Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dallas=Fun, Money, and Memories

This has been a great week. I really needed a week like this too. Of course there isn't a week that doesn't go by that I don't do at least a shift or two, so I did them Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday bright and early I left for the airport to fly to Dallas. It was a nonstop flight which I am totally a fan of. My friend Pamela picked me up from the airport at 10am which gave us the entire day to spend together. Pamela moved to Nampa when we were just starting high school. We have been friends since. Not just friends, but the kind of friend that you can pick up where you left off from the last time you saw each other, which for us was in October when she came for dinner when my parents where in town. Pamela moved from Boise to Dallas about a year ago. Since the airport isn't too far from the temple, we stopped by to see it. It is so beautiful and looks almost like the Boise temple. It was fun to see her kids walk around the temple. She has an almost 2 year old Ava who is quite a handful and 4 year old Bayden who uses big words like nocturnal. They are darling.

On our way to lunch, we spotted an LDS bookstore and so of course we had to stop to purchase a few books. We then had a delicious lunch at the Corner Bakery where we sat out on the patio. We had a lovely chat and her kids where so good and let us chat. Of course they did so because she bribed them with a trip to Sprinkles the local cupcake bakery.

On our way home we stopped at her local Costco where she talked me into buying a camera. Actually I had really wanted to buy one for a while, but never got around to doing so. It always helps when there is someone who can help you decide which one to get. I still want to get a professional camera one of these days, but for now I just wanted a small one that I could keep in my purse.
We then made our way to her home where we did some more chatting, had dinner with her husband who also is from Nampa, who I went to High School with and don't think I ever spoke a word to the entire 3 years, even though he was on the same basketball team with my then dream man. Ryan is very knowledgeable and much more talkative than I ever knew him to be. My friends have all lucked out with great husbands who encourage them to continue to build their friendships with their girlfriends. After dinner we hit their local Apple Store. This was my first visit to an Apple Store. I know, hard to believe since most men I have dated have a passion for Apple products. I now understand a little of why they have that passion since making my first purchase there. I didn't however make it that night, but a few days later after I spent 2 boring days at the Omni listening about Emergency Medicine. Like I don't get enough of it. I did a learn a few new things, but spent most of it crocheting baby socks. I now have baby gifts for at least the next year. I went to the conference with a few girls from work. We had a nice time, but I was glad to leave a day earlier than planned as I had thought I was going to be signed up for some workshops but thankfully wasn't. Pamela picked me up Friday during rush hour which gave us more time to chat. It is amazing how girls can always find something to talk about. After dinner, while Pamela put the kids down, Ryan and I went back to the Apple store where I made the purchase of an IPAD. Wow, this has been quite addictive and very fun. We watched the Boise State/Idaho game which was rather boring since BSU kicked their can, while we played on IPADS and laptops, chatted, ate Blue Bell ice cream and then called it a night when we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.
The next morning we had a lovely breakfast. Pamela has always been an amazing cook. And then to the craft room we went but only for a short time. Long enough to do a couple of quick, fun, easy crafts. Of course I can't share them with you, because they will be my Christmas Gifts this year! You all are going to love them. We then hit their local Charming Charlies, my new favorite jewelry store and then it was off to the airport where I waited too long on the tarmac. My ticket to Dallas was only $213. I told Pamela I might just have to visit her more often for a craft day and shopping. There was so much shopping there and we only hit a few stores. I think it would be a great halfway point for a sisters/girls trip. This week I also somehow read another great book
This morning I had a RS Pres. Meeting and then to church where the Primary Children gave the Sacrament Meeting Program. It was darling as always. I can never figure out how Sunday always flys by. It is probably because we have late church and I know I have to be back to work tomorrow. But only for 3 days before a quick road trip. Fall is in full swing here. I sure love this time of year in the Carolina's when it is 70 degrees and the trees are full of orange, red, and yellow leaves!


  1. I can't believe you bought an iPad!!! Jordan is so jealous. My sister-in-law came to visit in October and brought theirs, and Jordan was in heaven. =)

    I just read that same book and really liked it. And I'm finally reading the one you loaned me.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. We are so glad you came! Please come again! And let's get Tenielle here too!

  3. Pamela you will never understand how much I needed that short break to spend time with you. It was just what the Dr. ordered. Yes I will get Tenielle there with me again soon.