Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Sunday

I love Sunday's. They are so enjoyable. I really enjoyed church today. Even Sunday School where I had the same lesson as I did last week in my own ward, but it was interesting how they brought out different points. After church we tried to enjoy some time on the porch but the wind made it a little uncomfortable.
I loved how Emilie threw in frozen chicken breasts in the the crock pot and how they were almost done by the time we got home. She can whip anything up in minutes. She makes this amazing pickle dip. All it is is whipped cream cheese and dill pickles cut up in small pieces blended really well with a mixer until it thickens. It was our afternoon treat. I love it with celery but it is also good with potato chips. We had fun in the evening being a little crafty by making felt flowers. I can't cut all that great on fabric, need a lot of practice. But all and all they turned out well.
And here is handsome Carson all fresh and clean ready for another week of kindergarten. Can I order one of these? He is so adorable and says the funniest things!

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