Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mad Hatter Birthday Bash

March is upon us and that only means one thing, no not March madness but the RS birthday. This gives us an opportunity to celebrate the organization of the Relief Society and the fact that we belong to the biggest women's organization in the world. This year we had a Mad Hatter Birthday Bash. It was decorated with beautiful and fun tea sets. I didn't do the decorations, but praise the sisters who did.

It was required for all to wear some sort of hat. It was fun to see all the different kinds of hats that the sisters wore. For dinner we decided to do brunch with crepes, fresh fruit cups, and breakfast casseroles. It was such a fun, different, and delicious dinner.
Instead of having a cake we had mini muffins. I don't remember who's idea that was but it was a great and easy idea.
Sisters sat at the table which had a sign of their birthday month. That way they were able to get to know sisters they might not have typically sat with. We played a game which was like speed dating that gave us an opportunity to ask questions to our sisters and to get to know them better. At the end of the evening we had 4 sisters talk about what RS meant to them.
All in all it was a terrific evening. We had a record turn out of 50 sisters. Given the fact that the radius of our ward boundaries is 1 hours drive from one side to the other, this was a fantastic showing and support of RS. It really opened my eyes to the fact that we are all one and we all need each other regardless of our circumstances.


  1. We had been running around all afternoon - Court had her tumbling class, then Alyssa had soccer practice, and I had a huge headache. I was seriously debating whether or not to just skip the RS activity and head home. I knew I'd regret it, though, so I stopped for fast food on the way home, dropped the girls off with Jordan, and came on to the church. I was glad I did. =)

  2. I am glad you did too. We had a great celebration! And your hat was way awesome!

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