Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All In A Day Off

I had a day off today. I think it is the only day off this month that I didn't have alot of plans or so I didn't think when the day started. I know that is so sad, but it was a very successful day which started a little after 5am when I had to get up to use the ladies room and of course I couldn't fall back to sleep. So I finally got up around 6:30, started laundry, ate breakfast, watched the today show, cleaned up the kitchen because I knew I was going to mess it up again soon, and then I layed back down for a few minutes before heading out to the gym. While I was contemplating the thought of getting up before 7am, I had this great idea that I needed to purchase a Christmas Tree today, because if I didn't, then it would have to wait again until next year. So I went straight to Hobby Lobby from the gym to make my purchase. I must say it was on of the quickest decisions I have ever made, much easier than the decision I am having to make regarding which laptop I need to buy as mine has died this week(This is why there will be no pictures in this blog as my "old" computer doesn't have a place to insert my memory card from my camera and my camera doesn't seem to want to load onto my computer). Anyway,I also had to make it quick because my friend Angela was coming over for a visit and I needed to start my applesauce. Well, she ended up staying for most of the afternoon helping me can 8 quarts of applesauce and 2 quarts of apple juice. I feel like a squirel getting my storage for the winter. (INSERT PICTURE OF CANNED BOTTLES)
I then spent over 2 hours with my financial planner. Let me just say, this guy is really great. Too bad he is married. We have finally rolled over my 401K from before the merger into an IRA. Now we need to decide what to do with the new 401K. I must give Steve a high five, because he is the one who helped me choose what to put my money into with the first 401K and we did quite well. I was surprised at how much money I had actually accumulated, given the fact that I never open the envelopes.
I spent the evening putting up the Christmas tree. It is so much easier when you don't have to put the lights on. All it needs now are some presents under it to make it look like the Christmas season. I better go shopping. (INSERT PICTURE OF TREE) I also made a few stops one at Rhea's to return the apple sauce maker and of course to the Middlebrooks, because I was short 3 lids. And Sharon is always to the rescue. I spent an hour talking to mom and then 2 hours talking to my brother Tanner. He is a great kid. I remember what it was like to be 19. You don't know what you want to do when you "grow up." And everything around you changes, you have more responsibility, and you just don't think things will ever be as great as they were when you were in high school. I gave him a heads up that it does get better with time. The interesting thing was that many of the the things I told him about my college experience, he didn't know because he was so much younger than me. I think he got a new glimpse of his older sister. Mom told me later that he had told her that he thought everything was easy for me, but she informed him that I went through the difficulties of school and life just as he was having to go through it. The great thing is that you do get through the tough times, even though it may take detours, backtracking, and mistakes to figure it out. The thing is they just keep coming even after you get through college.
I did hear some very sad news from my mom that some very dear friends of mine got divorced. I grew up with both of these people and am so heartbroken for what has happened. Words can't explain the sadness that I feel for them, their families and friends.
A few more days of work, a day off, and then a few more days of work and then a minivacation to Dallas. I so need more than 1 day off in a row!

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