Monday, February 28, 2011

Peach Pit Monday and a Sweet Southern Storm

This morning before leaving to return back to reality, Emilie and I drove for what seemed like forever out in the country to go to the Peach Pit. During peach season apparently they have this great place that is open to enjoy, well when we got there it was of course closed. However the gas station next to it also had a smaller version of it during the off season. They made amazing desserts. It was actually our breakfast. I had fresh cooked and hot blackberry cobbler with coconut ice cream and Emilie had a peach pie and peach ice cream. They were so sweet my stomach ached a bit afterwards, but I enjoyed every bite of it.

When I got on the plane the pilot actually walked back to us to tell us that when they flew from Charlotte the last few minutes was horrible because they were expecting tornados and that we just needed to be prepared for a bumpy ride. I was all ready for it, but it was smooth sailing until the very end of landing, which wasn't too bad. The pilot was pretty impressive. Since we were on a puddle jumper we didn't pull up to ramp, but had to walk down the stairs. Mr. Pilot was so nice and was at the bottom of the ramp helping people down the stairs and wishing us a good day and thanking us for flying. I'm not a fan of US airlines and only fly them when I go to Emilies, but he kind of changed my opinion, not enough to change my choice of airlines though. It was super windy out there while we waited for our luggage. A few hours later we had us quite the southern storm, rain, wind, and a tornado or two down the street. Oh, how I love southern spring storms. We do however have blooming trees and it is still February, the last day, but still only the second month of the year and spring has already upon us!

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  1. I love a good storm, but I prefer the ones without tornadoes!! =)