Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Madness

I usually have Monday's off. What do I usually do you ask? Well, some Monday's I really can't tell you. Most Monday's I spend re-cooperating from my 3 night shifts, which I am doing today. Usually at the end of a Monday I look back asking the same thing you are. Well, I guess I shall see what this Monday brings, since it is nearly two and I have only gotten a few things accomplished them being:
1. Cleaned the kitchen, including unloading the dishwasher the most despised job ever and steam mopped. I love my steamer!
2. Started dinner-Taco Soup
3. Vacuumed the down stairs, including the stairs
4. Did 2 loads of laundry, well actually I folded the one that was in the dryer since Wednesday and only really did 1 load fully.
5. Changed the bedding to a more spring look
6. Talked to my sister Tenielle for 22 minutes
7. Cleaned the downstairs bathroom
8. Looked at craft blogs, yep I'm a craft blog junky
9. Straightened my bedroom.
10. Checked email, facebook, and yes got a message from a guy on, I know you liked that last one!
And I did this all while listening to pandora. I found a great channel today that I'm quite enjoying. Love my pandora!
Things I need to do:
1. Clean the upstairs. When I say my house is a mess, this is really what I mean. This little section that gets very cluttered. So really it isn't my house just my little reading nook where I do everything, craft, pay bills, read, the papers on the floor fell off of my make-shift desk a few days ago and laziness never picked them up. I know mom you are a horrified by the mess.
2. Vacuum the upstairs
3. Clean upstairs is it I still have to clean 3 bathrooms, when I really only use 1?
4. Study Scriptures
5. Go to the dollar store for needles
6. Gym from 530-730 for spinning and group power
7. Pay Bills
8. Change winter decorations to spring decorations
9. Make a few crafts
10. Pack for my mini vacation to Alabama, since I work the next 3 days and won't have time.
11. Enjoy the windy 74 degree's, hey it's better than a snowy 30 degree's.
It's two and I better get going. As my mother would say, "the days a waisting..."

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