Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This has been yet another adventurous and wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. After sleeping or rather attempting to sleep for a few hours after I got to SLC on Wednesday and taking a well deserved soak in the tub, we headed off to of course one of my favorite restaurants in the West, the one and only Cafe Rio. Oh, how I love, love, love their sweet pork salads! We also shared a sweet pork nachos, which was to die for too. We met my moms cousin and her husband for my birthday dinner. It was freezing because the doors kept opening by all those who didn't want to cook the day before thanksgiving.
We then went back to Tenielles for birthday cake, my favorite coconut cake! This is my new favorite since living in the south. I don't think that I warmed up until Saturday evening while the broncos were playing. And that is all we will say about that. It was heartbreaking. But it's just a game. They still have the longest wining streak at home in the country. Thursdays thanksgiving was the quietest I have ever remembered with family, because it was only Tenielle, Tony, mom, dad, and Me.

Of course it was delicious with moms sweet potatoes and rolls, dads turkey, stuffing, and of course the all famous Pams pomegranate salad, my all time favorite!

After dinner and clean up we had to have a short nap. Then we headed to Provo where we had dessert with my moms cousin's. There is always plenty of laughter when we get together. I hadn't seen Elaine since August 2003 when mom and I drove out of our way to northern Indiana on our way to Kentucky.
It was such a fun gathering! Friday morning we got up around 930 so that we could hit the sock sale before 11 at what use to be Fred Myers, I think it is called Smiths now. No getting up crazy early for me. I don't need anything that bad and if I do, I don't mind paying a few dollars more to avoid lines and getting up early. Then we headed to gateway where I went straight to the Apple store to purchase my long awaited Mac. I have been out of a computer for a month longer than I could handle. The iPad is great, but doesn't take the place of a laptop. I only opened it last night, and boy is it a great new toy!!!!!! Of course there was plenty of football to be watched throughout the weekend, but after watching the heartbreaking loss, I think I will put my time to other uses until next season. Friday night allowed me to check off something on my list of things to do before I die, as we were able to see the Radio City Rockettes perform in SLC. I know it wasn't in New York, but it was close enough and cold enough. It was pretty amazing, a little short, but great otherwise.

Saturday morning I decided since Tenielle had to work and Tanner had driven with a friend home for thanksgiving, that I would drive home to see the kids. It was totally worth the 5 hours there and 10 hours back in a freaking snow storm. Those babies are just too adorable.

I really never understood how you could love someone so much until I became an aunt. In 23 hours, we had dinner at Tristens, mom and I did a few crafts, we went to sacrament meeting, and the kids came over after church for dad's famous waffles. They were so yummy with peanut butter and homemade syrup made by yours truly. Tanner and I then headed back to SLC. It took us 10 hours, twice as long as it should have. The girl driving us was driving 40 MPH then entire time. Of course there were snow and ice covered roads, but still 40 MPH. I kept watching the speedometer, hoping that I would make my redeye flight, which gratefully I did. The snow was crazy. We had to take a detour through Pokey, which took us way out of our way. I must say that I love having an iPad and internet on the plane. It is so crazy that I can do this on an airplane in the middle of the country! I should be sleeping, but I think I am the only one who can't sleep on a plane. The man next to me was snoring even before the door was closed. Seriously, I have my earphones in and I can still hear him. So annoying!
I must say a little about my birthday, since it is an important day. I worked a crazy shift since it was Monday. As I was driving home I was thinking how pathetic it was that nothing exciting happened that day. I came home to balloons and streamers decorating my kitchen, gifts and cards on the counter, and a fruit tart in the fridge. I have some pretty great friends. The next day I had lunch with friends. It's good to have great friends like I do!

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  1. I always love reading about your travel adventures! And I love that last picture - you sure have some cute friends!! =)