Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Really Dirt Pile? And Happy Birthday Mom

Today I was walking past the window in my kitchen I had to do a double take. This is why.
Apparently my neighbor felt that his yard needed more beautification.  I guess he figured that since my yard needs some drastic help that he could drive on my yard from the front to the back.  Yes there are tire tracks in my yard. 

I actually thought this was funny and just had to laugh. However my surrounding neighbors said they wouldn't have been laughing. I have learned in my life that it isn't worth it to get mad. Getting mad not only hurts yourself but relationships as well. Not like I have a relationship with that neighbor, but who knows maybe some day I will.
On another note, today is my moms birthday. I am have an amazing mom. She has always been at my side through what ever has come. She always puts others needs in front of her own. My first semester in grad school she offered to come to SLC during December to help me study for my finals. She was willing to put off her busy christmas schedule to help me pass my classes. She didn't come. But her willingness to do so has left a lasting impression on my life. A similar instance happened when had been in Charlotte for less than a year. As I sobbed into the phone I heard her say the words, I'll be on the next flight out. She knew I needed her and she was willing to drop what she was doing to fly across the country for me. Mom does have a flaw though. It seems that whenever I'm with her she seems to always convince me to spend money. Once she convinced me to buy a car, no joke. I had worked all night and she decided that she was tired of riding in Meg the Jetta so we went and I bought Betty my Camry. I love to shop with mom. She has great taste. In fact many times I'll come home and we will have bought the same shirt or dress. So here's to you mom. Hope you have a fabulous birthday. I'm so blessed to be able to call you mom.

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  1. Definitely a little odd that he didn't at least ask you first, especially since the big dirt pile clearly gives him away. =) I think you should bake him some cookies and say, "I just want to let you know there are no hard feelings about you driving thru my yard." =) Seriously, you're good to just let it go.