Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Passport Picture Check!

So I did it. I finally am able to check off getting my passport picture. Today I went to Costco and did it. Now I need to fill out the paper work and go to the post office. One step closer to my European Vacation! I also did a few other things on my day off. Lets see, I went to my spinning class that I totally love. It is the best sweat ever! I came home and took a shower. Finally a few hours later I decided it was time to brush my teeth, put some makeup on and do something. Not like I didn't do something before hand, because I did. I did some preparing for my lesson for Sunday, made the bed, watched the news. I'm sure I did something else productive, but just can't remember. I also ran some errands and then stopped at my friends and had a chat. Went to Costco. I don't know how I spend so much time there, but I do. In fact I only bought a few needful items and spent $98.06. Not quite $100. I've looked at plane tickets today. They are rather pricey. I mean really. I can fly across the country to San Diego for half the price I can fly to Boise. The day is almost over again. I really should pick up the clutter that I'm staring at, but I think it can wait until tomorrow.

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