Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Patient and Provider

Saturday I worked at urgent care.  My first patient was visiting from out of town and came in with an ear infection.  During our visit she told me she had cancer.  She was my age.  I told her that I had cancer too.  We talked about our treatments and our "new normal."  At the end of the visit she asked if she could hug me and thanked me for being there.  In that moment with tears in both of our eyes, I was so grateful for both being a cancer patient, yet also a provider.  I had so much more a sense of what she was experiencing on a daily basis. 

Today I saw Dr. D's NP Kim, while having my infusion.  Mom is in town and came with me.  We were talking to Kim about how it seems so strange that so many people my age or older are there with their aged parents.  But I'm the patient and my mom is accompanying me. 

The NP told us something that she doesn't share often.  3 years ago she was in school and being treated for cancer.  She has been in exactly the same position as I am.  And here she was being my provider.  I'm sure neither one of these experiences were just a coincidence, but the Lord showing all of us that He is aware of us and allowing us to be an instrument in His hands.

These experiences makes things feel so real when I'm both the patient and the provider.  But it makes me grateful and thankful that I can put on my stethoscope and forget my troubles while treating others with a similar diagnosis that I have. 
Kim told me that they only have 1 other patient that is on the same treatment I'm on.  We are so hoping that this works and that other patients will benefit from this treatment because I gave it a try.  Last month I didn't ask what my CA-125 was because I was in Charlotte when Dr. D called and I didn't want to ruin my vacation if it was elevated.  I'm happy that today I asked and that it had come down to 88 from 134 in December.  Tomorrow I will find out what it is today.  Let's hope for even lower numbers.

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