Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday!

I'm not from New Orleans and I've only been there once and let me tell you it was a trip I shall never forget. Great memories for sure! I don't even really know what fat tuesday means except that the catholic people go on lent. And I only know this because my grandfather's wife use to be catholic, but she still goes on lent. So in celebration I decided to make Jambalaya. Since going to Disneyland in September I have had this weird craving for Jambalaya and Gumbo. I think it is because I had an amazing dish of Jambalaya at Disneyland. Since I never blogged about Disneyland, I thought I would share a few pictures. We ate at the Pirates of the Carribean restaurant.
Please note I'm not looking my best here given the fact that I got drenched on not one but 2 rides. And this is my sister's friend Tyler...no attachment to me for sure.

So after looking on line for the easiest recipe, I took my cousins advice and bought the box and then added my own stuff to it. I must admit it turned out pretty darn good. The sad thing is I really am not hungry, because I had lunch with girlfriends at IKEA and because my fiend Karen couldn't make it because one of her children was sick, I had to stop by her house to share IKEA cinnamon rolls with her. I'm not kidding every time Karen and I plan lunch one of her kids gets sick. Anyway, here is my recipe for Jambalya:
Follow the directions on Zatarains Jambalaya Mix at the same time saute' green peppers, red peppers, and celery. The Jambalaya mix suggests you add sausage, shrimp, or chicken. I added shrimp and sausage. It's not Disneylands Jambalaya, but it hit the spot.

It was a little spicy. I would maybe get the mild one next time. And as you see I cut up my peppers and sausage and am freezing them for the next time I get the craving. So when you need something fast and easy. There you go and I have lunch/dinner for the rest of my work week. I've had the last three days off and it has been great, but I admit I'm ready to go back to work but only for 3 days then 4 whole days off!


  1. Well, I'm still glad you stopped by with cinnamon rolls, even if it did ruin your appetite for dinner. =)

  2. This looks so good! Bummed I couldn't make it to ikea today...well have to have a re-do.

  3. Yes a re-do sounds good especially since both of you were unable to make it. And all day on Tuesday's is the $2.49 special.