Monday, February 7, 2011

Day off=Dinner

It seems like the only day I really eat a good dinner is the day of the week or 2 that I have off. Not really something I think about all day, but when I get an idea and a hungry tummy especially after my very amazing spinning class it's time to cook. After class today I went to my local Aldi's. I came home with a box of parmesan flavored couscous mix, tilapia, and fresh strawberries. And I had a squash that I got from the mexican mart the other day. I put a little mr. dash and shredded parmesan on the tilapia, cut up the strawberries, and made the couscous and wa la, dinner was done in no time. Dessert will be low fat cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches. I love Aldi's low fat ice cream sandwiches. I have always only seen vanilla or chocolate, so this will be a nice change. I really have had a lazy day, which has been so nice. It is funny how doing three loads of laundry can be relaxing, how come it wasn't so when I was growing up?

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  1. That looks yummy! Whenever you're feeling the urge to cook, come on over! =)