Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Friend Jenny

Tonight after driving from Nampa to SLC I met up with my childhood friend Jenny. Jenny and I have been friends forever literally. I don't remember her ever not being part of my life. I don't know when we met, because it just seems like she has always been there. Up until we were 10 Jenny lived across the street. We use to trade books and stickers and sit for hours reading and riding our bikes in the field next to my house. Her parents had a raspberry patch growing up. If I had to name my most favorite thing to eat in the entire world it would be raspberries. Her mom however used most of those raspberries to make homemade jam which we would have on our ice-cream. It was fun to sit and chat about old times tonight and the fun or the trouble I would get in. We came to the conclusion that I often got myself in trouble, glad I turned out. Jenny said that she remembered that she would always be sent home because I would get myself in trouble. Thank goodness I have mellowed out a whole lot. Tonight for the second time in a week we went to the orange leaf. It is my new favorite passion, self served yogurt with a slightly tart kick. If you haven't tried it and you live in the Salt Lake valley you are missing out on a new addiction. PS. Please note we had been traveling for 5 hours which means I look like it...

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