Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Saturday

It's a super Saturday instead of a fabulous friday.  It has been a crazy busy week, but a good one.  Many fabulous things or rather super things were expereinced this week, despite the fact that I finished up 6 of 7 days.
1.  It was 91 on Sunday and Monday, which were both record breakers since 1938.  A lovely spring indeed.
2.  I saw a record number or patients for me on Tuesday; a total of 63.  It was never ending, but a busy day in the urgent care doesn't even compare to a good day in the ED.  Although I must admit 13 1/2  hours is a little much for this trooper.
3. Wednesday morning we said goodbye to our darling puppies with their eyes still closed and drove to SLC where we had dinner with friends, ran into cousins, went to a very long production of South Pacific and then I had a late night lovely walk and talk with my childhood friend Jenny, where I promised I would work on getting that passport so we can plan a trip for me to be able to get stamps in that passport book.
4.  Thursday we got up early enough to be on the road to Provo and in our seats just as the first session of Women's Conference began.  What a truly inspiring spiritual feast we enjoyed for two days.  It was exactly the spiritual boost I have been seeking and needing for months now.  It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by other women who struggle with their own trials and tribulations that Heavenly Father gives each of us as He strives to mold us in His ever perfect way that he see's fit for us individually.

the new general RS presidency
5.  We had a delicious home cooked meal Thursday evening by my moms cousin Elaine who lives in Provo.  It was so good to see her and her brother Laren who drove 40 miles to see us.
6.  Thursday evening we enjoyed a concert by several LDS artists as they reminded us of the legacy of the women of RS.  And of course we stayed up way past our bedtime visiting with cousin Elaine, but our lack of sleep was well worth it.
7.  Again we enjoyed our time at Women's Conference on Friday, but had to cut the last session short so that we could enjoy Tony's graduation from College. I mean really, does anyone ever enjoy a graduation?  This one thankfully didn't last longer than 2 hours and since traffic in Provo is worse than in CLT, we didn't have to sit through all of it.  We celebrated by having dinner with some of Tony's friends at Texas Roadhouse.

8.  This morning my dear friends Jaime and Kristen and their darling children came over for dads waffles. It is always fun to get together with them to chat about how we each practice medicine.

9.  We took in a matinee of the play Father of the Bride at the Hale Theater, which was only ok, before heading back to Boise in time to stope in Twin Falls for a wedding reception of our friends who use to live in Nampa. Of course it is always good to see friends and to run into friends from Nampa too.
10.  This week I finally got our reservations for plane tickets, a house, and registered for my CME this which 1 month from now in Hilton Head.  I love this conference and look forward to seeing friends, my cousins from Alabama who will meet us there and some of the doctors that I use to work with.  Yes, a full week indeed.
11.  The beauty of the open green fields with sprinklers going and the mountains in the background are pleasing to the eye as I type while riding in the back seat on our way home from this busy weekend.  I don't know if they compare to the Carolina Trees, but they have their own kind of beautiful.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday x 2

Yes, it has been almost a whole 2 weeks since I have blogged.  I chose not to lug my computer across the country.  I did think of blogging from a different computer, but decided I'd take a short break from it.  However that means I have to cover the fabulous things from the past two weeks.  So lets start with the Saturday before Easter....
1.  I went to work at a clinic that I hardly ever work at and learned after I got there that they were only open until 6 on Saturdays instead of 8 like the others.  Totally made my day, which then gave me the opportunity to meet my family for dinner.  We then stopped at Kneaders, picked up pies, which we took to Aunt Thalias and Uncle Roberts where we shared them with cousins Abe and Olivia who had flown in from Cleveland.  It was so fun to see them!
2.  Easter Sunday has already been covered here on my blog but it was a fabulous day indeed.
3.  Last Monday I flew to Charlotte.  Need I say more?  I felt like home as we drove to my empty house and visited my neighbors out in the street like old times.
4.  I enjoyed most of the next day with both of Nicks grandmother's picking out flowers that I would later plant in Nicks yard and having a lovely southern lunch of chicken and dumplins.
5.  We spent two wonderful days at Myrtle Beach, going to the crowded aquarium, shopping, walking the boardwalk and the beach, and enjoying meals at Drunkin Jacks, Grandma's Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe!

6.  The Biltmore in Ashville was a slight disappointment because a frost got the tulips, but the day was beautiful and the house was decorated with tons and tons of flowers.
7.  We had a relaxing day on Saturday planting flowers, spreading mulch (Nick did that), trying out my new BBQ Pizza Pans (which I've tried to find for the past 2 years) and spending the evening having dinner and Rita's with the Cobbs, Beachums, and Coates.

