Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mailbox Surprises

I love this time of year when opening the mailbox at the end of the day brings me lots of happiness from cards, letters, and pictures of family and friends. You see it starts with the week or so around Thanksgiving when birthday cards arrive addressed to me. This was always so exciting to me when I was growing up and continues even today. That excitement came today as I got my second birthday card for the year. It was from my mom and dad. Mom always writes such sweet messages. I wasn't going to open it today. But I did, I just couldn't wait. She did leave me a message saying that my present was hidden in my house, that she must have left when she was here in October. Talk about being prepared. I am quite impressed mom. I will wait to go to the hidden place until Monday, because of course I want to open something on my birthday.
I must say that last year I failed to send out any Christmas cards even to my grandparents, as I was a bit preoccupied. I will make up for it this year, I promise. With a little help from, my Christmas cards are sure to be a success. I am ever so slowly working on our family book for 2010 as well, through shuttefly also. It was quite the hit last year and will bring just as many smiles and tears from the parents and grandparents as it did last year. It will not be done by December 10 as it was last year, but by golly it better be done by January 1 when we celebrate Christmas. I am a huge fan of shutterfly because it enables not only me to work on the book but also my sisters and sister-in-laws regardless where we are in the country. It is fun to see what creations each one comes up with. So to all of you working on your Christmas cards, just know when I see that stamp and hand written envelope in my mailbox, you have totally made my day!

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