Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Grandma Betty Visits

Grandma Betty, Marne and Tim were in Phoenix in early February.  They came over for breakfast on a Sunday morning.  It was so fun to have them visit my home for the first time ever.  Tim taught me to make Ebelskivers when we were visiting them in August and so I made some when they visited.  I picked a recipe that was different from theirs and they loved it and so do I. 
Aunt Pearl also visited Phoenix this winter.  Aunt Pearl is in her 90's.  She looks fabulous.  When I was in elementary she worked at my school.  We formed a special bond on the playground.  We had dinner with her and her daughter (my dad's cousin) Julie.  It's always fun to see these amazing women who I've always loved and looked up to.
Ebelskiver's are a danish pancake ball.  You have to have a special pan to make these.  Buy one that has teflon.  They are delicious, fun and different.  To turn these I use a small (like number 10) crochet hook.
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/4 tsp baking powder
2 T sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
1/4-1/2 cup butter milk
2 T butter melted

In a bowl add sifted flour, salt, baking powder, sugar and cinnamon.  In a separate bowl combine egg, milk and butter.  Combine all ingredients and stir until blended.

Over medium heat, fill each cup approximately 2/3 full with batter.  Cook for about 30 seconds or until brown.  Turn each ball with a crochet hook so it forms a semi-circle.  When this side is cooked turn one more time.

Top with lemon curd, lemon juice, powder sugar, nutella, blueberries, whipped cream or whatever you have on hand.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Colleens Dream Weekend

Thursday I was up bright and early to have infusion.  I've had back pain for several weeks, the kind where it feels super sore in my lumbar spine, which is different than the tailbone pain.  I've also been having constant numbness to my right anterior thigh.  It was decided at treatment that I will have a ct-scan a few weeks earlier than thought.  I'm hoping it's nothing, even though it is obviously something.
After treatment we picked Nick up from the airport.  Erin, Tony, Nick and I then went to the VIP Colleens Dream party.  It was super fun to people that I've met the last few years. Billy Cundiff is pictured on the right.  He is the kindest man.  I'm so grateful for him and Nicole and the entire Colleens Dream team who spends countless hours working to raise money and awareness for OVC.
Friday morning was the golf tournament.  I look forward to this every year.  It's fun to check people in and feel the excitement that a bunch of men have to golf for such an important cause. The view and weather was gorgeous, despite it was slightly cool, but perfect.
Johnny Hecker is so friendly.  It was so nice to visit with him.  I keep promising him I'll see one of his games and I haven't.  Next season for sure.

That night we picked up my Uncle Stuart and then met Leslie and Gordon for dinner. 
Saturday Erin, Mom and I got pedicures.  I also got a sweet freezer for cheap.  We got ourselves all beautified and then headed to the Gala.  It was beautiful as always and so much fun.  Billy talked about me in his speech, how even though I have cancer I continue to live and enjoy life.
I won a silent auction OVC quilt, which is beautiful.  I'm so grateful for everyone donating their time and money for a cause that I live with every day.  Talk about pure unselfishness.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

One Big Disneyland Post

 The last time we went to Disneyland I got tickets from getawaytoday vacations out of Ogden.  When I learned of the price increase I remembered how great a company they were to work with so on my way home, in the middle of rush hour traffic I called and talked to Courtney who I had worked with before and who remembered me from 2 years ago.  She quickly hooked me up with the old ticket prices that were actually a little cheaper than my work could offer me.  I was happy this all worked out for my budget. 

We got out of town pretty well except for a little stop and go traffic on I-10 out of Phoenix.  On our way out of town we realized we were hungry and of course had to stop at a local Taco Bell.  I don't know why we can't just leave and call it good without having to always stop, but we do.  We finally got to our hotel around 11pm.  When I opened the door to the room they gave us, it was like on the 3 bears story, someone had slept in the bed, so we called down and they got us another room.

Wednesday we woke up to a lovely spring/winter day!  Troy and Tyler's families flew to LA and rented a 15 passenger van.  Let me tell you, that came in handy.  When I drove it a few times I felt like I was driving the getaway van.
 We all arrived at our vacation home, which was the same as when we were there last time together.  We like this home.  It is comfortable and very close to Disneyland.  We went to Disneyland for the rest of the day.  The crowds were light, which is always so nice.  Tanner and Kayla flew in that evening.  By the end of the day we were all kind of tuckered out.
Thursday we went to Disney's California Adventure.  It was so fun to have my friend Erica, who I use to work with in Charlotte, join us for the day.  Tony and Erin joined us Thursday evening.  There was a total of 20 of us for a few days.  Such fun!
Friday it rained all day.  I stayed home with the babies while most everyone went to Disneyland.  They all returned just before dinner, changed into dry clothes and then we went to dinner at Mimi's.  Tanner and Kayla braved the downpours and went back to Disneyland that evening.
Saturday we went to the beach.  It was chilly and windy, but the kids didn't care one bit.
We also hit Costco and stocked up on more food.  I tell you it's amazing how much food families go through in such a short time.  I loved that the boys took care of most of the breakfasts.
They even did some clean up of the kitchens too.  One of the things I like about going to Disney is making lunches.  It is so much cheaper and easy. 
Sunday we were able to watch mom and dad's stake conference.  Technology is so amazing.  We then piled into the van and headed to San Diego stopping at the temple, which I've never seen in person and always wanted to.  It is absolutely beautiful.  We then spent a few hours at the Mormon Battalion visitors center.  It was awesome and the kids loved it. 
That evening my cousin Misty and some of her kids came over for ice cream bars.  Most of her family were at Disneyland the next week. We thought we had a lot of people, but they had 25. 

Monday some went to Universal Studios and some to Disneyland.  I went to TJ Max and had a Terah day.  My back has been hurting and I wanted to rest up for Tuesday when we were all going back to Disneyland together.  Monday evening Becky and I went to this awesome ice cream place.  They make ice cream with dry ice and they design it into a rose.  It was delicious and so creamy.
Tuesday we had so much fun at Disneyland.  The crowds were heavy, but it was fun nonetheless.  We even got a big group picture with most of my cousins, (when I get the picture from Danielle I will post it) even though Misty and I could never find each other that day.  I even ran into my friend Darin who I've been friends with since I was a very small kid.
Yesterday we cleaned up and checked out.
 Every day when the kids are good they get to open the treasure box to find treats, games and Disney paraphernalia.  Its fun for them and me.

Everyone except Tony, Erin and mom and dad and I left.  We went back to Disney CA.  We met Misty and her kids there.  They showed us the animation center, which I had never known about.  It was super fun and fun to see her there. 
She is going to Hawaii the end of May with 2 of her kids and invited me along.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to go, of course pending my treatments.  We left last evening to head back to phoenix, getting in around 2am this morning.  I love Disneyland and the magic that comes from it.