Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vacation #2 Coming Up And Happy Valentines Day

I've been extremely preoccupied with work and things in my life lately.  All things good, but it has left me too busy to blog about nonsense unimportant things, even though I love blogging about those every day events that bring me happiness. 

Mom and Dad have been here which has been super fun, even though mom has been complaining that she hasn't seen me much.  Hey, someone has to make the money for us to take all of the vacations we have planned in 2017.

The next one being Disneyland starting at 5pm today.  Mom, Dad and I will be driving 4 hours to Indio, CA where we will stay in a hotel all together on this lovely Valentines day.  I bought mom and dad some anti-snoring strips while shopping for last minute items this afternoon.  It's going to be such a romantic Valentines night; NOT. 

I did get a cute Winnie the Pooh text message that said, U R luv'd from Kirt.  Yep that's as romantic as it's getting today.  We all think of LOVE as romantic, but there is so much more to it than romance and there are so many people that this little heart of mine LOVES.  How grateful I am for all of the love in my life and a day that I can wear my red pants and feel like I'm in the Valentines Spirit. 

And don't you think that my parents have just been sitting around here basking in the sun for the past week, because you know that hasn't happened one bit.  I'm so excited to show you the finished product of my entertainment center and mud-room, but that will have to wait until they are completely finished, which will be oh so soon. 

We will be in Disneyland with all of my brothers families for 8 days.  Oh, wow it's going to be fun.  Sadly my sisters will not be joining us this time. 

Procrastinators side note:  Disney tickets went up in price on Sunday.  And I'm waiting for my works website to update the prices so I can pay more for my niece and nephews tickets.  Thankfully we get a pretty good discount from gate prices.

Another side note, my cousin Misty and her family will also be at Disneyland starting Sunday.  It's going to be such fun.

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