8.  It was like being right at home in the Reedy Creek Ward on Sunday as I felt the spirit, especially during my dear friend Katie's RS lesson on Temples where she said "come to the temple to claim your blessings."
9.  I spent Sunday having conversations with my dear friends mama and papa Middlebrook, Cassie, and Rachel.
10.  Monday brought me great pleasure when I had lunch at Amelies with Emma and Karen; the best friends a girl could ask for who were the answers to my prayers.
11.  I stopped at the ED to see my co-workers, Michael, Dr. Kessler and Dr. Corrigan, where Dr. Corrigan asked me to put a chest tube in a guy and I was able to say, "Nope I don't do things like that anymore."  I enjoyed seeing my darling nurses and felt the sweet assurance that where I'm at in my work now is where I need to be.  I mean the craziness in the ED on a Monday afternoon is something I sure don't miss.
12.  Talbots didn't bring me as much joy, because I didn't spend $100, but I did find a few great buys.  I stopped off at my favorite Harrisburg Aldi's where I found my favorite Mango's for 49 cents and then enjoyed a lovely chat with Wendy.
13.  Monday night we enjoyed BBQ gourmet pizza with the Cobbs and introduced the Cobb kids to Rootbeer Floats.
14.  Tuesday presented a wonderful day for a 3 hour chat with girlfriends at the Park and the opportunity to hold the sweet Philip twins.
I sure love the Griffin kids

My friend Jennifer had identical twins.  They are darling

15.  As I went into my empty house again and drove away from it Tuesday afternoon, I finally felt the closure that I have been seeking for the past 6 months knowing that this amazing chapter in my life is over.  But will always love this beautiful road with the overlying trees!

16.  I've enjoyed two spring evening walks with my sister and cousin Alisha after working my 12 hour shifts this week.
17.  I was introduced to Bowel Of Heaven, granola, pure fruit sorbet, fresh fruit, then granola with a touch of honey.  Lets just say it's a good thing I don't work at the Eagle clinic often because I just might run out of money buying these every day.
18.  A friend that I grew up with and whom I haven't seen since graduating from high school brought her daughter to the clinic today.  It was so fun to see her and I felt so special when she asked for a hug.
19.  I danced with my nieces to California Girls today!  I loved walking in the door tonight hearing Aidree finally scream my name correctly, with pure happiness to see me.

20.  Our Maggie had puppies who will be a week old tomorrow.  They are too cute!  We lost 2, but still have 6.  My mom said she couldn't believe she was crying over a puppy when the second one passed.

21.  My moms Tulips finally bloomed while I was gone.  I sure love tulips!
22.  I went to CLT to have a wonderful, relaxing time, which I absolutely did.  What I wasn't expecting was to have the learning and growth that I experienced.  I was reminded to never settle for anything but the very best, that I deserve the highest respect a man can give.  That some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.  I learned you can't start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one. That sometimes prayers aren't answered by what you want, but by what you need.  Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance, you must keep peddling.  Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side. And that I must be willing to let go of the life I have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for me, even if it is in Boise, ID.  I'm learning for the millionth time to wait upon the Lord and trust in his timing, exercise my faith and be happy with whatever curve ball life throws!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Found Them!!!!!!!

As I was looking for my camera charger (that I still haven't found) a box that was sitting in a place I didn't put it in, literally fell open, meaning the tape came off and the box split open.  To my excitement my favorite summer sandals and flip flops appeared. I packed this box myself for a reason.  I seriously started crying; not just crying, sobbing because I was so happy.  I walked upstairs with them all in my hands through tears stating, look what I found.  I think my parents thought I was crazy, but really I was so excited.  I think they were tears of frustration mixed with gratitude, mixed with excitement, because I had just thought how frustrating I was feeling not knowing where anything was and how stupid I was going to look with missed matched shoes at church this week.  I needed that tender mercy.  Heavenly Father knows me for sure and knew I needed that to end my day and begin what I'm sure will be one of the best weeks ever!

Easter 2012

Today was a fantastic day.  Everyone came to our ward except Tyler's family because lucky them, they have early church.  This Easter, I seemed to have a greater understanding of its meaning with the recent passing of Grandma Young.  Dad spoke in church and reminded us of the wonderful blessing that the Resurrection will be when Grandma Young will have a clear mind and a hip that works.  I loved seeing my family in church together and I loved having Aidree sit on my lap.  She was such a good girl. After church we had a delicious dinner and the weather was perfect, which allowed us to have a wonderful Easter egg hunt and some of us ate dinner on the patio.  How grateful I am for both the Atonement and the Resurrection which gives me hope and faith that I can be forgiven of my sins and be with my family for eternity.   Here are some of my favorite photos from today...
Troy, preventing Kadyn from getting all the Easter Eggs, you had to be there it was Kadyns reaction was quite funny.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I like having Friday's off, it always makes writing Fabulous Friday posts more fabulous.  Given the fact I left work an hour late tonight I'm having to really think about my week, because this thinking cap is tired and not working well.
1.  Only 2 days and I'm on my way to CLT.  I can hardly wait.  I need a vacation and to see all my dear friends.
2.  Grandma Betty brought me this darling book this week that is a 5 year journal with a question for each day of the year.  I am loving it.
3.  I experienced a bit of Heaven on Wednesday when I held a 2 day old baby.
4.  Mom made this amazing peanut butter and chocolate dessert.  I think I've had a piece every day, after I went to the gym of course.
5.  I was told this week from the higher up people that my charts are the best they've seen from a new comer.  Thanks to my teachers who made me practice and my fear of malpractice.
6.  I finally got baby packages sent off to my dear friends who've recently had babies, I've only had them ready to go to the PO for weeks; well dad took them to the PO, but I got them ready to go.
7.  I have new work out tunes and a new favorite list on my ipod.  New music is always nice!