Friday, February 25, 2011

Much needed mini vacation...

I would have to say that January and February feel like one combined very long month, especially since I began working in the ER. I believe it seems this way because of the dreaded flu season. This year, flu season has seemed much longer than others. I need to remind myself next year to take an extended vacation in February. So to reward myself this year for making it through the dreaded months, I have taken myself a mini vacation to visit my cousins in Montgomery, Alabama.
I left after an 11-9 shift Thursday evening and arrived before midnight, and that was after waiting on the tarmac and then having to go back to the gate because the overhead speaker wasn't working. Immediately after stepping off of the plane I felt a tinge of much appreciated humidity. Oh how I have missed it this very dry winter. That night we had a crazy storm of wind and rain. I love a good southern storm, but not one that wakes me from sleeping and keeps me up for at least 2 hours. Yesterday Emilie worked and the kids went to school, so I enjoyed a relaxing morning reading and swinging on the porch. When the kids got home it was all of a sudden a very busy house. I sure love these kids. Macie had fun playing on the ipad, as did everyone else. That afternoon Macie gave me a pedicure with pink polish and white polka dots. She did pretty good given the fact that she has a broken collar bone and can't write with her dominate hand.

And Carson and I wrestled when he wasn't playing with their very well behaved cat. He's a tough kid, but I think I'm just a bit stronger for now any ways.
For our evening treat, Emilie made her amazing carmel corn and we watched a movie or at least I did.
It was a very relaxing evening to say the least.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I think your cousin will love that you posted that last pic. =)

    I think it's fun you know your cousins so well. I grew up so far away from mine, and I really don't have much of a relationship with most of them. I've been so thankful my kids get to see their cousins regularly, and I can easily picture them going to see each other when they're all grown up. =)