tough makes you stronger, at least that is what they say.  I don't feel stronger in the least bit; I feel blessed to learn things that the Lord obviously sees fit for me to learn.  Looking back on the last 365 days I have learned more than I realize.  In 2012 I've learned...
~From unexpected losses of family and friends to cherish all moments, big, small, annoying, irritating, happy, sad; because one day someone might be sent back to our Heavenly Home.
~That losing a grandma can bring a void in the family, but the peace of knowing we will see her again.
~Patience, that Heavenly Father is in charge, knows my needs and other people's needs and how I can be an instrument in His hands.
~To appreciate farm land and open spaces again.
~How to relax more, to not get uptight when things don't go my way and to rely on the Lord.
~His timing isn't always our timing and to trust more in His plan for me.
~That Boise State isn't always going to have the best football team, even though they have the past 10 years.
~That getting lost in a series with Sarah Agnes Prine can bring me great Summer entertainment!
~That it doesn't get much better than relaxing in Hawaii
~That I can make Sister Jone's chocolates, but that her added touch of love makes them even better.
~To enjoy my job and to slow down with each patient, the others will be there when I get there.
~That a New England Fall foliage trip with my mom and childhood friend can bring much beauty to my eyes.
~I will always love Hilton Head and the beach even though I'm far from it here in Idaho.
~That a new niece and a new nephew will always bring a Heavenly spirit to our family.
~That Bowl of Heaven would be my new favorite treat!
~How much I miss NC and that going back to my house will bring me tears, realizing I'll likely never have my normal NC life again.
~How wonderful, relaxing and entertaining my evening jogs with my sister can be, which can bring us so much closer than we have ever been.
~That living with mom and dad is rather nice, even in your 30's.
~That having a temple so close yet unavailable for most of the year, makes you ever so grateful when it re-opens.
~Never rent your house to friends, they won't take care of it as you do and in the end you won't be friends anymore.
~To suck it up and take my thyroid pill an hour before breakfast each morning, as annoying as it is.
~That I really do enjoy a White Christmas!