Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Afternoon...

This afternoon went like this...Cleaned upstairs, vacuumed upstairs, studied scriptures, cleaned upstairs bathrooms including steam mopping, changed winter decorations to spring for we all know we are ready for it! Stopped by my favorite supermarket Aldi's for half and half, but ended up buying pears, a multi-scissor pack, and light cheese sticks as well, then went to Cassie's house. Her husband is in Europe for business and I could tell when I got there that she was in need of some adult conversation and a break from her winy 3 year old. We had fully intended on going for a jog, but the wind was out of this world, which made it a bit nippy, like 60 degree's. I don't think it made it past 70. So I took dinner of Taco soup over and I made banana cream mini cupcakes as she cleaned her kitchen. I was amazed at how many dishes she was able to pack into her dishwasher. We had family home evening with her boys and then I made my way home. Since I didn't get my work out in, I had to do my lunges, sit ups, squats, etc. while the bachelor played in the background. Not the work out I would have had at the gym, but I've learned in life that if I miss a day at the gym it isn't the end of the world. But the more time I spend building relationships and serving others is really what is most important. This evening is ending with paying bills, another load of laundry, a little packing, a little chatting with a handsome hunk and poof it's about time to hit the sack.

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  1. Looks like the afternoon was as productive as the morning. And I know your mom is happy about that clean upstairs, too! =)