Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1 Is Here!

Of all 12 months, I would have to say December is one of my favorites. I loves the smells, sights, and sounds of the holiday season. I love it even more in Charlotte where the temperature is mild, no snow, and a few leaves still on the trees; there would probably be more today had we not have had torrential rain and wind last night. Last night and today in Nampa they got a total of 10 inches of snow, which gave them a SNOW DAY. That nearly never happens, I can count on one hand the number of times that happened when I was a kid, ok maybe two hands. They are fully equipped to handle the weather, but only when it is really bad do they get snow days. I remember as a kid hoping for snow days and being so disappointed when we didn't get them, but oh what a joy they were when we did get them.
Tomorrow I will begin my holiday baking! I bought all the ingredients a month ago, because it seems if I'm not prepared ahead of time, I run around town trying to find what I need. This year, however I learned from last year. I visited a few stores today and could feel the excitement from others of the season of giving. I love this time of year when I focus more on others and on our Savior Jesus Christ, His birth, His life, and His atonement. Not that I don't throughout the year, but it just seems even more important to me during the month of December.
I'm still trying to decide what my favorite thing from 2010 will be for my family gift. It is such a hard decision, because there are so many things that are my favorite this year. Time will tell...
I love December 1 when we get to break out the advent calendar and books to count down for Christmas. When we were kids Grandma Betty would always get us our annual Advent Calendar. Oh, the memories. Today I attended my first Christmas celebration; lunch with friends! It was had at a house of a friends. Her house was all decked out in holiday fashion and lunch was fabulous. What a great idea it was to do it on the first day of December and what a wonderful way to kick off the season! This month I hope to treasure each day. Last month I was either working or out of town every day. This month I am going to relax and just enjoy it! And so we begin the countdown of the greatest 31 days of the year!

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