Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Friend Jenny

Tonight after driving from Nampa to SLC I met up with my childhood friend Jenny. Jenny and I have been friends forever literally. I don't remember her ever not being part of my life. I don't know when we met, because it just seems like she has always been there. Up until we were 10 Jenny lived across the street. We use to trade books and stickers and sit for hours reading and riding our bikes in the field next to my house. Her parents had a raspberry patch growing up. If I had to name my most favorite thing to eat in the entire world it would be raspberries. Her mom however used most of those raspberries to make homemade jam which we would have on our ice-cream. It was fun to sit and chat about old times tonight and the fun or the trouble I would get in. We came to the conclusion that I often got myself in trouble, glad I turned out. Jenny said that she remembered that she would always be sent home because I would get myself in trouble. Thank goodness I have mellowed out a whole lot. Tonight for the second time in a week we went to the orange leaf. It is my new favorite passion, self served yogurt with a slightly tart kick. If you haven't tried it and you live in the Salt Lake valley you are missing out on a new addiction. PS. Please note we had been traveling for 5 hours which means I look like it...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Really Dirt Pile? And Happy Birthday Mom

Today I was walking past the window in my kitchen I had to do a double take. This is why.
Apparently my neighbor felt that his yard needed more beautification.  I guess he figured that since my yard needs some drastic help that he could drive on my yard from the front to the back.  Yes there are tire tracks in my yard. 

I actually thought this was funny and just had to laugh. However my surrounding neighbors said they wouldn't have been laughing. I have learned in my life that it isn't worth it to get mad. Getting mad not only hurts yourself but relationships as well. Not like I have a relationship with that neighbor, but who knows maybe some day I will.
On another note, today is my moms birthday. I am have an amazing mom. She has always been at my side through what ever has come. She always puts others needs in front of her own. My first semester in grad school she offered to come to SLC during December to help me study for my finals. She was willing to put off her busy christmas schedule to help me pass my classes. She didn't come. But her willingness to do so has left a lasting impression on my life. A similar instance happened when had been in Charlotte for less than a year. As I sobbed into the phone I heard her say the words, I'll be on the next flight out. She knew I needed her and she was willing to drop what she was doing to fly across the country for me. Mom does have a flaw though. It seems that whenever I'm with her she seems to always convince me to spend money. Once she convinced me to buy a car, no joke. I had worked all night and she decided that she was tired of riding in Meg the Jetta so we went and I bought Betty my Camry. I love to shop with mom. She has great taste. In fact many times I'll come home and we will have bought the same shirt or dress. So here's to you mom. Hope you have a fabulous birthday. I'm so blessed to be able to call you mom.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Pictures from Christmas 2010

I ran across some random pictures from Christmas and New Years and realized I didn't really blog about what fun we had, so I thought I would post some of the sights of Christmas at home.
I'm sad that I have missed Christmas with the Youngs 2 years in a row.

And Christmas Eve PJ's

New Years Eve Yummers!
We Play the Candy Bar game for New Years Eve. My favorite game indeed!

And of course we love to play cards.
Aidree was being so funny because she was super tired.

I got to tend Aidree for a morning. She was being silly.

We went to Costco. Aidree not only found my candy stash but also my sunglasses!

Eating one last time at Cracker Barrel before getting on the plane.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charleston Day 2

Day 2 started with a carriage ride around the city. We saw some beautiful houses, yards, and scenery.

Then we had lunch at this great seafood restaurant. Deborah was disappointed that the fish wasn't local as she had thought.

But it was still delicious. And look what I found in South Carolina...My favorite!
We then looked around the market for a short time and then back in the car. We had a lovely chat back as we drove along. It started to rain just as I drove away from dropping them off in Columbia and when I got in the house it started pouring. Perfect end to a perfect couple of days.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spur Of The Moment Trip To Charleston

I woke up to a beautiful sunset yesterday morning. I took this from my bathroom window.
This one too, but can you tell I didn't use zoom. That is why you get the screen. But you get the beauty a bit right?
Since before Christmas I have said I was going to Charleston in the Spring, before the humidity and heat returned. Every time I've ever been there it has been so ghastly hot and humid that it hasn't been enjoyable. So last night at like 9pm my cousin Deborah and I decided we were going to Charleston this morning. I picked her up around 11 and off we went. Charleston is just under 2 hours from Columbia, which seems so close when you stop in Columbia. Of course Columbia is about an hour and a half from Charlotte. I love that I can get to the beach in less than 4 hours. When we got to Charleston, we checked into our hotel. The kids were dying to get to the beach as was I. It was a beautiful day, weather was about 80. Why is it things like this are so cute when you are 5?

However down at the beach it was a bit windy, which felt kind of cool. It didn't bother the kids any. They acted like it was the middle of summer as they romped around in the water. It was so relaxing, with my feet in the sand, the wind blowing my hair, and chatting with my cousin.I thought this was interesting, this guy's all bundled up, yet the women behind us are barely wearing anything.
I was a wee bit chilly, as I'm all bundled up with my towel. Please ignore my drooping breasts in this shirt. I don't think I'll ever wear it again after this photo. And I look 50 pounds heavier in all pictures next to Deb. So not fair I didn't get any height.Scary hair, I told you it was windy down there.
When we had had enough, we went back to the hotel to change for dinner. We ate dinner at Sister Middlebrooks favorite place California Dreaming. Deborah and I had She Crab soup which was delicious and we shared a gigantic salad, that we of course didn't even begin to finish and the croissants were incredible. We then drove down to the historic part of town where Deborah, the kids and I got to enjoy the beauty of the southern homes. We then hit an ice cream parlor which was delicious. All in all it was a great spring day!
Have you ever seen a boat storage garage? Now you have. We thought it was pretty cool.

Who doesn't love a little one doing their hair? This is what I call relaxing.