Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super, Satisfying, Sunny Saturday!

My day today started off at 5:40 yes, that is AM. I went to the temple with my RS president and our RS secretary. We had a wonderful time and I was even able to keep my eyes open the entire time. We went to the 830 session and were out by 1030. Spring is in full swing here and it was great to be the passenger so that I could take it all in. I was home by 1, changed clothes and then hit the road again to south Charlotte where I met my cousin Deborah and her family; husband, daughter age 13, son age 10, and daughter age 5. I haven't seen Deborah since May 2003 when I was in my first year of grad school. Sad, I know. Deborah lives in Phoenix area and for some reason I have always been a week early or a week late when she visits Nampa. Her husband has been in Columbia, SC doing a training for work for the past 2 months and is here for 1 more month. So on a spur of the moment decision, she decided to brave the airport and come to the east coast for spring break. Her words, "I want to try southern BBQ and fresh seafood." So of course I met her right after landing down in Charlotte for BBQ, first things first. We went to Hill Billys BBQ. It was delicious.
The only thing is they don't have the vinegar based sauce which is truly eastern BBQ, but it was still delicious. They were tired from their early flight and so they took off to Columbia for the night. I on the other hand had plenty of day light hours to enjoy the spring weather. I drove to the mall with the thought of going to Joseph Beth's Book Store, but when I got there, it was not longer there but a Container Store was being constructed in its place. I have been to one of these stores once and loved it. Can't wait for it to be finished in August. I was however disappointed about the book store. I did visit Anthropology. I love that store. I love to look at the books and then come home and order them on for $1.03, which I did. Jack my GPS took me through some streets in Charlotte that I haven't been on, which gave me some beautiful views of the city.

I then went to my friends for a dinner party, to try out the new cream cheese recipes. They were all delicious and I had a lovely time. Since we are losing an hour tonight I'm making it to bed by 11, really 10, but you get my jest. It was a very super, sunny, satisfying Saturday indeed!

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